Andy Warhol's 80 Best Phrases

I leave you more than 70 Andy Warhol Phrases , Artist and filmmaker of the United States and considered the father of "Pop art".

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Andy Warhol Phrases

1-As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.

2-The idea is not to live forever, is to create something that will.

3-It is not what you are that counts, it is what you think you are.

4-Beauty is a sign of intelligence.

5-Communicating is a fairly simple art. What can be devilishly difficult is to make people listen to you.

6-Making money is art and work is art and good business is the best art.

7-People should fall in love with their eyes closed.

8-I do not want to be intelligent, because being intelligent depresses you.

9-The land is really is the best art.

10-Everyone needs a fantasy.

11-If you're not trying to be real, you do not have to do it right. That is art.

12-Pay no attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

13-Commercial art is much better than art for art.

14-I want to be a machine.

15-I am a deeply superficial person.

16-I think everyone should be nice to everyone.

17-I wonder if it is possible to have a love story that lasts forever.

18-They always say that time changes things, but in fact you have to change them yourself.

19-An artist is someone who produces things that people do not need to have.

20-I think it would be fantastic if everyone was the same.

21-No matter how slow you go while you do not stop.

22-I'm afraid to feel happy because it never lasts.

23-The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that are never found.

24-I can not understand why I've never been an abstract expressionist, because with my trembling hand I would have become a natural artist.

25-In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.

26-Pop art is for everyone.

"Why do people spend their time being sad when they could be happy?"

28-Art is what can get away with.

29-I think everyone should like everyone.

30-I never think people die. They only go to department stores.

31-I am a particularly passive person. I accept things as they are. I just look, I watch the world.

32-If you want to know everything about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and movies and there I am. There is nothing behind.

33-I do not know where the artificial stops and where the real starts.

34-I like boring things.

35-The most beautiful in Florence is the McDonalds restaurant.

"I want to die with my jeans on."

37. I believe in the dim lights and mirrors trucados.

38-Awakening, is the maximum that can be asked of people. Waking up and getting out of bed.

39-The country gives you everything you need, until you need more.

40-I do not believe in death because one is not present to know that, indeed, it has happened.

41-When you think about it, department stores are a kind of museum.

42-The gracious I am, the more people think I'm lying.

43. Sexual abstention is like a tree with deep roots and that gives good fruits.

44-If everyone is not beautiful, then no one is.

45-I'm afraid if you look at something long enough, it loses all its meaning.

46-Advertising is like eating peanuts. Once you start you can not stop.

47-Every painting is a fact: the paintings are loaded with their own presence.

Being good at business is the most fascinating type of art.

49-Buying is much more American than thinking, and I am the height of American. People in Europe like to trade. Americans are not so interested in selling. What they really like is to buy.

50-One has to do things that ordinary people do not understand because those are the only good things.

"I've decided something: to trade really stinky things. They would soon become successful in a massive market that really stinks.

"I never wanted to be a painter; I wanted to be a tap dancer.

53-Why do people think that artists are special? It's just another job.

54-I have a social disease. I have to go out every night.

55-The world fascinates me.

56-Inspiration is television.

57-I do not see anything wrong with being alone, it feels very good to me.

58. I hate museums because it makes important things look really meaningless.

"I just ran out of ideas."

"I just give them a reason for the magazine cover and then I run out to hide again.

Most of my time is trying to wake up in the morning.

62-I spend most of my time working. And work is what inspires me to follow.

"I always wanted to see things one way, I never thought I'd end up becoming this.

"I'm just trying to make people remember those people for what they really were.

65. I want people to remember that for what they worked and worshiped. These common objects of the day to day.

66- I do not want to make the world a self-destructive place, I just want to make it better.

67. I want people to buy my work, analyze it, study it, conserve it, and then sell it.

I think everything should be recycled, even my art.

69- All my movies are comedy.

70- We went out to buy some meat in California, I bought a camera and that's how my movies started.

71- I do not call myself a director, it's the film that directs itself.

72- I have decided to make only conventional films, with many, many plants.

73- I consider that any photograph taken by a camera is good.

I think I just read a lot of comics, so it all came.

76- It is complex to reflect things as they are today and the way they really happen.

"I think women are better than men.

78- The city is much better in summer.

"I do not say bad words.

80- I always liked the old"Factory". There was better vibes there.

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