Discover what color psychology is and what it is used for

When we talk about the psychology of color, we refer to emotions. It is a kind of language that can make a person feel vitality, restlessness, wellbeing, pleasure, as well as other sensations. The psychology of color it is a universe that surpasses the world of marketing and that sometimes feeds on personal experiences, childhood and psychological symbolism that science has tried so many times to decipher.

Monet himself said he had become obsessed with the world of color, which had become both his joy and his torment. And it is that if for an artist it is not easy perceive the subtlety of each color and of each of its multiple combinations, it is even more complicated to know the way in which each tone influences each individual and their behavior.

The psychology of color: a pseudoscience for many people

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The psychology of color a pseudoscience for many people

Despite not knowing how each color impacts on the human being, the truth is that colors do influence people . So much so that many consider it a pseudoscience, and in a certain part it is true, since the color is related to personal experiences , with cultural differences and upbringing.

At the moment diverse studies are available in which the way in which the people react before certain colors or which are those most appreciated is explained. One of the most interesting books is the one written by Eva Heller, a prestigious sociologist, psychologist and professor of communication theory. In this book, which is the result of years of work, the most fascinating conclusions are shown, some of which even coincide with those of other research carried out before and after it.

The purpose of color psychology

The purpose of color psychology

It is known that color stimulates the brain in very different ways. In fact, formerly both the Chinese and the Egyptians they used the effects of color to heal and contribute to the development of a certain emotional state or consciousness.

In the past, too, artists have shown that they take care of the choice of colors: for the Egyptians, red was the reflection of the anger or fury of the hostile gods, of victory, of life and of the earth.

All colors have a meaning, all influence in a certain way in the brain , which means that they are not just an optical phenomenon. Thus, the psychology of color it has now become a fundamental tool for neuromercadotecnia.

Understanding how consumers react to certain colors can raise the purchasing index. This does not mean that its effect is infallible, but the truth is that there are similar reaction patterns that show that the psychology of color is very useful in the world of marketing.

The effect of color in the world of cinema and art

It should be noted the influence of color in the world of cinema and art. For example, David Lynch is a film director who tries to escape from logic and immerse himself in the universe of emotions through color, so in his productions he always uses contrasts between black and white . And according to Lynch, all these tonalities symbolize the evasion of the real world to that of dreams.

For his part, Vincent Willem van Gogh chose certain tones on purpose in order to reflect their emotional states through them. To give shape to his starry nights and his fields, he always used more vivid tonalities, such as blue and yellow.

Learn what some colors mean in the world of marketing

Taking into account the studies carried out by Eva Heller and the current work of Jennifer Aaker, a prestigious psychologist and Stanford professor who has carried out an analysis of the colors applied to neuromarketing , the following conclusions have been drawn about these colors:

The color blue is the most used in companies, as it is productive and non-invasive. In addition, it transmits a sense of confidence and security. It is not usually used to offer food products because it suppresses the appetite. The color red is also one of the most used in marketing because it draws the attention of consumers. This color is used to stimulate impulse purchases and appetite.

In the world of marketing The yellow color represents youth and optimism. It is used to call attention to those products that are placed in the showcases. Violet is used in beauty products. The color orange It is related to the enthusiasm for shopping. In marketing, the color pink is associated with romanticism and the world of children.

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