Lean manufacturing and its importance in the business world

The current market is a professional field where the survival of a large number of companies is at stake. Competition is voracious, so each of the companies tries to put into practice in their processes the most advanced work methodology and the most practical and innovative tools.

One of the last ones that offers the best results in the business world is the lean manufacturing . A concept whose origin dates back to the middle of the 20th century and which was born with the firm intention of improving the operation of the old factories. However, its implementation has evolved over the years, so today we can ask ourselves what is lean manufacturing .

Lean manufacturing as an increase in production capacity

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Lean manufacturing as an increase in production capacity

The lean manufacturing is a work methodology whose main objective is to achieve a more efficient use of the resources available in the company, suppress those activities that do not add value and reduce downtime to its minimum expression. A tool, therefore, focused on the increase in production capacity or of providing services at a lower cost.

We are, therefore, facing a management system based on the construction of flow with the objective of give value to the client . For this, the lean manufacturing will use adjusted resources reduced to the minimum, since what interests us here is to discard the activities that are not going to contribute anything to the final process.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks to reinforce the tools

Eliminating unnecessary tasks not only increases the value of those that are useful, but also reduces costs, improves the process and balances the profit margin of the product. The result of all this will be beneficial for both the employer and the customer , an effective utility among the community in the direction of sustainable improvement.

In short, what is sought with lean manufacturing is getting the right things at the right time, the right place and with the perfect amount, minimizing waste, being flexible at all times and being open to changes and continuous improvement. If achieved, it will be possible to improve all the processes of a factory to increase its production and, therefore, its competitiveness in the market.

It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more large companies are betting on the concept of lean manufacturing

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