Barney Stinson's 90 Best Phrases

90 Quotes by Barney Stinson , The charismatic character of the famous series How I Met Your Mother in Spain, How I Met Your Mother in Spanish America.

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Barney Stinson's 90 Best Phrases

1- Boys, great news I am the new leader of the band!

2- Lesson number one: take off that beard, it does not go well with your suit. Lesson two: get a suit. The suits are great, to show a button.

3- Put on a suit Mr. Mosmeb

4- I wear costumes and am amazing.

5- It was not always as amazing as I am today.

6- My life is the best. Money, women, sex. These are tears of joy.

7- You miss a lot of amazing things. You will be home with the baby while I will be in the street astonishing the whole place.

8- I am astonishing.

9- Costume of diamonds.

10- I never imagined that tonight would be so AMAZING!

11- It was so amazing that the coach told me to resign because it was not fair to the other kids.

12- In the place where my shame should be, there is another layer of astonishment. A true story.

13- Every time I start to feel sad, I stop being sad and start to feel amazing. A true story.

14- That was not me, that was the universe.

15- Please do not cajole me, I do not want to be slapped again.

16- This will definitely go on my blog

17- Notices we went out looking for one thing but found another.

18- I feel so flooded. You've been reading my blog.

19- The only reason to wait 1 month to have sex is if the girl is 17 years and 11 months old.

20 Think of me as a Yoda. Only instead of being small and green, I wear suits and am amazing. I'm your Bro, I'm your Broda!

21- Ted - Evelynn - Mosbeb

22- I've been Ted's best friend for seven years. Feel years!

23- I am your best friend. I am the most important person in your life.

"Oh, you're really Ted's best friend. And I'm a draw too!

"I thought I was your best friend." Ted, say I'm your best friend.

26- As your best friend I want to propose that we play a game that I call Hey! Do you know Ted?

27- Do you like magic?

28- Do you want to see a magic trick?

29 - Canada, you did it again. Why? Why do we let you remain a country?

30- Each year I bring a second costume to the carnival in case I ruined it with a girl who is good. That way, I have another chance to make a good impression.

31- Papi is at home

"Who's your daddy?"

33- What's new?!

God, it's me, Barney. What's New?! I know we do not talk many, but a lot of girls say your name thanks to me. Because I'm amazing.

"You can not call her." You have to wait three days to call a woman. That's the rule.

36- Sorry you can repeat that. I do not speak the language"I never get to sleep with the girl"

37- Jesus. Jesus invented the three-day rule and it was amazing. If I had revived the first day many people would not even have believed that he died.

38. Give me five!

Mental give me those five!

40- Hypothetical give me five!

41. Give me those five to myself!

"Give me those five furious!"

43. Do you judge a human being by a simple superficial characteristic? That's racism and I do not deal with racists.

"We should get a bar.

45- Classroom wrestling tomorrow morning

46- You're talking to the 2011 Lasers Fight Champion

47- Challenge Accepted

48- Nobody, that is, no one could get to sleep with a girl if she dresses with this... Challenge accepted!

49. Guys, I have a very bad news. I, Barney Stinson, can not get to bed with a girl when I talk like a child. Challenge not fulfilled.

50- Challenge completed

"Whatever the girl is pointing at right now, that's the one I'll take to my apartment tonight.

52 - Barney Stinson is back on the market. Mothers, mark your daughters and pass safely to their chastity belts.

Why does this happen to me? No, it is not karma. She is working as a nudist in las vegas, and we get along well.

54- Barney Stinson has to do what is right for Barney Stinson's penis.

55- This ladies and gentlemen is... The book.

56- The book contains each and every one of the strategies, lies, list of resources and any other method that I use and have ever used to get to sleep with a girl.

57. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your husband and wife are having an affair together. I have a list of all the things they do to satisfy themselves in bed. I wish there was a way to pay them with the same currency for everything they do.

Trust me, this is going to be legendary.

59- This is going to be LEGEN - wait - DARIO! LEGENDARY!

60- Now let's go in there and tell them the story of how we beat these guys, we're all going to believe the story and they're all going to bed me again. It's going to be Legendary!

61- And that's why nothing and no one, not even God (so bearded I said it) is going to get in the way tonight is LEGEN - wait - DARIA IT WOULD!

62. You have every night! Legendary!

63- How do you prevent a girl from becoming your girlfriend? Simple: using the same rules that are used to care for gremlins. One: Do not let them get wet, that is, do not let them bathe in your house. Two: Do ​​not let them give you sunlight. I never see a girl during the day. And three: do not feed them after midnight. I never let a girl stay at my house for breakfast.

"Marshal, now that Robin and I have been together, I have learned a great deal by seeing you. You are a terrible couple.

"And then I left. 100% cash, they can not fight you if you're not there. It's what Gandhi does.

There are so many things that can be done with the human mouth. Why waste time talking?

"Since I was dating Robin there's something I do not use as much as I'd like. It is large, surprisingly heavy, somewhat leathery and black.

"I think I feel like small breasts tonight.

69- Do you know? If they are not careful, they will lose me.

70- Which of these girls do you think looks silly?

71- Ted let me be clear, that girl is poison and you need to get her out of your life forever!

72- Ok, my plan was to go to bed with her but this changes everything. Me Barney Stinson, I'm going to bed her!

73- I never take bad pictures, I never did and never will.

It's physically impossible for me to take a bad picture. I do not know why, ask God.

"No, no, no, do not let me tell you! It's my story.

76- People do not like to know that they were lied to, because if they find out, then they will only have a story that was beautiful and was ruined by the truth.

77-31! I was happy, I was really happy thinking that I had slept with a girl of 28 who had unresolved issues with Daddy.

78- So I was doing it with this Portuguese contortionist and I swear that there was a moment when he was on me and under me at the same time Up and down give me those five!

Okay, let's do this. I'll stay with her until she's forty and you have her the rest of the time.

80- You leave me no choice... if you dare to have a girl, then, the day she turns 18 BANG!

81- Please tell me you're not seeing emotional series... the emotional series is the biggest stone in the way of the most fabulous American sport of all!

82- Guys, we're forgetting what's really important here: Ted rubbed his hair.

Wow, Ted! I'm so happy for you. Sorry. Happy not to be you.

84- Ladies and gentlemen, the MacLarens bar has hired a red-hot bar tender

Friends, I've been with many women in my day. Teachers, poets, doctors, professional equestrians, beginner equestrians... a butcher, a baker, a candle maker, a map gauge, a tax consultant, a wedding consultant... a puppeteer, a bookkeeper, ...

"It's a truth you can not deny, nothing fits me better than a suit."

87. Did you end up with a pornstar? Friendship is over FRIENDLY FINISHED!

88. Fish and girls have something in common. Both are attracted to bright objects. You never read my blog, right?

Come on, do not hate the player, hate the game.

"I'm tired of the whole business of being in the bar, of the one night thing. I'm looking for my soulmate, someone I can love and with whom I can snuggle... at least that's what my profile says.

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