I do not like my work: How to change it in 3 Steps

Do not you like your job? Surely you have entered into a routine situation or your companions do not like you. But do not worry, you can start to enjoy more of it if you propose it. In this article I will tell you about job crafting, a strategy with which you can proactively change your job.

The concept of Job crafting (Translated into Spanish as"construction of work") is related to proactive changes that you make in the design of your work and are not negotiated with your company / organization or your supervisor, changes that may not even be perceived by your boss.

Job crafting

The changes that occur with the job crafting do not have to be necessarily in line with the objectives of your organization / company and can be solutions for periods of high demands; When you have many things to do, little time, many customers to attend, etc.

It is about slowly building the job you want. Adapt to the norms of your company although also make changes so that you are more happy with your work. In addition, you will be more productive, effective and more committed, less likely to leave your job. "Job-crafting"behaviors may be related to many positive outcomes such as Engagement , Satisfaction and Resilience .

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How to improve your job with job crafting?

With job crafting you can change your work by modifying the levels of demands and resources and adjusting them to your skills and preferences. You can do this in three different ways: 1) increase the level of resources, 2) increase the level of demands and 3) reduce the level of demands.

1) Increase the level of resources

The resources are physical and social aspects that will serve to achieve your goals, reduce the demands of your work and life in general and to stimulate your personal development. Examples: family, friends, a company that cares about you, good income, be positive, etc.

In general it is valuable to have a high level of resources. However, in some situations the level of resources may be low, for example when there is social support or when you feel low self esteem . In these situations it is better that you mobilize more resources to be able to deal with the demands without much difficulty. Generally, the more resources you have the less stress you will suffer.

2) Increase levels of challenges (challenge demands) at work

Demands are those aspects of life that require physical or mental effort and that we associate them with psychological or physical costs.

The second form of job crafting is to create a high level of challenges. In other words, you can create more challenges when you feel that your job or life is not offering enough opportunities to use your skills. In this way, they can increase your levels of demands by adding tasks in your work or by proposing something that is difficult to achieve.

Challenging demands or challenges will not deplete your energy and will make you more satisfied and motivated at work.

In general, it is only advisable to increase the level of challenging demands when you have sufficient resources available to deal with them. In other words, adding new challenges while you do not have enough resources to manage them will increase the likelihood of your health getting worse and stress .

3) Decreasing the level of demands

The third form of job crafting you can use is to lower the level of demands when they exceed your abilities. You can do this by asking for help or by lowering the level of actions / tasks you have.

These claims are called threat claims because they hinder you from reaching your goals. Examples of this type of demands are: burden of tasks to be done, concerns, conflicts...

Have you tried changing your job? Did you know this concept?

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