Burnout or Burnout Syndrome: 7 Steps to Fight It

He Burnout syndrome or Burn syndrome It is a set of symptoms suffered by professionals, mainly in the service sector, characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and feelings of not feeling professionally fulfilled.

The burnout syndrome causes the worker to feel exhausted What causes Psychosomatic disorders .

In addition, they begin to be insensitive and hostile towards their peers and relatives so that other interpersonal problems occur.

Burnout Syndrome

Finally, not feeling professionally made, causes workers to lose interest in their functions, lowering their involvement and performance.

Causes of Burnout Syndrome

The main cause is the direct contact with the customers of the service sector ; Identification with their problems, handling complaints, Control emotions , All of which are sources of stress Experienced by professionals. Therefore, its origin is the workplace although it is facilitated by other personal factors.

What workplace factors help burnout to appear?

  • Work environment : Noises, heat, hygienic conditions, space are conditions that help to appear burnout because they generate us stress and the prolonged stress in the work gives rise to burnout. Others, already linked to the position are night work, dangers, work overload...
  • Conflict of roles, interpersonal relations and career development : Role conflict is called when we are not clear what is expected of us at work, which helps to produce burnout. On the other hand, the lack of cohesion among peers, only formal relationships, or aggressive peers and bosses are factors that will also help, as will the lack of opportunities to grow within the company.
  • Conflicts with technology .

What personal factors help burnout?

  • Sociodemographic characteristics : Younger people are more vulnerable because they are inexperienced, as are single and childless.
  • Personality : Competitive, impatient, intolerant, with low self-esteem,
  • People who try Solve your problems actively Have fewer feelings of burnout. This is called problem-focused coping strategy.
  • Lack of social support .

Some of their consequences Are: psychosomatic problems, absenteeism, negative attitude , Decreased performance, frustration or worse customer service.

How do we fight it?

1) Create social support In and out of work.

2) Recognize Stress So that it can be dealt with effectively.

3) Relax with free time Practice relaxation techniques , Walk, practice some sport, go to the gym, yoga classes...

4) Improve your self-esteem : Believe in yourself, feel confident and confident, enjoy your successes and failures.

5) Communicate effectively : Show yourself calm and relaxed, show that you listen to the other person, ask for their opinion, speak in the first person (I feel...), look for the points according to the other person, reproach respectfully and concretely, Prevent them from manipulating you, reach a solution that benefits both parties and do not focus the conflict on a personal level.

6) Plan your work by managing time and prioritizing .

7) Have initiative and encourage after-work group meetings : Parties, birthdays, tapas...

And what are you doing to face the burnout syndrome?

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