Egyptian armor | 10 Curiosities of this Egyptian protection

Battles have been part of history since the earliest times and Egypt It is not an exception. In this country different crusades were carried out that forced the pharaohs in charge to have warriors and soldiers trained to defend their lands and inhabitants. Today we will talk in detail about the Egyptian armor, explaining how the men who used to go to the battlefield used to dress and the reasons why these protections were made with the materials that you will know next. Let's start!

Although the Egyptians were characterized, above all, by being field people, engaged in economic activities such as hunting, agriculture and livestock, it was sometimes necessary provide support for the defense of their areas , where the Egyptian armor makes an appearance to protect men who, without any experience at first, had to risk their lives for their people. If you are ready to know the curiosities of this Egyptian protection, continue reading and discover the interesting facts that we prepare for you.

10 Curiosities of the Egyptian armor | How was it? And what did he have?

1. In Ancient Egypt the men who participated in the first rebellions did not have specific Egyptian armor, they simply carried the shenti , known in the Ancient Egyptian clothing as a kind of skirt, made for men, which facilitated their mobility.

Egyptian armor

2. During the New Kingdom appeared the "nakhtu-aa" or "strong arm", groups composed of men who were perfectly trained to go to the battlefield. But nevertheless, the Egyptian armor of these people was not exactly the most appropriate , despite carrying very good weapons.

3. Speaking of weapons, the most common weapons used by Egyptian warriors were the arrows , which were capable of crossing shields due to their sharp points.

Egyptian armor 1

4. Interestingly, the first armors that were created in history belong to Egypt, being this way the Egyptian armor the precursor of these protection elements .

5. With the passage of time, the shenti skirts were replaced by suits with metal plates, just as they were added helmets Made with materials such as leather, which offered greater durability.

6. One of the Egyptian armor types The best known is the lamellar armor, which is characterized by being made with plates that resemble the scales of fish. It was usually made with leather, metal or copper divided into small sheets and embedded together.

Egyptian armor 2

7. The Egyptian armor was always accompanied, of course, by shields and wrist guards , which were made with metal and only in some exceptions included wood.

8. If you wonder about the type of footwear that the Egyptian warriors wore to the battles, initially they only went barefoot, since this allowed them to adhere better to the sand so characteristic of Egypt. However, while the Egyptian armor was improving, they were included flips flops and subsequently, boots They secured their feet on the ground and protected them from various attacks.

Egyptian armor 3

9. Some of the important characters of Egypt in antiquity that brought the Egyptian armor to combat were the warrior pharaohs , which include Ramses II and Narmer, figures that marked milestones in Egyptian history with their actions and, of course, with their roles in the battles in which they participated.

10. As the last of the curiosities of the Egyptian armor, we inform you that some of the pharaohs who participated in the battlefield sent add precious stones to their costumes , since these were even more resistant than copper or metal and, in case of receiving any crush, the pharaoh would remain protected.

Egyptian armor 4

Definitely, the Egyptian army marked the beginning of the battles in the universal history , allowing the next civilizations to improve their armor, weapons and war cars where, by the way, the Egyptians were transported in wooden vehicles pulled by horses to face their bows and arrows. Now that you know these interesting curiosities of the Egyptian armor, what do you think about it? Participate by leaving your comment in the section that you will find below and we will read you immediately to know your point of view regarding these protection systems that the Egyptians used to carry.

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