Exercise and mental health | To what extent are they related?

Many times we have read or heard that to be able to enjoy a correct mental health it is necessary to practice sports or do physical exercise, however basic it may be. However, how true is it? Today we will inform you of the results of a study carried out by researchers belonging to Yale University and the University of Oxford, where the relationship between exercise and mental health was demonstrated. We are sure that you will be amazed with the results and want to practice some sport at the end of the reading of this article.

Taking a sample of nothing more and nothing less than 1.2 million people (all of US origin and with ages older than 18 years), the researchers who published their study in The Lancet Psychiatry , they got great results from the relationship between exercise and mental health , after four years of data collection and analysis where the practice of physical activities and medical history played very important roles. Let's know them!

Exercise and mental health: do they have a relationship or not to keep us healthy?

1. 40% of people who exercise enjoy better mental health

Exercise and mental health

The first of the results obtained in the research in question suggests that this portion of the sample, which was characterized by physical activities, showed better mental health than the remaining 60%. Therefore, this is one of the first conclusions that can be determined when analyzing the relationship between exercise and mental health, which is why so many doctors and health specialists recommend practice physical activities to avoid or control disorders as the anxiety wave depression .

2. No matter what type of exercise, what matters is that you practice it

Exercise and mental health 1

Football, basketball, yoga, cycling ... It does not matter! The study showed that the most important thing when determining the relationship between exercise and mental health is simply keep your body active In some type of physical activity, even doing housework can help in this aspect, since your mind will keep busy and you will avoid thinking about problems that consume you.

3. Playing sports in company is vital

Exercise and mental health 2

To increase your mood, according to the research done, it is vital that you practice sports that need someone else besides you. Even go for a run in company of a friend or your partner is important, if you want to maintain your exercise and mental health in the best of possible states.

4. You should not exercise every day

Exercise and mental health 3

If what you want is to keep your exercise and mental health balanced, the time and amount of physical activity should not be exaggerated. According to the investigation, Doing sports for 30 or 60 minutes, three or five days a week, is more than enough so that your brain and body stay perfect and avoid mental problems or, even worse, mental problems.

5. The benefits will apply equally to all people

Exercise and mental health 4

All the previous results that allow knowing the importance of exercise and mental health apply to people without having to take into account aspects such as gender, age, race or mental condition. According to the researchers, people with or without depression, young or old, who practiced physical exercise showed positive results when comparing them to each other. Therefore, for you to enjoy the above benefits the only thing that will be necessary is that you are prepared to exercise frequently and, thus, maintain your mental health in optimal conditions.

Now that you know the relationship and importance between exercise and mental health, what are you waiting to organize your schedule and have at least 30 minutes to practice your favorite sport? Do not forget that, regardless of the physical activity you choose, this habitual time that you dedicate to your body will benefit exponentially also to your mind and, of course, to your health in general.

Just as it is important to exercise, Having a balanced diet is essential for good mental health , therefore, we recommend you consult your nutritionist of confidence and determine together the appropriate foods that you must add to your diet to enjoy the best results. Try to improve your exercise and mental health! Following the advice above we are sure that you can achieve it

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