John Wilkes Booth | 10 Curiosities of the Lincoln killer

If there was a theater actor that marked American history not precisely because of their roles in the tables it was John Wilkes Booth, the author of murder of Lincoln . This man became a world-renowned figure when he shot President No. 16 of the United States during a work in the United States. Ford Theater , in Washington D. C. If you want to discover who was John Wilkes Booth and the reasons that led him to commit such a fact, continue reading.

10 Curiosities of the murderer of Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth

one. John Wilkes Booth was born in Maryland, United States, in the year 1838 . He grew up in a family where the theater was the main livelihood, since his father and brother were dedicated to acting, reason that also led him to climb the tables and represent different characters impeccably.

John Wilkes Booth

2. The ideals of John Wilkes Booth were the same as those who supported the Confederate States , support that he kept secret since his family did not agree. However, many of their friends were, so much so that together they planned a possible kidnapping Abraham Lincoln , a fact that never happened.

3. Despite the failed attempt at kidnapping, John Wilkes Booth never forgot the idea of ​​causing some kind of damage to the president of the United States at the time, so, in 1865, planned with his supporters of the Confederation the assassination of the president . Upon learning that April 14 Abraham Lincoln and his wife would attend a function at the Ford Theater, John Wilkes Booth took advantage of his fame as an actor and his contacts in place to carry out his plan.

Four. John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln a single bullet , which entered the head of the politician and killed him hours later. The weapon that the actor used was a Philadelphia Deringer pistol.

John Wilkes Booth 1

Representation of the murder of Abraham Lincoln and original weapon that John Wilkes Booth used

5. The murder of Lincoln left not only a tragic fact marked in American history, but also a phrase emitted by John Wilkes Booth that is still remembered: "So it always happens to tyrants" , from the Latin and enunciated by the murderer seconds after committing the fact.

6. Although John Wilkes Booth's plan to assassinate Lincoln was, specifically, so that the Confederation had sufficient time to perform its actions, this group quickly disintegrated, so the actor's objectives were not fully met.

7. It is believed that John Wilkes Booth was killed in April 1865 by a US soldier shot during a shooting in Virginia, where the actor was kept hidden with the rest of his friends conspirators after the murder to the president. But nevertheless, the death of John Wilkes Booth is shrouded in mystery that has not yet been confirmed.

John Wilkes Booth 2

8 There are theories that John Wilkes Booth died after committing suicide in 1903 , drinking a mixture that was prepared with strychnine, an alkaloid that is often used as a pesticide. This theory indicates that the actor changed the name to John St. Helen and lived until the indicated date, nevertheless, the American government has denied in numerous opportunities this possibility.

9. The body of John Wilkes Booth remains buried in the Green Mount Cemetery, in Maryland, the city where he was born. Paradoxically, its crypt is part of the famous tombs They are highly visited because, despite being a murderer, is part of the political history of this country.

10. John Wilkes Booth died at the age of 26 and it is believed that moments before his death he shouted at his hands "Useless, useless!" , expression that is considered related to the impossibility of hurting the soldiers with whom he initiated the shooting at the time of his discovery in Virginia.

John Wilkes Booth 3

Definitely, the political history of this country has some tragic facts that have ended the life of outstanding figures, where we can mention four US presidents killed during his term. For this reason, John Wilkes Booth and his companions quickly became part of the history of the American nation , which produced that today is still remembered for the murder he committed that night of the year 1865 in Washington D.C.

If you want to know more about president killed by John Wilkes Booth , we invite you to discover the most amazing anecdotes about the life of Abraham Lincoln In addition, in Supercurioso we have an article where you can learn about what they did not tell you about Abraham Lincoln and you will be very surprised, enjoy them!

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