How to Use Linkedin and Get Contacts?

When young people look for work after finishing a university degree, they tend to focus on the employment platforms and more and more on the offers that are published in Linkedin and that strategy can work.

Know how it works and use this social network properly Is critical for both employees and businesses. Each time has more users and is where the most talented professionals are.

However, when there are more than 300 people targeted for an offer they will have to do very well to detach themselves from the others.

One of the most important sources of value when it comes to finding a job is Networking, this will help you to disassociate yourself from others because you can contact people related to the company that offers the job and also you will have access to job offers Which are not published. There are actually many jobs that are not posted on the internet or otherwise and are covered by Networking. The more strategic contacts you have, the more access you will have to those places not publicly offered.

Keep reading and in the end you will see that with only 6 contacts you can contact the president of Linkedin or one of the founders of facebook.

If you believe in the above, you can follow this strategy:

  • 30% of the time looking for new offers in employment platforms, rrhh consultants, linkedin and companies.
  • 20% improving your cv and linkedin profile.
  • 50% making new contacts.

Studies say that references do not predict that the candidate will do a good job and adapt to the company. Nevertheless, If a trustworthy person gives the selection manager of a company a good reference of yours or speaks well of you, it will greatly increase the chances of you being selected .

Why Linkedin to make contacts?

Linkedin's ability to make contacts and meet people in your industry is one of the differences from traditional job search platforms.

You have no excuse to sell yourself and make contacts. Linkedin takes advantage of the theory of 6 degrees of separation; To connect with anyone in the world, you only need to contact 5 people in a chain until you reach the person you want (the first person is known).

If, for example, your dream is to work in Unicef ​​and you want to talk to the president of Unicef ​​Spain, you will need to contact 5 people before he arrives. The same if you want to work for a large company like microsoft or apple.

In fact, Microsoft verified that this theory is true in 1990, analyzing metadata for millions of emails.

There is another theory known as"the six grades of Kevin Bacon." It started when this actor commented that he has probably worked with all the people in the world of Hollywood. You can check it yourself on this web . Put any Spanish actor, even if it is not known internationally and you will see the degrees of separation.

For example, with actor Paco Tous, from the TV series Los Hombres de Paco. He is not known in Hollywood, however only contacting two people could reach Kevin Bacon.

Paco tous

An example of three links: 1- You have an accounting friend. 2-That friend knows a consultant. 3-The consultant has as client to the president of Unicef.

Although I have a lot to work on Linkedin, I'll give you two cases.

1-To contact Jeff Weiner, the CEO of linkedin, you should speak to 5 people earlier.

Contact linkedin Jeff Weiner

2-To contact Sean Parker, one of the founders of Facebook, should speak with 6 people before.

Contact linkedin Sean parker

Although you can be curious and look for just those connections, Linkedin saves that work for you and tells you who you need to contact to reach the end person you need. Therefore, if you look for work or do business and have your eyes on a company or person, you can take advantage of this function.

Finally, remember that Linkedin is only limited to your contacts in that social network, not to all your contacts in real life. The more strategic contacts you have in real life and in Linkedin, the lesser degrees of separation will exist.

And have you tried to contact someone already?

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