Cats and Magic | 20 Curiosities about their relationship

It is no secret, that all the history has been related to the cats and magic . Perhaps, the beginning of this relationship is a mystery that is not entirely clear. Most folklore presented these animals as the favorite pets of witches. At one time, in which they were very persecuted cats always had a relationship with them.

Another reason may be the mysterious nature and appearance of these animals. The black cat, enjoys a lot of negative popularity among the most superstitious people. In this article of Supercurious We invite you to take a tour of the whole story so you can know the most relevant curiosities about cats and magic. Uncover them!

Cats and Magic | 20 Curiosities about their relationship

1. Generically, the relationship between cats and the human being is very old since it is said that they have kept us company more than 9,000 years .

2. Saint Patrick, a saint who is venerated in many Anglo-Saxon regions and patron saint Ireland , He expelled all the cats from the country because of the relationship they had with dark magic practices.

3. Many of these animals were burned at the stake together with their owners since people considered them evil spirits.

4. In the Scandinavian countries, cats and magic were also very close. The feline was the protector of the home and the food of the same, in fact, they used to be the guardians of the whole family .

5. The cats and magic duality already comes from Ancient Egypt, in those times it was considered a cats as gods . The Egyptians placed statues of this animal in the door of their homes to scare away evil spirits.

cats and magic

6. So important were the cats in Ancient Egypt, that anyone who ended the life of one of them would have to face death penalty . In addition to saving much mourning when a cat died.

7. In medieval times, people were convinced that cats were more than just companions of witches. They believed that they had the power to become this type of feline .

8. As we have commented previously, cats and magic are still very much related today. Not in vain, superstitious people believe that crossing a black cat causes bad luck .

9. Skeletons of cats have been found in the basement of emblematic buildings in London. This is because it was thought that bury cats in the foundations It would serve to protect them forever.

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10. Some people think that simply stroking the back of a cat will leave the bad vibrations of the body as if by magic.

11. According to popular belief, cats have many Psychic powers . They get to connect both their owners, who can guess when they are about to get home.

12. Cats have so much power and mysticism that the saying that they have seven lifes or that they always fall on their feet without taking into account the height of the fall. Without any doubt, magical powers.

13. A very curious fact that has to do with cats and magic is that Plague It spread very fast throughout Europe, since the carriers of the disease were the rats that could have been eradicated by the cats had their numbers not decimated so much in the trials for witchcraft .

14. They easily detect the magnetic fields and presences of the beyond that escape human beings.

15. Throughout the history of film and literature there have been innumerable references between cats and magic. Some of the latest times may be Crookshanks that was Hermione's cat in the movies of child magician Harry Potter or Salem , Sabrina's cat.

cats and magic 2

16. Black cats are considered more magical and powerful because that color helps to retain energy or magic , while the white repels it.

17. There was a popular belief that it was said that after exhausting the last of its seven lifes , the cat becomes a human being.

18. The so-called " Sixth Sense" of the cat, one of the few animals that possesses this powerful sensibility.

19. When a cat rubs his hands, it does not only mean that he is looking for food but that he is sharing the magic with its owner.

20. People who engage in any paranormal activity have prohibited the entry of cats to the same room in which they are developing this activity, because they consider that the power of the cat could eclipse their work.

As you may have noticed after reading this article about cats and magic, these animals are much more powerful and admired than you thought before. If you want to leave your impressions, experiences or reflect what are the characteristics of the cats that have surprised you the most, we are always willing to read your comments. Do not hesitate to write us!

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