95 Royal Gypsy Curse

The Gypsy curses Can psychologically affect people to the point of causing them to materialize.

The Roma people or gypsies as they are mostly known, is a people who came to Europe by the Balkans in the 14th century from Northwest India, Despite having been a nomadic people, their culture and language have remained intact , As well as their traditions and beliefs.

Gypsy curses

From the time of the Byzantine Empire it is linked to the gypsies with the art of divination, healing through herbs and entertainment. Gypsies have always believed that the power of the word has the power to shape destinies, so the gypsies have used the power of the word to threaten and take advantage of superstition.

Many believe that gypsies have spiritual powers and psycho-kinetic powers such as precognition, empathy , Telekinesis, retrocongnition and astral projection. Gypsy magic can be incredibly beneficial as well as harmful and it is through evil spells or cosmic decrees of much power that are used as revenge before an iniquity causing harmful changes.

Gypsy curses are often said to be effective, occur quickly, occur in a concrete way and are very difficult to reverse, although there are also ways to get rid of a Gypsy curse.

Gypsies believe that their spells, curses and rituals lose power if they are revealed so it is difficult to access Gypsy curses but there are examples of daily Gypsy curses of which we have some examples:

1-You should eat the bones of my dead!

2-The devil will take you!

3-This bread will blind you!

4-The earth will devour you!

5-The devil will eat his good luck!

6-Wolves will eat you!

7-Evil end have your body, may God see you in the executioner's hands and dragged like snakes, starve you, dogs eat you, bad ravens take your eyes, Jesus Christ send you a scabies A dog for a long time, that if you are married, your wife will put on your horns, that my eyes will see you hanging from the gallows and that I should be the one to pull you off your feet, and that the devils take you body and soul to hell.

8-Let bad luck chase you and make everything go wrong.

9-That you suffer twice as much as you have made me suffer.

10 -God grant that the dogs make a feast of your bones!

11-Let hell inhabit you. May the rain dodge you and your thirst be eternal. May the light not touch you. That knowing you blind the imagination is denied you.

12-That you depend on another for any movement and even your smallest gesture have an unpromised master who decides for you. That the tears get infatuated inside your eyes and although the pain you are saddened do not want to fall. But, above all, that the heart widens to you, that you feel it grow in your chest and you have no choice but to love.

13-Pleitos have and you win.

14-Badly have you and your love!

15-Let the flesh fall to pieces!

16-Mal cancer enters you.

17-Let the destruction eat you!

18"Let God make dogs to feast with your bones!

19"I give you your name, your house, and all your descendants!

20-Your brain will sprinkle, and I will pick it up in my handkerchief.

21-The curse of the altar: It is a curse made to the bride in the moment that she is contracting marriage on the altar:"You will never have descendants and you will not be able to be happy since the separation will soon arrive"

We can find examples of gypsy curses in the musical repertoire of the gypsies of Andalusia. From the evening of San Juan in Seville (picture of Andalusian customs in verse, 1847) by José Sánchez Albarrán:

22- Scene IV:

"Let the gossip eat me If I do not want it already, Little glory in papers, Garden sowing and carnations"

23- Scene XII:"Is it not worth it? Cursed be the thief: God willing To hair a scorpion"

24-Scene XI: Dieg. How are you? With what on my back I used to go... I will ring the bullerengue; He dies uncle to the uniforms

In the birth of the mountains of Jose Sanz Perez are also verses with Gypsy curses:

25- Scene III:"Allow a divé from the sky Let the gossip eat you!"

26- Scene VI: "Cab. I leave and I'm ready Have your ears ripped Twenty gossiping raves. Mardicion"

The one of another person dresses of Jose Sanz Pérez (1849):

27- Scene IV: "God grant, if you were to tell me, May the serene sea fill you, And if I'll help you Pass by the same penalty"

28- Scene X: "Piq. Première se sielo That you see, for a divé, With erico by er soil The same as a chusqué"

From Uncle Caniyitas or El Mundo Nuevo de Cádiz (Spanish comic opera of 1850) by José Sanz Pérez:

29- Scene III: Pep. [...] "Pretend the heavens That any day you want Your little girl I told you to go And raging dead"

30- Scene III: Pep. [...] "Véte, mardesía, Premiere a divé Bread ask you Your probes, little children And be without him"

31- Scene V Catan. [...] "Oh! If I have lied to you Do not see the lú; Let me see my foot Prisoner and without health."

In Spanish literature there are also examples of Gypsy curses. In the"collection of cantes and flamingos"we can find soleares where abounding gypsy curses. Soleares of three verses:

32-Go get a shot, / You'll miss a person / And I will not look at you in the face.

33-Go and get a shot; / Do not mess with anyone / What you've joked with me.

34-Go get a shot; / That to the night is the night / I do not want to jablá with you.

35-Go and get a shot; / Never try like thunder: / With that live esperansa.

36-Go and get a shot... / With porbora and my eyes / And bullets and my sighs.

37-Come and get a shot, / That the rules will break you, / For what you've done with me.

38-Abujitas and pins / Le clabaran to my nobia / When the yamo and not well.

39-Al regorbé e corner / Give you a dagger / That neither Santrio resibas.

40-When I look for you berry, / The eyes are piled / Like granites and ubas.

41-If I drop a bullet, / Leave my mother-in-law for a half-year / Why it gives me a bad name.

43-If I fall a lightning bolt... / Of those who go to ilesia / From fourteen to fifteen years.

44-Der sielo benga er punishment / That you deserve your person / For what you have jecho with me.

45-Mar shot give him to die / To that one who tube the bow / That I would use.

46-Bad puñalá beat you, / That you t'has rebelaito / Tas behave as who you are.

47-Do not come to me with songs, / Mala puñalá give / Ar regorbé e caye.

48-God grant you to be / Juan Domínguez, / Jala-Jala and Juan Oreja.

49-God grant that you will behave / Taking out water and a dill / And with a cube you can not.

50-That he pricks and cangrena / The mouth with which you quarrel / The hand with which you hit me.

51-You left and you put me, / Mar fin have the callos / That of your mare you mamastes.

52-Thou governest thou me; / Walk, sea thrash you, / Who doth give thee this command?

53-Your body has a sea of ​​end; / The ropes of a berdugo / You serve and corbatin.

54-Give yourself a shot and kill yourself / As I know you dibiertes / Another gaché with your cante.

55-Give you a dagger; / But no, stop language, / That I want it rigulá.

56-I give you a dagger; / Tóo er mundo and you get, / I could not get na.

57-You have died with the pain / That the shirt in your body / You have and gorbé cangrena.

58-Give you a dagger / That er Stop Santo e Rome / You can not cure it

Curses in the Gypsy Seguiriyas:

59-Anda companera, / Let the sielos / That with the knife to kill me you want / You die your first.

60-Bad money and what money is the cause / That you get them from whom I camel / Do not be in my house!

61 -May be my dream / That I have slept so long / That my friend is guinea-pig / And I have not felt it.

62-Mar the end has the death / That he has so much poío / S'ha yebaito my partner / And a little boy of mine.

63-Because of your bad blood / I would like you to be with Santolio to the cabesera / Yamando to a Dibé.

64-Presiyo e Seuta / Mar end have it; / That these güesesitos already hurt / E roá by him.

65-Always in the corners / I find you yorando / Mala puñalá give me, mate, / If I give you sea payment.

In the popular Spanish songs of 1882 we can also find examples of Gypsy curses:

66-Der sielo fall a stone / That weigh two mir quintals / And break the head / Who breaks banknotes.

67-Of the muraya more arta / If the sea falls for me; / If it is a man, it is rebellious; / If it is a woman, rage, die.

68-The one who is to blame / Of which I labor pass / Seen in Algiers captive / Without having someone to rescue him.

69-Der sielo benga er punishment / That you deserve your person / For what you have jecho with me.

70-A Undebé l'estoy asking / Give you what you fight; / What you want with me / Do not throw a black.

71-For the affections offend you, / I ask God from heaven / That from whom you esteem / Have to suffer contempt.

72-I wish God wherever you put / All your sin you feel / Pay your love / How you pay for mine.

73-To my God I am asking / That as you kill me die: / That my eyes kiss you / Will and do not want you.

74-God blesses you to be / Aborresía and wanting / And that ducas are gnawing / The entrails are your body.

75-Between the host and er calis / To my God I asked him: / That they tajajuen the fatigues / As m'ajogan to me!

76-Predict the sielos / Boost God, / What a knife you want to kill me / I'll kill you.

77-God bless you to be / Esmamparaíta and alone / And that you may fart to me / Po' Undibé to help you.

78-God grant that you see yourself / In the baptismal wheel, / And he baptized baya a piique, / And you forgive me.

79-God grant that you would be / I would be in San Juan de Dios; / Medesina that you will take / I will give you the berry.

80-God grant that you will be / In a hespitá rabiando / And you have no more consolation / Qu'er that I baya giving.

81-Allow God to love you / In a dark dungeon / And pass by my hand / All your food.

82-The curse that I cast you / From today onwards / Is that the money you on, / But that the taste you lack.

83-Go with God, well you achieve! / I do not wish you any sea... / Hours of salvation do not have / While you are in the world!

84-Let God bless you / As John Domíngues / Jala Jala and Juan Oreja.

85-God grant that you will behave / As was borne Nobaliches / En er bridge d'Arcolea.

86-The butterflies and your body / You can see erections, / In bé that jases with me / Those chunguiyas parías.

87-Bodies take your eyes / And eagles er corason, / And snakes the entrails, / For your bad condision.

88-Do not leave that mountain / A serpent and swallow you! / As well as I've wanted, / And as sea as you pay me!

89-Earth, why do not you open / And you get out of your sentro, / You swallow this mountain / With such bad feelings?

90-As many leaves as you have / L'alameda del Genil, / So many demons yeben / When you remember me.

91-God grant that you die, / And that t'entierren de barde; / And they cover the little face, / Pa that does not love you.

92-You fistes and you left me, / And you left me lost; / The paeres of your room / In mourning bean beasts.

93-Anda bête de mi bera; / Mar you have, condemn you / M'ofresistes your affection / And then you've deceived.

94-Your body has a sea end; / The kites of the berdugo / They serve as a bowtie.

And after these examples of Gypsy curses, we leave a prayer that is believed to be too strong to reverse the malevolence that Gypsy curses can bring:

95-"If I am cursed, St. Vitus, make me blessed. Against the curse of Herod. Protect my child Santa Gertrudis. My blessed house, Never be damn Santa Margarita. I promise never to curse, nor curse to throw And that I do, by the rod of San Blas."

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