I need Work: 25 Careers and courses with work exit

In this article I will comment on careers and courses with work exit. If you do not stop saying to yourself:" I need a job ", Sure this information will be valuable.

At present there is 25.8% of unemployed in Spain. It is true that they are very high rates, although it is still best to be positive and focus on the solution and not the problem.

I need a job

If you are thinking of updating, you can choose by vocation although if you are urgent to work, a good option is to choose a career or course with work exit.

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For you to have more options and if you have mobility, these are the Professions most in demand Currently in Spain, UK, Australia, USA and Chile:

Most demanded careers in Spain

-Specialist SEO / SEM: they are the people that are dedicated to position the webs in the search engines of Internet. It is a fundamental function to be successful in the network.

- Java programmer.

-Product specialist.

Financial Controller.

- Senior Textile Designer.


Most demanded careers in UK

  1. -Informatics: especially software developers are highly demanded abroad. They are also very good paid and valued by their employers.
  2. -Martketing: both traditional and online. Marketing is vital for the survival of a company or organization and with current competition it is very important to learn how to differentiate the products or services with it.
  3. - Numbers: the demand for nurses who perform non-surgical tasks both in the hospital and at home grows year after year.
  4. - Engineers: There is a growing demand for mechanical, electrical, civil and biomedical engineers.
  5. -Web developers: it is estimated that from 2011 to 2013, work in this area grew by 11%.


Most demanded careers in Australia

  1. -Fontaneros: in fact need plumbers and one in ten are foreigners. The specialty in bathrooms increases employability.
  2. - Health care: it is estimated that 1 in 4 jobs will be in this sector. Nurses, physiotherapists and caregivers of the elderly are included here.
  3. - Digital marketing: the growth of electronic commerce and the need to analyze the data that are derived from sales has created the need for professionals who know how to do it. This includes app developers, Java Script developers, web analyzers and general new technology professionals.
  4. -Contacts: In addition, the average salary is 50000 dollars. It will also be necessary to have basic skills in addition to being good as an accountant.
  5. -Access to the client and dependents: it is estimated that more than 45500 will be created as dependents. Some requirements that are usually asked are physical presence and social skills.


Most Defended Careers in the USA

  1. -Workers and loaders: labor is needed outside the construction sector, in warehouses and logistics centers.
  2. - Counselors and auditors: because of the increased regulation by the government, these professionals are in demand.
  3. - Software developers: this is the category with the fastest growth, with an average salary of 100,000 dollars annually.
  4. Occupational therapists: Due to the growth of the average age of the population, these professionals are needed.
  5. -General and operations managers.


Most demanded careers in Chile

  1. -Business Administration.
  2. -Commercial engineering.
  3. - Auditor accountant.
  4. "Numbers.
  5. -Industrial engineers.


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