Colors Cakes: Features and Meaning

Pastel colors are a family of colors that have a low to intermediate saturation, and are generally described as light, washed, neutral or soothing. The most common pastel colors are light pink, yellow, blue, green and lavender.

In the United States they are often associated with spring and holidays such as Easter. Pastel tones are popular in fashion during the spring months.

What are the pastel colors

Different pastel colors have different meanings. For example, Blue Pastel symbolize peace and harmony, while the Greens Pastels represent hope, birth and renewal.

It is thought that the yellow Symbolizes joy and happiness, and pastel pink represents the game and a new beginning. The pastel colors are also widely used to represent everything that is associated with newborn babies (the design of their rooms, clothing, accessories).

Characteristics and psychology of pastel color

Pastel colors are often shades of color. Just add some white to a tone. Adding white not only raises the value, it also changes psychology. Generally they are considered as delicate, feminine and clean.

Cakes are generally used when talking about paints and usually involves a soft matte finish as well as pale colors (lighter, less saturated). "Vibrant"or perhaps"vivid"colors could be a kind of opposite for pastel colors.

There are color tools in art called"pastels"that are made of powder with low to medium saturation of color. A pastel color is produced from such means, a low to intermediate color saturation.

The pastel colors are excellent for combining flat design or other bold design options. The addition of a touch of pastel to the photograph makes the image more accessible and interesting.

The contrast of real photography with pastel graphics draws attention where it is most needed. The use of pastels with typography in bold, can really make the text stand out, especially if it is against a simple background.

Meanings of pastel colors

Color is a silent language, because color has a vibration, like music. Experimenting with color is an objective and subjective experience. The pastel colors evoke frankness and relaxation.

These shades are considered soothing and sometimes even equate with sanity. The pastel colors represent neutrality, they are peaceful and soft.

Neutral pastel color tones are very suitable for a room, a bedroom a bathroom or an office. The pastel green symbolizes security, nature, development, evolution, birth and tranquility.

Green has a deep emotional analogy with feelings of security. The pastel blue represents harmony and peace. For Feng Shui, pastel green represents family, nature and honor.

The cakes are less saturated than the primary colors, making them feel light, soft and soothing. They are always used in spring as they work well with neutral colors and create a sense of sophistication.

The white color used to achieve pastel colors represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness and openness. It can also be sterile and detach.


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