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Karl Pearson was a British scientist who, from his studies and research, came to be considered the father of biostatistics and mathematical statistics. The area in which he excelled was in mathematics, for which he felt a great affinity. It thus became   […]

Criminal anthropology is a branch of anthropology whose purpose is to scientifically investigate crime. It deals with the study of its origin and causes, and tries to determine what level of responsibility both society and the person committing the crime   […]

The sigilografía is the auxiliary science that studies the dating, reading and interpretation of the stamps of the Byzantine era. However, by extension it can be applied to the study of stamps used or attached to historical documents, such as letters and   […]

The viability of the research is the aspect of a scientific project that is related to whether it can be carried out in real life or not. If an idea of ​​research is not considered viable, it will be impossible to do so and, therefore, should be discarde   […]

Robert Hooke was a British scientist also known as"the man of the Renaissance"in seventeenth-century England. He got this name thanks to his extensive work in areas of science such as biology, physics and astronomy. He graduated from Oxford and dedicate   […]

Gottfried Achenwall was an economist born in Prussia in 1719. He was one of the pioneers of statistical science and is considered the father of this subject, although the English deny that claim. Thus, he was the first to use the term"statistics"to call   […]

Heliocentrism or heliocentric theory was an astronomical model that changed the dominant idea that the Earth was the center of the universe. In the heliocentrismo the central point happened to be the Sun, with the rest of the celestial bodies turning aro   […]

Stephen Gray was an English astronomer, recognized mainly for his contributions to the field of electricity. He was the first scientist to officially experiment with electric conduction systems, the fundamental basis for the use of energy in today's soci   […]