How much does an airplane pilot earn in Colombia?

The salary of a pilot in Colombia depends on many factors such as the airline, the rank of the pilot and the hours of flight.

There is a massive global pilot shortage. Global aviation growth coupled with economic growth in India, Africa, the United States, Asia, New Zealand and the European Union has increased demand for international pilots.

How much does an airplane pilot earn in Colombia?

There are new technologies that also contribute to the increase in demand like new technologies (B787, A350) that allow flights between cities that have never been connected before.

The growth of airlines like Gulf Airlines and Turkish Airlines also improves the labor market of pilots.

Low oil prices increase airlines' profits, allowing for more demand for short-term growth.

How much do the riders win in Colombia?


Avianca is the trade mark that represents the Latin American airlines integrated in Avianca Holdings S.A.

Its workforce of more than 20,000 employees has been recognized for providing excellent world-class service.

Specialized in air freight and passenger transport, it serves more than 100 direct destinations in 28 countries of the American and European continents with its modern fleet of 180 short, medium and long-haul aircraft.

Through its Star Alliance membership, Avianca offers the possibility of connecting to more than 1,300 destinations in 192 countries worldwide.

Through LifeMiles, the loyalty program, the airline offers a wide range of benefits and travel options to its more than 6 million registered members.


In Colombia, the average salary of a commander or captain at Avianca is $ 125,000 per year.

The first officer or captain in second rank wins $ 70,000. The captain in office earns between 20,000 and 50,000 US dollars depending on his experience.

To be a pilot in Avianca you have to go through a strict recruitment process that consists of several stages.

  • The first stage consists of an aviation knowledge test and an interview with the immediate boss.
  • The second stage consists of a test with a simulator.
  • The third stage consists of a psychological interview and two writings.
  • The fourth stage consists of a personal interview with the Director of Operations.

Recruitment process in Avianca

The process of contracting pilots in Avianca lasts from 1 to 3 months. This process includes tests to know the level of English of the one who applies, also includes dynamics and exams in groups and the negotiating capacity of the one who applies by the work is put to the test.

The work experience in the area definitely influences the salary that this airline offers when it comes to hiring. A math test is also part of the process to be hired.

Other salaries in Avianca

  • Corporate Account Manager: $ 74,121.00 (US $) per year.
  • Flight attendant: $ 12-13 per hour
  • Director: $ 126,000 per year.


Part-time employees do not receive benefits like health care. Only one free flight per year.

List of benefits based on reports of current and former employees:

Insurance, Health and Wellness

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Vision Insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Life insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • On-site health care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Insurance for accidental death and dismemberment

Financial and retirement benefits

  • Pension plan
  • Retirement plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Performance Bonus
  • Storage Options
  • Capital Incentive Plan
  • Supplementary Labor Compensation
  • Donation of charity gifts

Family and Parenting

  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Work from home
  • Fertility care
  • Care of Dependents
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Childcare
  • Reduced or flexible hours
  • Military license
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Prolonged leave not paid
  • Holidays and free time
  • Holidays and free time
  • Days in convalescence
  • Paid vacations
  • Free time for volunteers
  • Sabbatical
  • Dueling license


  • Employee Discount
  • Free lunch or snacks
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Gym Membership
  • Travelers checks and assistance
  • Benefits for pets
  • Mobile Discount
  • Company vehicle
  • Social events of the company
  • Travel concierge

COPA Airlines

COPA Airlines operates in Colombia although it is a Panamanian airline.

The salary of a pilot in this airline is from 6 thousand to 12 thousand dollars per month per more per diem, depending on the range and experience of the pilot.

Pilot selection process at COPA

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Panamanian citizen and / or a Copa partner with a Panamanian residence
  • More than 20 years old (Individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 may apply for the program, however, once they have completed training, they will not be able to start working in the Cup until they turn 21)
  • Have at least a bachelors degree completed
  • Have reached an English level of 4 in ICAO courses, or higher
  • Have a first class medical certificate

You will then be contacted by a representative to deliver the following documents:

  • Application form (previously sent by email)
  • Resume
  • Copy of your Panama ID
  • High School Diploma
  • Medical Certificate Class 1, updated by Civil Aeronautics
  • ICAO English Certification (Minimum: Level 4):

If you already hold a pilot license (PPL, instrument rating, etc.), you must receive an ICAO English Level Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you do not hold a pilot license, you can obtain an English Level Certificate from one of the ICAO Certified Advisors.

  • Copy of pilot's license (if any)
  • University College Credits (if you are pursuing a career at any university)

Candidates for candidates who meet the requirements and possess the aforementioned documentation will undergo a rigorous selection process with international standards, to be administered by Copa Airlines.

  • First do a blood and urine test
  • A polygraph test is done.
  • Test with simulator: King Air 200 FTD
  • Interview with human resources manager and immediate boss
  • Examination of general knowledge
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Group examination

To make a race of pilot in COPA, require about 45,000 US dollars.


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