How to Develop Positive Personal Habits?

Some Personal habits Positive Are the key to developing personally and advancing in what we are doing or achieving our goals.

People's habits have a great influence on their successes or failures. If you have good habits, you will do things that would otherwise be impossible.

Good personal habits

On the other hand, time management is Fundamental to achieve results and be happy. And one of the important parts for a correct management of the time is to have good habits.

First of all remember this:

Whether getting up at 12 noon or 7 am, it is a habit and one has come to that behavior with its repetition over time. To change a behavior to which you are accustomed, an effort is required. So; Persevere and strive to implant a good habit, you will see how in time it costs you no effort.

Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, but good ones bring big rewards.

How do you start a good habit in your behavior?

When you start doing something (for example going to the gym), the first thing to think about is if it will give you the benefits you expect in the short and long term.

  • If it gives you short-term and long-term benefits, you'll probably quit.
  • If it gives you short-term benefits, you'll almost certainly continue. For example, exercise releases endorphins, hormones that make us feel good.
  • If it gives you long-term benefits, you'll have to evaluate whether waiting is worth it. For example; If you are willing to go to the gym and start seeing results in your physical from the second month.

Before you start something, evaluate its effects in the short and long term and if it is what you want in your life. If it's what you want, start doing it and at the beginning, get ready to push yourself.

Other examples:

  • To drink. Short term: you have a good time and you get better relations. Long term: Hangovers, weight gain and liver damage.
  • Write a book. Short term: it will cost you a lot of effort and it will take you a lot of time. Long term: self-realization and possibility to sell.

Is it really worth persevering?

YES. The problem is that sometimes we believe that we do not advance in learning an activity or in achieving an objective.

We believe: that the more time spent, the more development.

Reality: the more time dedicated, the more we develop although there are temporary moments in which growth is null. This image represents it well:

Learning curve

If you think about it, in all the activities that you started doing something (slimming, going to the gym, studying, dancing, learning a computer program...) there have been times when you have not advanced anything or at least in those that you have perceived You have not advanced anything.

However, with persistence in activity over time, the level of activity continues to increase.

Effects of getting used to something?

1-When you are persistent in an activity (for example playing tennis), you will advance exponentially. Although your advance was slow before, with practice over time, your skill level will advance in greater steps.

2-It will give the effect of the spillover; Your learned skills With an activity will be transmitted to other activities. For example, if you have been learning to concentrate by playing chess, you will increase your concentration by practicing a sport or studying. If you have become accustomed to being more participative in your work, you will be more participatory also in the home or with your friends.

Develop your metacognition

Metacognition is the ability to think about our own thought processes. For example, 1-while concentrating you think about whether you are concentrating correctly and how you do it. 2-Think about what is your way of thinking and if it helps you get what you want.

This ability is very beneficial if you do not want to walk through life simply reacting to what is set in front of you. With it you will be more proactive and you will be able to be aware of the conditions that surround you and change the ones that do not benefit you.

Metacognition is to think about your goals in life, what you do, your values, because you do what you do... It will help you to develop in areas such as financial, love, work, academic, family, physical...

And what do you think is necessary to develop a positive personal habits?

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