In space there is no correct address | Disorientated?

We have spoken to you on numerous occasions about space, about distant planets and even about finding life on other planets. Today we want to tell you about a curiosity about space. Have you ever wondered how you could know where the ceiling is ???? and where the â € œfloorâ €, if you were in space? We have to tell you that there is no address in the space, so it will be very difficult for you to answer this question.

When at night we look at the stars and silently we ask ourselves: "What should there be up there?" Or "Is it true that there is no direction in space?", Maybe we are making a mistake even in the concept of "above", since what is valid for our planet, where there is a law of gravity, outside of it is not applicable. So, how do we know if we are right or wrong? We will try to find out more about this issue.

Is it true that there is no direction in space?

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space there is no address

In a study published in September 2016, it was said that the assertion that there is no clearly defined direction in space is true, that is, there is no concept of up, down, right, left and therefore, There is no correct address. Researchers at University College London and Imperial College define the universe as isotropic, or what is the same, that looks the same no matter how you see it . In fact, researchers believe that there is only one possibility among 121,000 that the universe has only one defined direction.

This could be verified by observing the old residual glow that remained of the Big Bang. These data were collected, between 2009 and 2013, thanks to the Plack spacecraft of the European Space Agency.

If we imagine for a moment that the universe is anisotropic, that is, that it has a single "correct" direction, this could mean that the universe would be expanding at different speeds and in different directions, all from the same central point and the same specific axis, which would stretch the space in identifiable forms and patterns and, therefore, it would not be true that there is no direction in space.

The data obtained by this group of researchers showed that the cosmic background is just noise and probably does not respond to patterns or other data that would point to an anisotropic universe. In reality, the universe is rather a mixture of spatial material that emerged from a large homogeneous cocktail.

But if we go back to the idea that the universe is isotropic, we feel a great relief: "It is a much more exhaustive analysis than in previous cases" said Anthony Challinor, a cosmologist at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom , who did not participate in the study.

"The question of how isotropic the universe is is of fundamental importance."

All research and work carried out by cosmologists have always been based on the assumption that the universe is isotropic.

"For the first time, we really exclude anisotropy," was the statement by Daniela Saadeh of University College London. "What happened until now is that this has never been proven."

If we get a little closer to the theory of relativity, perhaps we will understand these concepts better. The famous Big Bang that gave rise to the cosmos as we know it today, is based on the Einstein's theory of relativity . According to this theory, space and time are not inert and immutable magnitudes but quite the opposite. Space-time can stretch and shrink, bend and twist, that is, something more like a rubber band than something stiff. Its form is determined both by matter and by the energy it contains. We can not understand space and time in an alien way, as if it were a stage where a work would be represented. This theory of relativity explains that the form that this theater has and its temporal evolution are determined by the actors that are in it, or what is the same, by the matter and the energy that there is in the universe.

space there is no address 1

In any case, there are very few who have been able to go outside and experience what it feels like outside our planet, and whether there is direction in space or not. We also do not know if our astronauts have been able to experience this "disorientation", what is clear is that the sensation must be very different from the one they live on a planet where there is gravity and it is very clear what is above and what is below, Do not you think?

What do you think about it? Do you think there is no direction in space? Did you like to discuss the theme of space? What ideas do you have about it? Do you like topics related to the cosmos? If so, we invite you to read our article: The most terrible thing about traveling to space .

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