Chance The Rapper: Biography and Career

Chance The Rapper , Whose real name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, is an American hip-hop rapper and artist born on April 16, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. Although his music is generally cataloged as hip-hop, Chance The Rapper combines hip-hop with R & B and the gospel to create his own musical rhythms.

His first mixtape"10 day"was released in 2002 when Chance was still a high school student. This first mixtape, which could be downloaded for free on the internet, catches the attention of Childish Gambino, who asks Chance to join his 2012 tour to do the opening act.


Chance began to gain a notable recognition after the release of his second mixtape,"Acid Rap"which was released in April 2013. In 2015, Chance The Rapper released his album"Surf", a work he did with his Band The Social Experiment and musical ally Donnie Trumpet, better known as Nico Segal.

In 2016 he worked with the experienced rapper Kanye West in"The Life of Pablo", and in May of the same year, he released his third mixtape called"Coloring Book". His latest project"Coloring Book"has been hugely acclaimed, obtaining 3 Grammy nominations in the best rap song for the song"No problem", best performance for his rap"No problem"and best rap album, for his production "Coloring Book".

Musical career

the beginning

Since he was a child, Chance The Rapper dreamed of venturing into the world of music. At age 14 he recorded his music for the first time in a studio in Chicago, where his cousin served as manager. But it was during his senior year of high school when he began his musical career.

When being suspended 10 days of the school, composed a series of songs that compiled in a mixtape called"10 day". The mixtape of 14 songs included songs that became very popular as"Windows","Juke Juke"and"Hey Ma". This first solo work was released on April 3, 2002, just after he separated from J-emcee, with whom he had a duo called Instrumentality.

After achieving considerable local success, Chance The Rapper manages to contact renowned producers such as Chuck Inglish, Kenny Jame $ and Blended Babies, who gave him great help early in his career.

Consolidation of your career

From the beginning of his career, Chance The Rapper decided to release his music at no cost and without the support of the record company. His first mixtape"10 day"caught the attention of Forbes magazine, who included this work in his section Cheap Tunes and in turn, Childish Gambino contacts Chance The Rapper and asks him to join his tour of the United States in the 2012.

With the release of his second mixtape"Acid Rap", Chance begins to gain a great recognition and due to this work, is nominated for best mixtape in 2013 at the BET Hip-hop Awards and was also included in several listings of the 50 Best albums of 2013. The mixtape"Acid Rap", gave Chance recognition throughout the United States. He was number one in the Top 10 Mixtapes of Rolling Stone magazine in 2013 and even reached number 63 on the R & B / Hip-Hop album list on the Billboard chart.

In 2015, Chance The Rapper launches"Surf", a project he made with his group, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, a work that was highly praised by critics.

2016 - current affairs

In 2016 he worked with Kanye West on his album"The Life of Pablo", helping him to compose 5 songs. These songs are"Ultralight Beam""Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1","Famous","Feedback"and"Waves".

His third mixtape"Coloring book"is Chance's most recent work and has been rated by critics as the artist's most mature and evolved work. In this production he mixes various rhythms such as electro soul, hip-hop, alternative rap, contemporary gospel with a live band and funky house. Chance The Rapper has collaborated with artists such as Justin Bieber, Madonna Kanye West, John Legend and Jay Z.

Musical influences

Chance The Rapper has musical influences from other rap and hip hop performers such as the established Eminem, Kanye West, Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar. The same Chance The Rapper credits Prince, James Brown and evangelical artist Kirk Franklin as their creative influences.


His work consists of 4 mixtapes:

- 2012: 10 Day

- 2013: Acid Rap

- 2013: Kids These Days & Chance The Rapper - Juke These Days

- 2016: Coloring Book

Singles and EPs

- 2013: James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper - Life Round Here

- 2013: Chance The Rapper x Nosaj Thing - Paranoia

- 2013: Back To School Pack EP

- 2015: Action Bronson Feat Chance The Rapper - Baby Blue

- 2015: Lil B x Chance The Rapper - Free Based Freestyles

- 2016: Snakehips Ft. Tinashe (2) & Chance The Rapper - All My Friends

-2016: John Legend Featuring Chance The Rapper - Penthouse Floor

Awards and nominations

  • BET Hip-Hop 2016 Award as best new hip-hop artist.
  • BET Hip-Hop 2016 Award for the best mixtape"Coloring Book".
  • Nominated for the BET Hip-hop 2016 award as lyricist of the year for his mixtape"Coloring Book".
  • Nominated to the Grammy award 2017 like better new artist by its mixtape"Coloring Book".
  • Nominated to the Grammy award 2017 like better interpreter of rap by its song"No Problem".
  • Nominated to the Grammy award 2017 like better interprete by its song"Ultralight Beam".
  • Nominated for the 2017 Grammy Award for best rap song"Famous".
  • Nominated for the 2017 Grammy Award for best rap song for his song"No Problem".
  • Nominated for the 2017 Grammy Award for best rap song for his song"Ultralight Beam".
  • Nominated for the 2017 Grammy Award for best rap album for his mixtape"Coloring Book".
  • Nominated for the MTV Video Awards 2016 for best hip-hop video for"Angels".
  • Win the mtvU Woddie award for best video of the year 2014 for his video"Everybody's Something".
  • Nominated for the NAACP Image Awards 2017 as animator of the year for"Life round here".
  • Nominated for the NAACP 2017 Image Awards for outstanding album with his album"Coloring Book".
  • Nominated for the NAACP 2017 Image Awards as Best Outstanding Artist for his album"Coloring Book".
  • Nominated to the NAACP 2017 Imagen awards as a new artist highlighted by his album"Coloring Book".
  • Win the Soul Train Music 2016 Best New Artist Award
  • Nominated for the Rhythm & Bars 2016 prize as best new artist for his song"No Problem".
  • Nominated to the prize Soul Train Music 2016 like better collaboration by its song"No Problem".

Social work

Chance The Rapper is not only a great talent emerging from rap music and hip-hop, he is very involved with charitable causes in his community and has actively fought to combat armed violence. He has collaborated in collecting money for his city, Chicago, has promoted along with his brother Taylor initiatives in the social network Twitter to try to help to stop the shootings in the streets of Chicago.

Chance The Rapper created, together with a non-profit organization, a project called"A Warm Winter 2016"to provide high-tech wraps to the destitute in Chicago. These high-tech coats called"EMPWR"are self-heating, water-resistant coats that can turn into sleeping bags, helping homeless people not die of hypothermia in the cold streets of Chicago during the winter months.

Personal life

Taylor Bennett, Chance's younger brother, is also an interpreter of rap music. His father, Ken Williams-Bennett is a politician and was an assistant to Chicago's mayor, Harold Washington, as well as then-Senator Barack Obama, whom he later worked to bolster his presidential campaign.

Chance's mother also works for the government in the Illinois Attorney General's office. In September of 2015, the first-born of Chance, Kinsley Bennett is born.

Relevant data

  • One of his closest friends, Rodney Kyles Jr., was stabbed and killed in front of Chance in a street fight. This fact inspired Chance to write"Acid Rain".
  • A 10-day high school suspension for smoking marijuana at school prompted Chance The Rapper to create his first mixtape titled"10 Day".
  • The album"The College Dropout"by Kanye West was the first rap album that Chance heard being a great influence for his music.
  • Childish Gambino discovered the first mixtape of Chance The Rapper and asked that it be his opening act on his tour of the United States in 2012. In this tour Chance won national fans, met important people of the music industry and him Gave the experience to start his own tour and present at the Lollapalooza festival in 2013.
  • Chance The Rapper has always been an independent artist and has refused to sign with a label.
  • Chance is the first artist to debut on the Billboard charts for live broadcast. This achievement is believed to be part of the reason the Grammy Awards have updated their standards to allow streaming artists to be nominated at the ceremony.
  • His mixtape"Acid Rap"recorded a record 50 thousand downloads in just one night.
  • In December 2015, Chance became the first independent artist to perform on Saturday Night Live.
  • In early 2016 Chance met with President Obama at the White House to discuss the criminal injustice that afflicts young African Americans.
  • Chance The Rapper has deliberately kept all of their music free so that fans can enjoy their songs without worrying about the money.
  • Chance The Rapper's net worth as of 2016 is one million dollars.

Chance The Rapper and social networks

  • Twitter: @chancetherapper
  • Instagram: @chancetherapper
  • Facebook:
  • Official page of Chance The Rapper :

Chance The Rapper is very active in social networks, almost all his ads make them through his Twitter account, where he has 2.5 million followers.

Chance quotes from The Rapper

  • "Depending on the story you are telling, you can relate to everyone or anyone. I try to tell the story of the whole world."
  • "Everyone is the all of someone."
  • "Something much better than having followers, is to fall in love with truth".
  • "Sometimes the truth does not rhyme."
  • "The perception of fame and success comes from group thinking."
  • "My favorite artist in the whole world is Michael Jackson, he revolutionized the look of the music video."
  • "Chance The Rapper is many things. I'm constantly evolving."

Best songs

  • 'No Problem' (Feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)

This song is one of the most acclaimed of the rapper. He won 2 Grammy nominations, a nomination at the Rhythm & Bars Awards in 2016 and a nomination for the 2016 Soul Train Music Award.

  • 'Sunday Candy' (Feat. The Social Experiment)

Theme extracted from the eclectic mix 'Surf' by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment. It's a very touching song that Chance dedicated to his grandmother.

  • 'Wanna Be Cool' (feat. Big Sean & Kyle)

Big Sean and West Coast rapper Kyle join Chance for an uplifting song about being yourself.

  • Angels

Chicago rapper Saba joins Chance for a song that has caused a sensation, the same is in the Grammy nominated mixtape 'Coloring Book'.

  • 'All We Got' (feat. Kanye West)

After collaborating on Kanye West's album 'The Life Of Pablo', the couple joined in creating one of Chance's best tracks.

  • 'Everybody's Something'

Some of Chance's best songs were released before his fame and 'Everybody's Something' is a perfect example. The Chicago rapper plays a theme with an introspective view of love.

  • 'Smoke Break' (Feat. Future)

One of the highlights of the mixtape 'Coloring Book'. The track is full of all the features that make Chance a great performer: his lyrics, his soft voice and contagious melody.

  • 'Family Matters'

Chance became father for the first time in 2015 and celebrated it with a special remix of Kanye West's 'Family Business' song.

  • 'Mixtape' (Feat. Young Thug & Lil Yachty)

One of the most important tracks in Chance's mixtape 'Coloring Book' is collaboration with Young Thug and rapper Lil Yachty.

  • 'Hey Ma'

It is a theme of the year 2012 dedicated to his mother.

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