Anna Zayachkivska: Biography and Career

Anna Zayachkivska Is a Ukrainian model who was chosen as Miss World Ukraine in 2013. She participated as a volunteer in Euromaiden demonstrations in 2014. She is currently undergoing a divorce process with the businessman Gianluca Cervara.

Born on 12 December 1991 in Ivano Frankivsk, she is currently regarded as one of the most influential people in Ukraine for representing her nation in a beauty pageant.


In addition, she has been a volunteer in demonstrations against the government of that country in 2013 and 2014.

Childhood and Adolescence

Anna is part of a family of six with her two grandparents, parents and an older sister. His grandmother is the most influential person in her to consider her as a wise person in his way of acting and thinking.

Zayachkivska belongs to the Christian Church Enmanuel, being very remembered by her her childhood and the great family reunions made organized by this community. In Ukraine it is more common Ukrainian Greek-Catholic religion, separated from the Roman catholic more than a thousand years ago.

He had an important role in the play Beyond Pain , Who played in his hometown of Ivano-Frankivsk. He also belongs to the choir of his church, likes art and loves to write songs and poems. In an interview he says that he considers himself a very spiritual person thanks to the education provided by the church (, 2015).

At age 17, Anna began her university career at the School of Art of the National Precarpathetic Vasyl Stefanyk University. It is considered one of the best universities in Western Ukraine (Ukraine Today, 2016).

He graduated from the university with a degree in Iconography, specializing in religious art. Zayachkivska describes it as"the art that brings you closer to the unexplored. You have to be of pure heart and soul, to be in harmony with yourself to be able to do it well"(In Love Magazine, 2016).

Miss World Ukraine and professional career

She was crowned as the representative of her country in the Miss World 2013 at the Fairmont Hotel in Kiev. The controversy of the event was generated when being the first one to be done behind closed doors and without television (Global Beauties, 2013).

Zayachkivska claims to be fortunate to have been crowned Miss World Ukraine and to be the representative of her country in the Asian contest, being all a personal experience that made her grow as a modeling professional (UA Modna, 2013).

After the beauty pageant, Anna has worked in international modeling agencies such as Wilhelmina Models in New York and, for two years, in Next Models Milan. In Italy he has collaborated with renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Philosophy, Tod's Les Blue Copains, Anteprima and Armani among others (In Love Magazine, 2016).

In 2014 she participated in a project called"Mudo", which sought to raise awareness about the dignity of women and their contributions to the protests of the Euromaidan revolution, which led to the change of government in that country (Firtka News Agency, 2015).

Zayachkivska says he wants to create an art school of charity and support projects around education, medicine and the environment. It does not hide its interest to continue working in the world of the fashion, but confessed that it has in its objectives a second university title, in bioethics or psychology.

It has humanistic references to Mother Teresa of Calcutta,"an example to follow in acts of charity and aid to the most needy human being", as Anna says. As a reference in the world of fashion is Angelina Jolie, not only for her physical beauty but her interest in supporting the neediest (, 2015).

Protests and Ukrainian Revolution of 2014

At the end of November 2013 EuroMaidan protests against the Ukrainian government began. Anna volunteered, serving hot coffee and tea to the protesters. In addition, he worked in a care center preparing food and caring for the wounded of the protests.

He also managed for a time the site that functioned as recipient of donations for the Ukrainian cause (Ukraine Today, 2016).

Zayachkivska says she has rejected many agreements and contracts, but she does not regret anything because she helped other people who needed her more. Following the change of government in Ukraine, she resumed her run on the runways (, 2015).

Marriage, separation and present life

In December of 2015 he married Gianluca Cervara, an Italian businessman. Seven months later, after an altercation in Milan, Zachkviska disappeared without a trace. Her last words to Cervara were that she needed fresh air. After disappearing began an intense search to find the Ukrainian model.

Later, through its profile in the social network Instagram, it was known that Anna was in New York. One of her lawyers claimed that she was being mentally and spiritually harassed by her husband (La Repubblica, 2016).

Later, it was learned that it was not the first time Zachkivska had fled from her violent husband. The first fled to her parents' home in Ivano-Frankivsk. Cervara convinced her to return to Italy with promises of couple therapy but did not fulfill them.

The drop that poured the glass for Anna was when, being sick, he just took her out of the room, without any kind of delicacy. He reacted by taking a train to Rome and then a plane to New York. There he began working at the Ukrainian Catholic University he met two years earlier (The Sun, 2016).

Shortly afterwards, Cervara accused her of failing to abide by her marriage agreement, as Anna had stolen close by and her phone when she left Milan (Daily Mail, 2016).

She responded to these accusations by arguing that before leaving she left a farewell letter, all her paintings, jewelry and engagement ring and then called to tell her that she was in New York. In Zachkivska's words"he just tried to stain my name because I left him."

She does not currently work in modeling because she does not have a work visa. She lives with a friend on the outskirts of New York, away from a Penthouse In Milan full of amenities. However, she asserts that she does not change him because of the freedom with which she currently lives (The Sun, 2016).

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