Is it possible to open a lock without a key? Discover it!

How many times have you forgotten the keys to your house, car or office and, when you arrive, do not know how to open the door? Surely there have been many occasions in which you have seen yourself in this uncomfortable situation. Thus, today we will help you discover if it is possible to open a keyless lock, all thanks to Locksmith in Madrid , a company with extensive experience that not only offers the best advice in this regard, but also is the most recommended to provide solutions in record time.

Is it possible to open a lock without a key? Give it away!

Types of locks for doors

Before referring to how you can open a lock without a key It is necessary to identify the types of locks for doors that currently exist in the market, only then you can determine which of the tips you are about to meet is best suited to your needs . There are high security locks, which are really complicated to extract, however, it is not impossible; of medium security, whose protection function is covered but its keys can be easy to copy; and, finally, basic security, which despite having security certifications, can be easily manipulated from the outside and, therefore, it is easy to open the door.

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Taking into account the above information comes the point you were waiting for: Can you open a lock without a key? The answer is affirmative. Not only are there locksmiths who will be responsible for opening your locked doors, it is also possible to know the techniques that thieves handle when entering houses, flats or offices to extract valuable objects by manipulating the locks. For this reason it is necessary that you know the information that we bring for you and keep you alert.

How to open a keyless lock? | Techniques that will be useful to you

1. Picklocking method

The first way to open a keyless lock to enter your home, office or even your vehicle is by picklocking. This technique is ideal when you do not have the key to the lock and, therefore, it is necessary to find another method to enter. Specifically Picklocking uses a set of picks to successfully open the door , these instruments are capable of allowing the locksmith to achieve the objective in the shortest possible time.

2. Lever method

When the picklocking technique is impossible to apply, due to the lack of the corresponding set of picks, it is necessary to use force to open a lock without a key . In this case, the lever method will cause the door or the frame to be violated, so it is possible that they will be unusable, in addition, the lock will be lost. Being a technique where force is necessary, this method can involve making a lot of noise, which is why it is not used by thieves in offices or homes.

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3. Method of the parrot beak

Similar to the previous method, the one with the parrot's beak will make use of force so that you can enter the site, however, it will leave damages that you will have to repair very soon with a locksmith. This technique to open a keyless lock will involve the use of a pair of tweezers of the same name that will serve to press the lock and, thus, break it. In this way, the door will be free and the owners of the place can access without problems.

These are just three of the techniques for open a door without a key that exist, there are really numerous methods that you should Know not only for being a cautious person but also to stay alert and know the risks to which your locks are exposed at the moment you leave your home, office or vehicle. That is why it is so important to have high security locks and, of course, with the advice of specialized locksmiths.

If you are in Madrid, Spain, and you want to start protecting your doors with the best locks on the market, contact I-Locksmiths and get your budget in the shortest possible time and, best of all, completely free. This company with a long career in the sector has specialized not only in the assembly and maintenance of common locks, also in those used in safes, gates and gates, even provide specialized advice in case of wanting to use electronic locks. What are you waiting for? Contact them and enjoy a locksmith in Madrid 24 hours a day.

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