Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway Is a political advisor and analyst who led the presidential campaign of Donald Trump in 2016. It will go down in history because it is the first woman to play this position and get the victory.

He is a public person who takes care of his appearances perfectly and is endowed with a remarkable verbal eloquence.

Kellyanne Conway

Creation of a myth

Conway's success is not casual, as it is the result of long preparation and a life marked by constant effort.

Conway is the daughter of a separate marriage from New Jersey, raised with her grandmother, mother and unmarried aunts. The paternal figure, a small businessman in the area, was always relegated to the background.

The matriarchy in which she grew up gave her certain skills as a strategist, able to know perfectly the pros and cons of being a woman of her time.

It is no coincidence that her career has developed in a world of men and as she always says:

"During the day he is a man and at night he becomes a woman." This duality and determination has led her to be named one of the most valuable advisors of the Trump era. Its beginnings were not easy and explain in more detail how a great leader is created, able to whisper in his ear the keys to victory.

A path of great achievement

Always strong and determined, she had a childhood marked by lack and struggle until she reached the goal set. He worked summers on a farm, where he was taught that the more he worked, the more money he earned.

This fact is one of those who forged their ambition into adulthood. The ever-present maternal influence and the fact of being raised with very powerful female figures would mark the fate of this woman, who would grow to become an expert of the feminine psyche.

A distinguished student, he graduated with honors in high school, making his way to Washington where he would start a career in political science. He opted for the Trinity University of the capital for his complete program of letters that allowed him to train with a wide range of subjects.

The capital of the country would receive the one that would end up being a prominent personage of its history. Kellyane chose her future career, one of the most masculine, totally conscious. It was clear that among its objectives was to highlight and change the perception of women in the political arena. She was able to form and nourish herself with the necessary knowledge, to lay the foundations of her future enterprise.

An exceptional professional

With the finished degree he chose law, graduating in law from George Washington University. His graduation was cum laude, and that first contact with the rules would allow him to have a solid base where to support his principles.

A strong advocate of truth and justice, Kelllyanne soon showed her communicative gifts. The right served Kellyanne to learn to express herself convincingly and very sure of herself. His arguments left no doubt, on the platform to retract anyone who dared to contradict it.

In a few months from the end of his training he would work as an assistant to the judge, a task he developed perfectly. There was no doubt that he felt deeply comfortable in directing and advising his companions.

It was full of great projects and aspirations, in no case would stop, taking the place of helper was not his goal. At that moment he became more interested in politics.

An aspect of his life that had always been kept in the background. The truth is that the University was concerned about belonging to a fraternity and saw firsthand how the influence of a political party was key to progress in his life.

He participated in the campaign of Ronald Reagan as an analyst, with Dick Wirthin, official pollster of the future president. A first contact with the Republican party that would serve to see firsthand the operation of a presidential campaign.

Some experts point out that Conway was hired directly because her appearance and condition were elements to be taken into account.

We must emphasize that Kellyanne perfectly fulfills the stereotype of perfect American woman: white, blonde, thin, mother, wife, daughter, friend, etc.

Hardworking wife

At that time, it contracted marriage with the lawyer George T. Conway III, changing its native surname, Fitzpatrick, by the one of its husband.

They met at the University, and by then Mr. Conway was a wealthy heir full of great possibilities. He provided Kellyana with the necessary stability and reinforced his political ideas.

Kellyanne Conway 1

They are a couple who follow the dynamics of a conservative relationship, were married and had 4 children. We must keep in mind that following her ideas, she is a woman who is strongly against abortion.

He was clear from the outset that he wanted to have a large family. For her, the concept of success was not only limited to the professional field, but the staff was fully involved. Combining both races was not easy at all, but if there is one thing Conway wants the challenges to be.

He decided to embark on the path of professional success through the founding of his own company, The Polling Company in 1995.

Conway created his own firm, a consulting firm specializing in market research. It opened, without hurry, but without pause in a world especially dominated by men, business.

The fact is that she was a woman with a gift, a special ability to determine the tastes and tendencies of people. He knew exactly where he had to go, how he had to go, and what the benefits of his actions would be.

He had no brake and in a few years his company stood out in all respects. He had the key to his power, to have the approval of women. Knowing her opinion was decisive to be able to mark the lines of future investments, for that reason decided to found a specialized Woman Trend brand to know the tastes and trends in the feminine world.

Woman Trend a before and after

With the advent of his own specialized consultancy, Conway opened the pandora box: if he wanted to succeed, he had to be clear on what women's opinion was. A pioneer in that field, she discovered what feminine thinking was, where she was oriented and what she had to do to win the hearts of women.

The generation of females that I was beginning to highlight was one of the most influential in the history of the United States. The figure of the independent and determined woman who was able to dominate the world, starting with her own home, gained strength.

It is not a person who depends on another, economic, social and professional independence gave rise to ideal patterns that would change completely.

Conway in politics

Conway's flirtations with Republican politics were always present. Finally, the Republican party called its office in New York in order to offer a job as an advisor to its political campaigns.

He would begin his career toward the White House by Senator Ted Cruz. A profile that meant a consensus among the candidates, a risky option for the Republican party, in an attempt to encompass the difference of ethnicity and the progress of the firm.

A priori had good qualities to lead a winning project, but the process of selection of the Republican party is relentless. Ted Cruz would leave the race to the presidency at a very early stage since he could not overcome the obstacles that were coming from the hand of his supporters and detractors.

Conway decides in this way to focus on another way of doing politics by winking at Indian Governor Mik Peniques, the future vice president.

His qualities captivated the Republican party, but a woman who had publicly manifested some discomfort with a candidate Trump, had to wait his chance. A candidate for the White House with hardly any options got in touch with her in the middle of the campaign started and with an index of intention to vote for the floors.

An incident with the family of a deceased Muslim military man made Trump's image terribly affected.

A campaign for women

Trump was starting a campaign against Hillary Clinton, favorite of the media and with a advantage of ten points on the republican candidate. Conway came on the scene to fight for his candidate and face another woman with different ideas and with great force.

Kellyanne Conway 2 Trump and Conway on election campaign. Image via: AP

It seems ironic that fate has determined that a woman who always defined herself as an exception in a world of men was responsible for slowing down another woman who got the unthinkable, take the step of first lady to possible president.

It is nevertheless contradictory that a woman like Conway should be the one in charge of seeking the female vote against another woman. Also in a context in which its represented, Donald Trump, was quite criticized by his removed comments that refer to the sexism.

His personal life is rife with scandals with females that did not facilitate Conway's work. Nevertheless, it was decided to take the reins of a campaign that had like objective to mobilize the feminine vote from the depths of the more hidden America.

Selling a product that seemed impossible in a market apparently with some need of change, shouted a candidate with certain fundamentals.

A series of public appearances and a good media campaign began to provide Trump with options to win his career. It seemed like a mirage in the middle of the desert, but his new campaign gave him a boost when he was further away from victory.

Perfectly dressed and combed, Conway embodies the paradigm of a successful woman, the perfect hardworking housewife who sells the model of pure success. From their actions the course of history is determined, knowing perfectly when to act and in what context.

In the hands of Conway

Trump's image softens and his wife goes into the background. Back to the contradictions, Melania had to play a secondary role in favor of Ivanka's daughter, it was a question of image, according to its publicists.

The product had to be as perfect as possible and in this case it was believed that the daughter, a prepared woman, worker, mother and wife, should be the protagonist of a campaign that became atypical.

Conway's appearances and the radical shift in Trump's tone led public opinion to believe that the blonde woman whispered to him. He was able to soften his performances, supervised the speeches and in the shade he was in charge of taking the necessary steps to sell his candidate.

The image he had projected throughout the process was changing, it was not that unstable person that many did not see as president. It was time to bet on an alternative, next to which was a perfect strategist.

Donald Trump against all odds and just in time to finish the campaign managed to win the title without any doubt. Conway's greatest work came to an end and would provide him with one of the great achievements of his career.

An unexpected end

Conway was the first woman to run a presidential campaign and also the first woman to win. On January 20, coinciding with his birthday, Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, thanks to his actions and his perfect coordination.

Many are those who think that the paper of Conway does not finish here and the truth is that they sound rumors of great promotion, for her and for her husband. They are scheduled to move to Washington to support the new president from the front row of the stage.

It is evident that his work, one of the most celebrated and flooded, will not end here and the future prosperous of that girl from New Jersey has just begun.

History will determine the end of your cycle that appears very prosperous and full of joys. An example of a self-made woman, who broke the established schemes to become a role model for many women who can see in her as ambition has no limits.


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