How was education in Ancient Egypt | 10 Curiosities

Previously we studied how was education in ancient China , however, today the curiosity to investigate the educational system of one of the oldest civilizations: the Egyptian . Therefore, here we present a total of 10 curiosities that will allow you to understand how education was in Ancient Egypt, all in order that you can draw your own conclusions and comparisons related to this interesting culture.

Ancient Egypt began in the year 3100 a. C. and ended in the year 332 a. C, this taking into account that, after the indicated date, the Greco-Roman period began. Although we commonly know this civilization for its famous Egyptian queens , its numerous pharaohs , its architecture and customs, also It is interesting to analyze the educational method that the children and young people of this group as old as important had . If you are ready to read the 10 curiosities about what education was like in Ancient Egypt, read on!

10 Curiosities about how education was in Ancient Egypt | All the details!

1. As is currently the case, Egyptian schools they were the places that the children attended to enjoy the first stage of the basic school cycle.

2. Children who attended schools in the curious Egypt they were only and exclusively members of wealthy families . These young people belonged to the Egyptian elite and, therefore, their parents or relatives could afford the studies in the different institutions that existed at the time. This is how we show that education in Ancient Egypt depended on the social class to which you belonged.

3. For the Egyptians the word "school" meant " place of education "

4. If you wonder about what education was like in Ancient Egypt during the first years of children's lives, the answer focuses on the Reading and writing . This curiosity may be common, since it applies equally in our time.

5. Children learned to write about limestone , which had been previously prepared with lines to facilitate the writing guidance of the little ones.

How was education in Ancient Egypt

6. The teachers and professors of Ancient Egypt were scribes and priests.

7. Another aspect that allows us to understand how education was in Ancient Egypt is the only gender that had the right to attend schools and other educational institutions of the time: the masculine. On the other hand, the girls had to stay at home doing housework , except for some that belonged to the elite and were accepted in certain schools.

How was education in Ancient Egypt 1

8. The school schedules in Ancient Egypt They resemble those of the current schools, since they started in the morning and ended in the afternoon.

9. Although currently there is no record of ancient schools of this civilization, it is known that there was an institution of great educational value for the Egyptians: the House of Life . In this place classes of more advanced levels were dictated, so it was important for the young people and adults who wished to learn. However, as was the case with schools, the Egyptian House of Life was limited to the highest social classes.

10. In addition to the stones, another of the objects that help us understand how education was in Ancient Egypt are the ostracones, which were made with ceramics and inside it was possible to write and write.

How was education in Ancient Egypt 2

With the 10 curiosities about what was education in Ancient Egypt that we just shared you can understand roughly the educational system of this civilization that marked history with its advances and way of life . Let us know in the comments area which of the previous data you knew and which you do not know, also, if you know any related curiosity that we have not mentioned and you are interested in sharing, we invite you to do so to continue learning about the Egyptians!

If you are interested in continuing to inquire about what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt , we invite you to know the related article that we have in our blog. Also, do not miss the contributions of the Egyptian civilization that still exist today, it is possible that at least two of them use them in your day to day, so it is interesting to discover where they come from.

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