"Cry baby Lane" | The spooky movie that Nickelodeon hid from TV

Do you sound the name of Cry baby lane ? Possibly not. But, if you are fond of cult and scary movies and everything that has to do with missing films, mysterious VHS copies that appear out of nowhere and Melissa Joan Hart (the original Sabrina), you will be interested in continuing reading this article.

And there are movies, like Cry baby Lane , who receive the status of cult both for the plot (extremely inappropriate for an audience that is supposed to be young) and for the legend that surrounds them afterwards, when they disappear from our televisions and begin to look more like a legend than something we have really seen ...

"Cry baby Lane", the spooky movie that Nickelodeon hid from TV

Cry Baby Lane title

1. The legend

One afternoon in 2011, as it usually happens with most legends urban, on the Internet forums began to run a rumor. It started in an innocent way ("does anyone remember a strange movie called Cry baby lane ? "), But soon it began to gather strength and become a huge snowball.

Some remembered exactly the movie Nickelodeon, Cry baby lane , he broadcast the year 2000 on his channel, a few days before Halloween, presented by Melissa Joan Hart. Others denied it, saying that the movie never existed. It is even said that the channel denied its existence and that it was issued by accident , but then withdrew because of the complaints of thousands of indignant parents asking that the film never be broadcast again because it was too terrifying for children (remember that Nickelodeon is a children's channel).

Those who remembered the mysterious film spoke of Siamese twins separated brutally, of possessions, of children swallowed by tombs. Those who did not remember her asked for proof, but nobody had the film, until a user of Reddit found her on a VHS that she had recorded the night of her only pass.

2. The plot of the movie

Surely at this point you are wishing to know the argument of Cry baby lane . The story tells how a father of Siamese twins is so ashamed of his children that he keeps them hidden. One of them, like in almost all horror movies, is good and the other is bad.

Over time, the twins become ill and die. And the father, to keep his secret safe, separates their bodies with a rusty saw and buries one of them in the cemetery and the other in a shallow grave behind his house.

Many years later, in the year 2000, teenagers go to the cemetery, intrigued by a local legend that says you can hear a child crying , and try to contact the good twin. However, the plan does not go as expected, since the father was wrong and buried the twins in the grave of the other, with which the children release the spirit of the bad twin, who begins to possess the people of the town.

3. Controversial scenes

Cry Baby Lane TV

We are not going to tell you the end of Cry baby lane , but it is worthwhile to stop in some controversial scenes, which surely were responsible for the film to earn its cult status. Although in the final editing two scenes were eliminated (one in which someone took a bath and another with the head of a grandfather sewn to the body of a baby), the rest did reach the final assembly of the film.

Indeed, all the scenes that we have commented before appear in the movie . The vision of the children possessed, with the eyes in white, is frankly disturbing. But it is part of the magic of that time: those of us who grew up in the nineties have many traumas related to films that would be unthinkable today. What times!

4. The story behind Cry baby lane

The story of Cry baby lane , however, it is the most normal. Its director, Peter Lauer, was inspired by an urban legend in Ohio that said that if you approached a haunted farm at midnight, you could hear a baby crying. Nickelodeon produced the film (he hired even the great Frank Langella for one of the roles) and retransmitted it a few days before Halloween in the year 2000.

What happened then? It is not known for sure, but, in any case, it was not issued again until more than a decade later. Some say it was because of complaints from parents, who felt that the film was too terrifying for children. Others, like its director, claim that it simply got lost, or that they forgot about it.

Cry Baby Lane popcorn

In any case, the channel took advantage of the pull of the urban legend (if we get conspiranoicos, we can even think that the channel had something to do with this) to re-broadcast it on TV and if it did: he even announced a few days earlier that the movie had been "banned" and that it was "Nickelodeon's darkest secret" .

Currently it is not difficult to see Cry baby lane , a perfect option for a Saturday night where you want to see a cult movie. Although it did not have much budget, it has an undoubted charm that does nothing but increase by the legend that surrounds it, right? Tell us, have you seen this movie? Do you feel like seeing it? Remember that you can tell us everything you want, leaving us a comment!

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