Jack Gallagher (Wrestler)

Jack Claffey (Manchester, January 7, 1990) is a professional and mixed martial arts English wrestler, currently working for WWE, on the brand Raw, Under the ring name Jack Gallagher.

He is best known for his involvement in Futureshock Wrestling Y Grand Pro Wrestling Where he won the FSW Championship and the English GPW Championship.


He is also a recognized competitor in the mode of team in pairs and winner of the championship in pairs Futureshock j Alex Cyanide in which they allied under the name of Lethal Dose .

Although his neat appearance and well-kept mustache could make his opponents take him lightly, this changes once the bell rings.

Gallagher occasionally participates in mixed martial arts amateur encounters. It has a style in the ring that results in an exact mix between the old and the new school, with a touch of elegance, so it has stood out as one of the most dangerous competitors in the Clá Cruiserweight.

Career in Gallagher Professional Wrestling

Training and debut

Jack was trained by Alex Shane and the Futureshock . He made his professional debut as a fighter at the age of 16, on November 4, 2006, in Futureshock # 11 under the ring name Jack Toxic, In alliance with Alex Cyanide, Danny Hope, and Kris Travis.

Together they beat the team made up of Lightweight, Charity, Faith and Jamal Lewis. Jack also trained in the fight mode of Grappling, Is a grappler master, having trained at the Snake Pit in Wigan and learned wrestling with the legend Billy Robinson.

Independent circuits

Lethal Dose (2007-2009)

Since the beginning of 2007, Toxic continued its collaboration with Cyanide until they became Lethal Dose . The team earned their first Grand Pro Wrestling That's Entertainment title when they took the WKD for the GPW pairs championship.

They traveled to Real Deal Wrestling where during February and April, they had the opportunity to become champions of the tournament, however, they lost both times. After this they attended to Hull to fight for New Generation Wrestling where they gained all the meetings.

With this success, they returned to the Futureshock and N Futureshock # 27 And defeated three other teams, to become champions of the championship in pairs FSW, nevertheless, lost their titles before The Doogooders in the Futureshock # 29, And separated in 2009.

Grand Pro Wrestling (2007-2012)

Gallagher made his debut in GPW West Park Fun Day On August 19, 2007, and lost to Scarlett Web. He had participated alongside Allan's All Stars in the Eight Man Tag Team Elimination, where they were beaten by Echo's Elite.

On March 4, 2008 he triumphed in Last Chance Salon Battle Royal, qualifying for Crazy Cruiser 8 2008. Sam Bailey defeats him on April 4 and loses again on May 2 he lost to El Ligero in the quarterfinals.

In June of 2009 he defeated Bubblegum in the Rumble Qualifying in a race in which that same night the title GPW Heavyweight Contendership Ten Man Rumble it gained Martin Kirby.

He returned to Guts and Glory in 2010 in the Four Way Championship Scramble and lost to Zack Diamond. Return to win in 2011 against Danny Hope in the GPW Live and Let Die.

That same year in Battlefield, he lost with Mikey Whiplash the Three Way 30 minute Iron Man Against Zack Diamond; But a month later he would snatch the title from Diamond in the GPW British tittle in and GPW Heroes & Villains.

Gallagher is defeated by Set Mann in December 2011 at GPW Do or Die and again in November 2012, after this second loss to Ste Mann, took a 12-month recess of Grand Pro.

Return to the Grand Pro for the Crazy Cruiser 2013 , During which he is defeated by El Ligero in the semifinal, to finally defeat Bubblegum in the quarterfinals of the same tournament.

Gallagher was defeated by CJ Banks in"Back With A Bang"in early 2014. For this reason, in"Friday Night Thriller 8"in October 2014, Gallagher published an Open Challenge involving Mike Track, Wahoo Thunderfoot and Bullfrog (CJ Banks), that's how the Jack Gallagher's Grapple Challenge , In which Jack defeated each of the opponents.

This fight ended when I was awarded an encounter with no time limit, since neither of them made prior notation.

In 2015, Jack alongside Nick Maguire & Tabu defeated Chris Ridgeway, CJ Banks and Sam Bailey in the GPW Battlefield 2015. In subsequent encounters Chris Ridgeway defeats Jack, as does Ashton Smith.

After this defeat to Chris Ridgeway, Gallagher takes a new break from the Grand Pro.

The Circus (2015-2016)

Gallagher returns on Friday Night Thriller 9 as a revelation to be the fourth member of The Circus with"The Ring Master"Nicholas Cartier, Noah and"The IT Girl"Melanie Price.

In collaboration with Gallagher, The Circus succeeded in defeating Martin Kirby, Travis Banks, The Bad Lads and Alex Jones-Casey in 2016. It finally appears on June 10 at the Dom Travis Memorial show,"A Night To Remember"during which Defeats his former partner Cyanide.

Futureshock (2006-2016)

It begins its participation in 2006, where it continues with many meetings like Lethal Dose next to Alex Cyanide.

On June 8, 2008, Gallagher as Toxic, participated in the tournament Lotto-Thunder And reached the semi-final where he was defeated by Jack Domino. On September 13, he participated in the FSW Trophy Tournament 2009 And was eliminated in the first round by Sparx.

Begins to use the name of Jack Gallagher in 2010. In Futureshock # 48, Gallagher won the FSW Trophy Tournament 2010 When he defeated Dave Breaks in the final.

In 2011 he defeated Bubblegum and Redman, and on November 6 of the same year, he defeated Dave Rayne by becoming the FSW champion in Futureshock # 55.

He takes over the championship for several months, before losing to Davey Richards in Futureshock # 61. In Futureshock # 62, Defeated Stixx and Zack Gibson to become the number one contender for the FSW Championship.

In August 2016 he lost the FSW Adrenaline Title Four Way Elimination to Xander Cooper in the Futureshock Underground # 18.

Pro Wrestling Zero1 (2013)

On March 3, 2013, he made his debut for Pro Wrestling Zero1 in Japan, under the name Jack Anthony. On April 15, 2013, Anthony reunited with Craig Classic, James Raideen, Jason New, Maybach β, Sebastian Concrete, Steven Walters and Tama Williams to form a gaijin stable called"New Age Wrestling Future"under the direction of Akebono.

Clá Cruiserweight (2016)

Gallagher defeats Pete Dunne in Chapter 29 of Progress Wrestling in April. The tournament began on June 23 with Gallagher defeating Fabian Aichner in his first round match. Gallagher lost to Akira Tozawa in his second-round match.

Divided N Cruiserweight (2016-present)

In September 2016, during an episode of Raw, Gallagher was announced as part of the next WWE Cruiserweight division.

On November 29, he defeats Araya Daivari during the opening episode of WWE 205 Live.

Jack Gallagher Meetings Statistics 2006 to 2016
Total Statistics Victories Retreats Defeats Meetings
Total 156 6 175 337
2006 1 1
2007 eleven 10 twenty-one
2008 14 3 24 41
2009 eleven 22 33
2010 12 14 26
2011 16 16 32
2012 17 2 12 31
2013 2. 3 24 47
2014 16 1 twenty 37
2015 18 27 Four. Five
2016 17 6 2. 3

Source: http://www.cagematch.net/matchstatistics

Tournament Participation
Tournament Date Result
1 Cruiserweight Classic 23.06.2016 - 14.09.2016 Eliminated before semifinals
2 Super Strong Style 16 Tournament 2016 05.05.2016 - 05.05.2016 Eliminated before semifinals
3 Tetsujin Shoot Style Tournament 20.11.2015 Winner
4 FSW Trophy Tournament 2015 25.10.2015 - 21.11.2015 Semifinals
5 URSA Major One Night Tournament 26.09.2015 Winner
6 Lotto-Thunder Tournament 2015 21.06.2015 Semifinals
7 Super Strong Style 16 Tournament 24.05.2015 - 05.25.2015 Eliminated before semifinals
Referring to Fig. Super 8 Cup II 01.12.2013 Eliminated before semifinals
Referring to Fig. Crazy Cruiser 2013 29.11.2013 Semifinals
10 Tenka-Ichi Junior Tournament 2013 06.09.2013 - 16.09.2013 Eliminated before semifinals
eleven Strong Style Tournament RISING 24.05.2013 - 05.06.2013 Eliminated before semifinals
12 NGW Tag Team Title Tournament 05.02.2011 - 04.12.2011 Semifinals
13 FSW Trophy Tournament 2010 12.09.2010 - 07.11.2010 Winner
14 FSW Trophy Tournament 2009 13.09.2009 - 08.11.2009 Eliminated before semifinals
fifteen NGW Heavyweight Title Tournament 06.03.2009 - 16.05.2009 Semifinals
16 Lotto-Thunder Tournament 08.06.2008 Semifinals
17 Crazy Cruiser 8 2008 02.05.2008 Eliminated before semifinals

Source: http://www.cagematch.net/tournaments


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