How to Create Your Motivation to Run: 11 Keys

Especially if you are starting, sometimes it will be difficult to find the Motivation to run . If you are not used to it, it will seem like a monotonous, boring, tired activity that does not interest you more than losing weight.

However, that is only at the beginning. Once you notice that you are advancing, that you are holding more, that your power increases and that you are feeling physically, your motivation increases and running becomes a pleasurable activity.

How to motivate yourself to run

The problem is that, with all the distractions we have, that motivation is difficult to maintain. In this post I will show you what you can do to motivate yourself and be persistent running.

1-Think about the health benefits

First, to do anything and be motivated with it, we must find a reason. What do we do? Thinking about the health benefits you provide running on a frequent basis will motivate you. These are some:

Improves heart function

When you run, the inside of the ventricles increase by 20% in size, which causes increased blood circulation throughout the body, benefiting the organs. In addition, you will reduce bad cholesterol, which is one of the triggers of heart disease.

Improves lung function

If you run, you will improve the functioning of your lungs, breathe better and therefore increase your quality of life.

Helps lose weight

A lot of people start to practice running because Want to lose weight . And you do well if you are one of them because this activity is one of the most efficient to burn calories and lose weight. Each kilometer and a half you will burn approximately 100 calories and in addition, you will increase your muscular mass, in turn lightening the metabolism, which will cause that in the moments of rest burns more calories.

On the other hand, if you want to get the best results losing weight, combine running with diet and lose weight much faster and healthier.

Improves digestion

As you run, the nutrients you have eaten are absorbed more effectively and the time taken for the food to pass through the small intestine is reduced.

Reduces depression, stress and makes you happier

Like other types of exercise, running relieves stress and even depression a lot. After doing anaerobic exercise is characteristic the sensation of euphoria, calmness and calm after finishing the session.

In addition, research shows that adults who exercise consistently are happier than those who are more sedentary. So this is one more reason if you want to feel energetic and creative.

Improve sex

Scientists at Harvard University have shown that men who are physically active are 30% less likely to develop sexual problems. Increased blood flow caused by regular exercise leads to a healthier and more vigorous sex life.

Delay aging

According to various studies, exercise slows down aging and running is one of the best ways you can choose.

Improve sleep

Researchers at Northwestern University showed that people who exercise have higher sleep quality, as well as lower depression symptoms, more vitality, and less sleepiness during the day.

In this article You can know other benefits of running.

You know the benefits, however, it is likely that despite this you will feel unmotivated and do not have the willpower to go out into the street or go to a park or gym and have a good time running. Let's try to find a solution for this:

2-Starts with little time

Whether you want to lose weight or start running for pleasure does not mean you have to be an hour suddenly. In fact that will only decrease your motivation, besides that your body will not be prepared for it.

Try to set a time from the first day and go up. You can start for 10 minutes, or even 5, and from there go up 1 minute each day.

It may seem small to you, but this will prevent you from losing your mind at first because you will see everything much simpler. In a month you can be running 30 minutes a day.

3-Set a goal you want and make it visible

This is very important and will be one of the best aids. What motivates you most to run? Why do you do it? Run a marathon and win? Slim down?

If for example you want to lose weight, put the goal of losing 2 kilos a month and put in your room a visible photo (that you can see every morning and before going to run) of someone whose physical you like and you can achieve by exercising.

Read this article If you want to learn how to set goals correctly.

4-Uses music

This is a traditional way and it works. Music motivates, distracts, relaxes and encourages you. The type of music is your choice; Soundtracks, classical music, rock, pop...

Another option is to put your favorite radio programs or English recordings to learn while you run.

5-Do not wait for someone to go out with you

In my opinion it is positive to go running alone. This will encourage your independence and be able to follow your goals autonomously. You can not depend on someone wanting to run with you to lose weight and improve your health, it's something you have to do

It is also true that there are people who are more encouraged to go running if they do with a partner. If you are one of them, ask your friends or family and if no one wants, you can search the online communities. However remember that being independent will be one of the skills that will make you happier in life.

6-Record your success and prize

Are you going to miss an achievement without cheering or giving you a prize? Better not, because you will have missed an opportunity to cause a behavior to happen again.

How to do it?

-Usa notebook to note the distance and time you run each day. This will make you aware of your progress and that the effort has its reward. Also write down your weight and how you feel after running. Therefore, make notes after sessions or a time afterwards.

-Use awards for yourself. It does not have to be material prizes, that too, but flattery to yourself as"you are a crack"or"you have done very well". It is important that you do this when you have really strived and done well.

7-Use self-affirmations or mantras

Self affirmations or positive and repeated mantras such as"you are doing well,""I feel tired though I can continue"or"do not give up"cause you to focus your attention on positive thinking and avoid the critical inner voice that will tell you things like" I feel tired, I'm going to stop"or"I can not anymore."

Examples of self-assertions:

"Every step I take is a further improvement in my fitness."

"The more I resist, the stronger I become"

They can help you These motivational phrases .

8-Avoid all or nothing

Sometimes you will have in mind that you have to run an hour and you do not have time, however this is an uncomfortable thought.

If you have little time or are on a day when you feel very tired, simply reduce the time you will be exercising or do not do it so intensely. Remember that what really gives results is the persistence and continuity of the exercise, it is normal that there are days when you do not have that much time or are tired.

9-Is it embarrassing to run in public?

Some acquaintances have told me that it's embarrassing to run in public. They have thoughts like"they're looking at me,""I'm bothering people,""I run in a funny way and laugh at myself."

They are negative thoughts, your critical voice and you have to be aware of them to avoid them. Also, how do you know they are true? For example, every time I go down the street and see people running, I think they are doing something profitable, good for health and admirable for the effort it entails.

Change these negative thoughts. For example:"People are used to seeing people running","people will see that I am an athlete and that I am in shape".

10-Live the Present

One of the reasons why people stop running is because they are thinking about the future or other things"more important than running." However, what is more important to you than something that is beneficial to your health?

Work mindfulness , Think of the now, live the sensations that you experience while you run.

11-Do not compare yourself

Comparing alone will lead to demotivation. You are totally different from other people. Some will be more fit and able to run more, sometimes quite the opposite. In any case, all people are valuable.

Focus on yourself and your results and avoid comparing yourself to other people.

What other ways do you know to increase motivation to run?

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