How to travel to the past | 6 real hypotheses about how to achieve it

Perhaps, one of the achievements that has most persecuted the human being throughout its history, is to invent the time machine. Perform travel through the ages It's a wonderful thing, even if it's just imagining it. But could it be possible? And in that case, How to travel to the past?

In this Supercurioso article, we will show you the main theories about this intriguing topic and with which you will be able to verify that perhaps time travel is not just a dream. Do you want to know how to travel to the past or move towards the future? Well, do not hesitate to read these lines, ahead!

How to travel to the past | 6 real hypotheses about how to achieve it

1. Tipler cylinder

This theory was developed in the year 1974 by the physicist Frank J. Tipler and according to her it was explained how to travel to the past and make trips for the time in general. The key to this theory is a hypothetical device that, once manufactured, would be the key to everything.

This cylinder would be very heavy and of infinite length, which could rotate on its axis at a speed close to light. This would generate a extreme gravitational attraction that would attract to it all kinds of light and matter in a closed loop. Obviously, this theory is impossible to bring to reality, because you can not make a cylinder with an infinite length.

2. Cosmic strings

how to travel to the past

With this hypothesis it is stated that the matter is actually in a vibrational state, the key would be to be able to manipulate these cosmic strings to be able to travel in time at our whim. To understand each other better, these strings would be energy tubes that extend throughout the entire universe. These energy tubes would be infinite and would have no extremes.

3. Black holes

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One of the most popular theories about how to travel to the past has always been related to black holes. These entities have always been very mysterious, so theories about them have been multitudinous. In order to carry out this trip in a perfect way, according to the scientists who defend this hypothesis, the ship that wants to travel in time would have to travel near black holes at the speed of light . As in the other theories, it would be impossible to take it to reality, among other reasons because if a ship traveled so quickly it would disintegrate at once.

4. Worm holes

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This theory about how to travel to the past, has come to contemplate from NASA itself. In practice it would also be impossible to carry it out, since you would have to travel faster than the speed of light. According to Einstein, the object that travels at that speed would have a finite mass and zero length. A priori, something totally unrealizable, although there are some scientists who are reinterpreting these equations so that it can be put into practice. Another vital step for this theory would be create own wormholes .

5. Exotic matter

how to travel to the past

Key to this theory is to demonstrate the existence of negative matter that moves through the universe at the speed of light and can not coexist with regular matter. If you can control this matter, you could travel back and forth in time. The existence of exotic matter has been proven thanks to the quantum physics and with that amount of matter you could make tunnels that interconnect to create a species of tunnels of time.

6. Theory of the donut

how to travel to the past

This hypothesis, the development of the Israeli scientist named Amos Ori, states that he does not need exotic matter to travel to the past but he would use the so-called voids existing in space. To realize this theory in practice, a machine that could be built with technology from a not too distant future would be necessary. It is based on the theory of Einstein , which reflect that the universe can be shaped like a donut and the key would be to calculate how to get to the void that forms in the center .

Surely these theories about how to travel to the past will have been very fascinating, even though the terms or elements they contain sometimes escape us due to the difficulty they harbor. We would love you to leave us all the questions that you can think of, we will ask you some questions so you can answer them. Which of all these theories about how to travel to the past seem easier for you to put into practice? Do you think that with such a small amount of exotic matter can you make tunnels that take us back to the past? Have you heard of any of them? Do you think that black holes are really related to time travel? Do not hesitate to leave us all the comments that you can think of and ask all the questions that we have been able to raise. We are looking forward to reading you!

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