Do you know why airplanes are usually white? We told you!

In the world around us there are many circumstances that we do not question because they are habitual. However, they have an explanation and in Supercurioso we like to find out why. So, we wanted to know the reason why the pens have a little hole in them. o what the jeans' mini pocket is really for . On this occasion we have turned our eyes to the world of aviation and we have asked ourselves why airplanes are generally white Come with us to find out!

Why airplanes are generally white

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I'm sure you've already noticed, but if you haven't, the next time you go to an airport or air travel Note that most airplanes have white as their base color. On it may be painted colored letters, company logos or any advertising, but not all of them. the background will almost always be white . There seem to be three basic reasons for this:

The thermal benefit

The color white, unlike other colors, does not absorb sunlight and reflects most of the one that falls on it. For practical purposes this means that if the fuselage of an airplane is white it will not absorb the sun's rays and will therefore be warmer than other colours. Whether in flight, standing on a runway or parked outside, it is desirable that the aircraft is heated as little as possible by gradual accumulation of heat and the target contributes to this.

Do you know why airplanes are usually white?

In addition, it is obvious that if the plane is parked in the sun, the cooler it is, the less time it will take to acclimatize it so that it can operate with the passenger inside.

Facilitates fuselage inspection

The second of the reasons for the why airplanes are white is that it greatly facilitates routine airframe inspection. On the target it is very easy to observe any type of dent, crack or damage that has suffered the surface of the plane, and not only that, if there is a leak of some type of liquid or corrosion on it will be evidenced with greater clarity.

Economic reasons

Aircraft are repainted regularly and if they are white the costs are reduced. Subjected to extreme atmospheric conditions, the colour of the aircraft wears off but the white color spoils less than the others. Also, if you have to sell the device is easier if it is that color, because otherwise the new company will have to repaint it, probably white for the reasons above, and this will cost extra.

Do you know why airplanes are usually white? 1

In addition to these motifs, white is a much easier color to detect visually if there is an accident, both at night and for example in a large body of water. This does not mean that "all" airlines paint their planes white, but it does explain why airplanes are white for the most part.

Do you know these reasons that explain why airplanes are generally white Do you know any more? Share it with us! If you want to know other curiosities about airplanes, we invite you to read the post: Why are airplane seats blue? This and more answers about them .

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