Ancient Egyptian dance | 10 Curiosities of these ancient dances

Between the Ancient Egyptian customs we found diverse activities to which the members of this civilization were dedicated, like source of income or method of entertainment, being the dances part of these last ones. The ancient Egyptian dance has interesting curiosities that today we will share , so you can understand more about the culture of this ancient civilization that was so important to history.

The ancient Egyptian dance is classified according to the number of individuals that participate in it, being the most important categories the dancing couples and the group dances . In addition, it is important to note that these individuals used to have parties where the inhabitants of a particular area congregated to perform the Egyptian dances of which we will speak today.

10 Curiosities of ancient Egyptian dance | What was it like? Who practiced it? Where was it performed? And more

1. One of the main curiosities of ancient Egyptian dance is that this never performed in pairs of different genders , therefore, it was common to observe women dancing with women and men dancing with men.

2. The places where the dances were usually performed publicly were in religious temples, although if a person of the elite celebrated a dinner in their house, some were usually invited. dancers to liven up the party or, instead, slaves were forced to perform these dances.

3. The ancient Egyptian dance was made from the melodies that were emitted by the musical instruments of the time , that is, the guitars, harps and flutes.

Ancient Egyptian dance

4. Unlike other customs, ancient Egyptian dance was a practice performed only by the lower classes. It was very frowned upon that the Egyptians of the upper classes danced in public places.

5. The costume that they used to use when practicing dances was: in the case of women, Egyptian dresses ; and men, skirts with scarves. Both used to wear many accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Only in some opportunities women practiced ancient Egyptian dance with scant clothing , leaving parts of his body exposed.

Ancient Egyptian dance 1

Limestone painting of topless Egyptian dancer, Egyptian Museum of Turin, Italy

6. Of course, the makeup of Ancient Egypt also plays a fundamental role in the appearance of the dancers, since these they outlined their eyes to make them more expressive .

7 Ancient Egyptian dance was common in funerary acts . In these cases, the dancers performed rituals and certain postures to pay homage to the deceased. The Egyptians had the belief that life exists after death, so there was a party with a banquet when someone died, all so that the dead would come to the afterlife with an abundance of happiness.

8. The in years They were highly requested at parties and other celebrations to perform the dances and entertain the pharaohs or the elite.

Ancient Egyptian dance 2

Bronze sculpture "Dwarf dancing", Walters Museum, Maryland, United States

9. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article about the curiosities of ancient Egyptian dance, these dances used to take place in public festivities . Specifically, they were common in the Opet Party , where acrobatic dances were performed; the Feast of Min, which included monkeys at dances; and, finally, the Feast of the Nile flood, which took place at the arrival of the New Year.

10. In addition to the dances mentioned above, in the Old Egypt It was common for what was known today as war dance , where movements similar to a fight are carried out, always accompanied by music and interesting costumes.

Ancient Egyptian dance 3

Did you know all this about ancient Egyptian dance? If not, let us know in the comments area which of the shared curiosities you found most interesting. Also, if you want us to investigate about a specific topic of Egyptian culture, we invite you to contribute your idea, we will gladly read and we will get to work to inform you about it!

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