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Christopher Allen"Chris" S Ale (March 30, 1989), also nicknamed"The Condor", is an American professional baseball player. He currently plays for the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Chris Sale exhibits impressive numbers, so definitely his stardom has not been by chance. With an average of more than 10 batters fanned by every 9 tickets released, and a ratio of just one ticket for every 4 or 5 strikeouts, Sale manages to stamp his name next to stars like Pedro Martinez, being above him alone Randy Jhonson And Kerry Wood, immortal in the art of taking opponents to 3 strikes on the score.


It can be said that Chris Sale is an athlete whose attributes range from those shown by himself through their numbers, to the great praise he usually receives from both his rivals and the journalists who end up voting for him when it comes to selecting the Winners of the annual MLB awards.

Proof of this is that since since he settled in 2012 in The Majors, his name has always been on the list of pitchers eligible for the award, and has since ranked among the top 6 in the balloting year after year.

Official debut

His official debut was in 2010 when he was chosen in Draft for the second time, since Colorado had already selected him and the young man rejected the offer to continue throwing in collegiate baseball (NCAA) where it left impressive marks with record of undefeated pitcher.

By the time Chicago finally called him the big team, he was considered close to having only 3 key pitches, but his strikeout ability and his ability to dominate batters on both sides of the plate, combined with great stamina and ability to make many pitches, They ended up worth the position of opener.

It is important to note that the list of professional players who have debuted the same year who have been called by Draft selection has not reached 60, and one of them is the earliest pitcher we mention in this article. Another reason to believe that Sale is a chosen, a call to shine and to build a career of feats and triumphs.

Outsider controversy

But during his brilliant-and still up-to-the-career race, the youngster from Lakeland, Fla., Has been plunged into more than an extra-sport controversy that has not worked out well, costing him some unpopular popularity.

The first impasse that came to light was when the White Sox directive in Chicago decided to end the clause they had with the then active player Adam Laroche. The agreement, which was terminated by Chicago management, gave permission for Drake, the son of Adam, to accompany the team in the dogout.

Once that permission was revoked, Adam ended up resigning the team in a year that was already the last of his career, and in protest, Chris Sale displayed in his locker the shirts that father and son used with him Number 25.

The episode already made it clear that things between Chris Sale and Kenny Williams, the manager of the White Sox, were not going well, but the final straw that spilled the glass of water was the incident in which the ace monticular shattered several Shirts, including his and several teammates, with a scissors in the team's locker room minutes before starting a season game.

Chris Sale had already stated to the team's management that a certain shirt launched by them in a special Marketing campaign was too annoying. It was a shirt commemorating the first years of the team, which in the words of Sale's own colleagues, was hot and uncomfortable.

He leaves, furious when realizing that the equipment would not stop his campaign of marketing and publicity, and to his indignation to see that something publicity was above the comfort of the players, decided to lash using scissors, destroying not only his but also The shirt of more than one of his companions, which cost a suspension of 5 games and a fine of $ 250,000.

A player with a lot of momentum or just a bad boy?

The tantrum armed by Sale as a result of the situation with Laroche, and the outrageous episode with the shirts in the dressing room, have earned him a reputation as problematic.

But then we ask ourselves: Are we talking about a spoiled child, or a young man who hurts the team and is obsessed with winning a championship? Phrases like "I can not understand how a marketing issue is more important than winning," Suggest that if Sale is upset in these ways, it is frustration that causes anything that threatens his chances of winning, and that can be translated into something positive, seen in that way.

Change of stockings

After the incidents mentioned above, there were many rumors that Sale would leave the team, even though he himself would have publicly announced that if he depended on him, he would not have wanted to be changed. However, precisely because of its temperamental reputation, rumors indicated that the teams would not be willing to give the high price that the White Sox would demand in exchange for the controversial pitcher.

But all those theories crumbled when last week the Boston Red Sox announced they had hired Chris Sale in exchange for Yoan Moncada and other high-value prospects.

Sale's change was much more than colored in stockings. Moving from Chicago to Boston, Chris Sale moves from a mediocre performance team to one that finished with the best record last season.

But the most interesting thing about the change of air is that it seems that his winning attitude still stands and increasingly entrenched, because when asked what he thought of going to a team where perhaps he would not be the main ace as it was in Chicago (Rich Porcello of the Boston Red Sox just won the Cy Young award) the young man replied: "We play for a trophy, not for a label "Which again affirms the attitude and winning mentality and focus that Chris Sale has.

Despite being an apparently rebellious player who is not afraid to let management see his discontent, Chris Sale represented an interesting economic alternative for the Boston team. By switching to Moncada for Sale, the Red Sox switch to a rookie player who paid $ 60 million (nearly 30 per MLB fine by exceeding the allowed limit for signing bonuses to international players) by getting a proven ace, whose Contract described below:

Contract: 5 year (s) /, 500,000
Year Age salary Incentive total
2013 24 , 000 , 000 , 000
2014 25 , 500,000 , 000 , 515,000
2015 26 , 000,000 , 000 , 015,000
2016 27 , 150,000 , 000 , 165,000
2017 28 , 000,000 - , 000,000
2018 29 , 500,000 - , 500,000
2019 30 , 000,000 - , 000,000
2020 31 * The incentives for Sale, mostly due to achievements such as always being on the ballot for the Cy Young, and being chosen for the Star games.

Yankee Tamer

Beyond the alternative of getting rid of Yoan Moncada's salary, Sale represents for the Red Sox a valuable weapon against those who, in addition to being a direct divisional opponent, his eternal rival from ancient times when Babe Ruth was the main active image of baseball. Highest level; The Yankees of New York.

Chris's lifelines for the Bronx Bombers are as follows:

The Cattle Lost Effectiveness Innings released Ponches
10 (7 opener) 4 1 1.17 53.2 61

We would be talking about that for every nine innings thrown to the Mules, Mr. Chris Sale does not allow more than one run, striking out at least one batter at each inning. Does not that make him the pitcher that all Red Sox fans want to see the Yankees take on?

But the subject with the fans is delicate. They are already annoyed with Pablo Sandoval, better known as the Kung Fu Panda , Who by overweight lost his starting position last year and had to be operated on a shoulder, losing all season when he was only a year after arriving at the team after a multimillion dollar firm. Boston fans see in Sandoval's overweight a lack of seriousness and commitment to the team.

Now, knowing the problems with Sandoval, there is doubt as to how things can go between a fanaticada demanding, who does not have very pleasant experiences with the most recent multi-millionaire hiring, and a player who has just arrived at the team with a reputation as problematic.

But in that particular, and comparing it with Pablo Sandoval, we find an interesting difference: Chris Sale can eat what he wants!

Yes, Chris Sale is one of those fortunate athletes, very much like Michael Phelps, whose metabolism not only allows them but also requires the intake of high doses of calories. Chris Sale, being a fairly thin athlete who consumes a lot of energy, has a physique that gives him the benefit of being able to eat everything he wants without it affecting his physical form at all.

The name of Chris Sale reaches as far as the birds fly

Chris Sale is an exceptional baseball player whose name not only influences teams like Chicago or Boston, but his contract by the Red Sox now has deep concern for fans of the Toronto Blue Jays who did not wait for social networks, Lamenting that while his team is about to get rid of his best batter. Now they will also face a divisional rival whose main trio of pitchers will be formed by Sale, in addition to the stars and David Price and Rich Porcello, these last two winners of Cy Young award, that strangely has been made elusive to Sale.

Chris Sale is a pitcher who has not won the Cy Young award by mere chance, as he has always been very close. We are talking about a 27-year-old pitcher whose slider is such a lethal weapon that has ruined consecrated hitters like Tori Hunter or even Miguel Cabrera himself, one of the best with the club in recent years of the best baseball in the world .

Chris Sale in his young career already is a consecrated pitcher who has been selected for the game of stars in 5 consecutive opportunities, when barely 27 years old. His numbers, a faithful reflection of his phenomenal performance, point him as one of the best pitchers in the big leagues, placing his name next to the biggest. Let's hope your career continues as it goes and continues to give us luminaries.

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