Computers: 5 small programs that can improve your life

We use computers daily. Even when on vacation we can not avoid the temptation to use them, as they are key elements in our day to day according to what functions.

Daily application

Sometimes, these powerful machines start to malfunction, have problems or need a software repair. But, many of these situations are easily remedied. Therefore, today we want to comment on some small programs (in size) but very powerful in what they do.

These programs are recommended for all those who want to work efficiently with your computer and never worry about the most frequent problems of these machines, which as we have said, almost all are (to a greater or lesser extent) avoidable.

Computer programs

Small antivirus programs

We are accustomed to a program of antivirus and protection of our computer have a weight never less than 200 MB . If it's less than that, it's not worth it. We have become accustomed to that. Wrongly.

There are small programs that can fulfill the function of protecting our computers in an efficient and simple way, dispensing with all those tools that we may never use.

The first of them is SuperAntiSpyware, whose name leaves no doubt that we are facing an espionage virus protector, very common nowadays. .

In , they have a very interesting material on how to use it.
Another one that we can add to the list, and that can be used in partnership with the previous one, is McShield Anti Malware. In this case, this is a program that protects against malware, very useful if you usually connect mobile devices via USB, pen drive or external hard drives.

Both programs will consume less than 20% of what other antivirus programs need to function. The protection can even be superior.

Protect the eyes from the blue light

A constant in modern life are screens. On mobile phones, on television and, of course, on computers. Our eyes are exposed to the screens and their irradiation of light for many hours a day.

When we use the screens at night, its blue light is so powerful that it can irritate our eyesight, causing insomnia and very strong headaches. To avoid it, better to use a blue light blocker.

RedShift is one of the best tools for those who use free software, while f.lux is the ultimate tool for those who use Windows or MacOS.

Computer programs 3

Editing photos in a second

One of the digital tasks that more time demands is the edition of photographs.
And we do not all need a complex edition, with photomontages and so on. Often they are simple corrections, conversion from one format to another, resizing, and little else.

For all those small works of images, which separately would take a long time, nothing better than PhotoScape.

It is a program available for all operating systems, and it allows you to do all the mentioned works (and many others), but with the great option of editing in batches. That is, if you have 100 images to make the same correction, you will not have to do 100 times the same action, but do it once.

Taking notes will never be easier

Taking notes is one of the activities that we should all do every day. Do not do it often, it affects our work performance and our reconciliation of personal life, because we forget important things, because we deal with matters that are neither important nor urgent, and the weekend, instead of resting, we intend to collect everything.

OneNote and Evernote are just some of the options that currently exist.
You can make notes, purchase lists, complete projects, and the information is synchronized between all your devices (including Windows Phone), so you will never forget something important again.

Save the content to read it later

If you liked a page, the best thing you can do is save it in your favorites. But not in the browser, but with reading tools.

Pocket (Firefox), Instapaper or Feedly are tools with which you can select your favorite digital media, and have them sorted to read them whenever you want, even without connection.

We do not always have the time to read a content immediately. In that case, before "letting go", it is better to save it to read later. It is there where such tools show all their advantages.

Thus, using a computer and the internet can become a delicacy for your daily life . Problems not only have a solution, they are avoidable.

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