How many cups of coffee per day are adequate? The answer

If you entered this article is because coffee is probably one of your favorite drinks and usually consumed on a regular basis, or perhaps in excess. Whatever the case, do not worry! Next we will share you good news that will help you not only to know how many cups of coffee per day are the most recommended , according to experts, but also the benefits that this delicious drink has for your body.

According to International Coffee Organization , in 2018 the coffee consumption worldwide It was 161.93 million bags, which allows us to understand how famous this drink is and, at the same time, the countless number of cups of coffee per day that had to be prepared all over the world. However, although the figure may seem alarming to those who consider coffee beans as harmful to health, experts say exactly the opposite.

Amount of cups of coffee per day that are recommended

Thanks to a group of researchers from the University of Southampton (England) and the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), who made a study on coffee consumption and health , it was determined that the number of cups of coffee per day that are adequate are between three and four . Of course, this will depend on the size of the cup you use and, in addition, it does not include sugars, syrups or creams that you add to your mix, it simply takes coffee as a starting point.

How many cups of coffee per day are adequate? The answer

In addition to determining how many cups of coffee per day are adequate, the researchers summarized some of the risks and Benefits of drinking coffee daily and, of course, we can not miss the opportunity to share the results so you can take precautions and, thus, enjoy coffee cups a day without remorse. Discover the results of the investigation!

Risks of drinking coffee

Coffee cups per day

It is important to take into account that the long-term negative effects of coffee consumption In addition, those that exceed the number of cups of coffee per day the study recommends, in addition, people who apply certain products (such as sugars) to their cups should take precaution and consider eliminating these additives, since it is possible that risks of drinking coffee begin to be part of your day to day.

1. Convert this habit into an addiction

As with other beverages and some foods, exceeding the number of cups of coffee per day that are appropriate can lead to turning this habit into an addiction and, as you might imagine, in the future it will be much more complicated to reverse the damage .

2. Suffer from anxiety and stress

Caffeine can alter your nervous system if it is consumed in excess, reason why one of the risks of drinking coffee is the propensity that you can go back to suffer from anxiety and stress, difficult to control.

3. Decrease female fertility

If you are in the process of searching for a baby, drinking more cups of coffee a day may delay your desire to become a mother soon, since the components of this drink will be able to diminish fertility and, therefore, hinder the process.

Benefits of drinking coffee

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Fortunately, if you consider yourself a coffee lover , the benefits of drinking coffee are immeasurably higher than the risks, so it will be prudent to take into account not only the amount of coffee cups per day that the research suggests, but also the innumerable benefits that the habit in question can give your body .

1. Improves concentration

If you are a person who is usually easily distracted, drinking three to four cups of coffee a day may be the solution you have been looking for for so long. In fact, there are benefits that your brain brings to consume coffee and chocolate together , so, if you want to improve your concentration, we recommend you order or prepare at home a delicious coffee mocha .

2. Lower risk of death

Can you believe that the habit of drinking some cups of coffee a day can take you to have more years of life ? This was confirmed by the research that we share today. Of course, moderate coffee consumption can prevent premature death This does not mean that if you drink coffee in an exaggerated way you can live longer, on the contrary! You must take into account the risks mentioned above.

3. Reduce the risk of cancer

Liver cancer and colon cancer are some of the types of this terrible disease that can be prevented with the moderate consumption of coffee cups per day . This statement was not only made by the researchers of the study that we are sharing, but has also been recorded in some background that is worth remembering. Thus, Drinking coffee daily could improve survival in cancer cases and even to prevent its appearance.

If you thought that at the end of reading this article you would have to get rid of the beans or coffee capsules that you have in your kitchen, breathe! The positive news abounded in the previous lines, so we recommend you Start the consumption of three to four cups of coffee a day and enjoy this delicious beverage in the mornings or afternoons. Knowing this, in Supercurious we are ready to take this delicious drink to continue bringing you the best curiosities.

How many cups of coffee per day are adequate? The answer

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