91 Phrases Of Missing Someone (Love, Boyfriend, Family)

In this article I leave you more than 90 Strange phrases tosomeone To dedicate to a love, boyfriend or girlfriend, for a friend, a relative or anyone.

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Strange phrases

1-Sometimes, when a person is missing, the whole world seems uninhabited.- Lamartine .

2-The reason it costs so much to separate us is because our souls are connected.-Nicholas Sparks.

3-We just set out to meet again.-John Gay.

4-They say that when you miss somebody, they probably are feeling the same, but I do not think it's possible to miss me the way I miss you.-Edna St. Vincent Millay.

5-Love is missing someone every time you are separated, but feel warm inside because you are close to heart.-Kay Knudsen.

6-Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own happiness.-Robert Heinlein.

7-Nothing makes the earth as spacious as having friends in the distance.-Henry David Thoreau.

8-Each game is a form of death, just as each meeting is a kind of heaven.-Tryon Edwards.

9-If I had a flora for every moment I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.-Claudia Adrienne Grandi.

10-Love is when someone gives you a piece of your soul that you did not know was lost.-Torquato Tasso.

11-In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be covered.-Hans Nouwens.

12-The absence of whom we love is worse than death and frustrates hope more severely than despair.-William Cowper.

13-No distance or lapse of time can diminish the friendship of those who are persuaded of the value of the other.-Robert Southey.

14-Your absence has passed through me like a thread through a needle. Merwin.

15-Love recognizes hours for months and days for years; And every little absence is an age.-John Dryden.

16-Losing someone becomes easier every day because although it is a day more distant from the last day you saw, is a day closer to the next day you will see.-Author unknown.

17-Another day, another pang from which you are far.-Byron Caldwell Smith.

18 I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it, I'll stop missing you."Author unknown.

19-A goodbye is never painful unless you never say goodbye again.-Author unknown.

20-If the day comes when we can not keep together, leave me in your heart and I'll be there forever.-A.A. Milne.

21-The worst thing you can do if you miss or need someone is to let you know.-Sarah Dessen.

22-Sometimes a simple"I miss you"changes everything.-Author unknown.

23-When you miss someone, time seems to move more slowly, and when I fall in love with someone, time seems to go faster.-Taylor Swift.

24-Missing someone special brings tears to your heart, but remembering all good times brings a smile to your face.-Author unknown.

25-Missing someone is your heart reminding you that you love him.-Author unknown.

26-Nothing makes a room more empty than wanting someone to be in it.-Author unknown.

27-Missing someone is a part of loving him. If you never part, you will never really know how much you love him."Author unknown.

28"I heard someone whispering your name; When I turned to see who it was, I found myself alone. Then I knew it was my heart missing you.-Author unknown.

29-I can conquer the world while you are holding the other.-Author unknown.

30-You can not always be strong. Sometimes you have to be alone and let the tears come out.-Unknown author.

31-How to say goodbye to the person who gives meaning to your life.-Author unknown.

32-I will always have the part of my heart that smiles whenever I think of you.-Author unknown.

33-You're close even if I do not see you, you're with me even if you're far away. You are with me, in my heart, in my thoughts.-Author unknown.

34-I miss you when something really good happens, because you're with the person I want to share with.-Unknown author.

35-I pretend to ignore you, although I really miss you.-Unknown author.

36-You may be out of my sight, but never out of my mind.-Author unknown.

37-I miss our conversations, every minute that happened to your side, how I was able to tell you everything that was in my mind.-Author unknown.

38-I miss you with every piece of my heart and what is left of my soul.-Unknown author.

39-The more you try to forget someone, the more you start thinking about it. The more you think about someone, the more you become attached to him."Unknown author.

40-One of the hardest things in life is to try to forget the person who taught us to smile, love and be happy.-Author unknown.

41-When someone you love leaves, you never get over it. Just learn to live without them, but they are still part of your heart.-Unknown author.

42-True love is when you are able to travel 1000 kilometers just to be with whom you love, no matter what obstacles you encounter on the way.-Unknown author.

43-If you think it's hard to miss you, you should try to miss yourself.-Author unknown.

44-I still miss those whom I love and do not follow with me, but now I am grateful to have loved them. Gratitude has finally conquered the lost.-Unknown author.

45-Man has invented many magnificent things, but there is something that has not been able: how to stop wondering someone.-Author unknown.

46-I want to be your favorite hello and your most painful goodbye.-Author unknown.

47-I miss having someone to worry about what I did yesterday, for what I am doing now and for what I will do tomorrow.-Author unknown.

48-Do not cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Do not cry because you miss it, smile because you miss it.-Author unknown.

"I may not always show it, I may not always tell it, but inside I miss you madly."Author Unknown.

50-I think of you every time I get up and dream of you in all the dreams I have.-Author unknown.

51-Every moment that I miss you, a star falls from the sky. So, if you look up and find everything dark without stars, it's your fault.-Author unknown.

52-Before bed, after getting up and all hours in the middle, you occupy my mind. So practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts.-Author unknown.

53-Some people say that the worst way to miss someone is when they're right next to you and you know you can not have them. But the worst thing is when you thought you did not want it anymore and suddenly you realize that you can not live without it.- Unknown author.

54-Sometimes memories are more missed than the person you shared with them.-Author unknown.

55-That's how you know you love someone. When you can not experience anything without wishing that the other person was there too. Author unknown.

56. The first person who appears in your mind after opening your eyes after several hours of sleep is the reason for your happiness or your pain.-Author unknown.

57-It's painful when you wake up one day and you know that you miss someone from your past but they are not with you ever again.-Author unknown.

"I think I'd miss you even if I had not met you.""Unknown author.

59-Missing someone who does not miss you is probably one of the worst feelings a person can have.-Author unknown.

60-Every time I miss you, I just close my eyes, I see your smile and half of my problems are solved automatically.-Author unknown.

Sometimes, when I miss you, I listen to music or look at your pictures, not to remind you, but to feel as if I were with you.-Unknown author.

"Just because you miss someone does not mean you have to go back to him." Sometimes you just have to keep missing it until you wake up one morning and realize you do not have it any more. Author unknown.

63-It's hard when you have someone in your heart but you can not have it in your dreams.-Author unknown.

64-When you love, they hurt you. When they hurt you, you hate them. When you hate, you try to forget. When you try to forget, you start to wonder. And when you start to miss, you fall in love again.-Unknown author.

65-It's crazy how you can take months or years without talking to someone but they keep going through your mind every day.-Unknown author.

66-The danger of being alone is that you may miss the people who have been the reason for your smiles.-Unknown author.

67-I miss you so much that you're always on my mind. I love you so much that you are always in my heart.-Author unknown.

68-Missing someone is the kind of pain for which a heart should feel grateful.-Author unknown.

69-You are out of my sight, but you will never be out of my heart. I may not see your face, but I'll always see your smile. I will never hear your voice again, but you will always whisper in my ears."Unknown author.

70-You can miss someone who died, you can miss someone who left, but the worst of it is to miss someone you see every day.-Unknown author.

71-The days go by, the years go by, you keep living your life, other people keep coming into it, but you still miss the same person. Possibly you will do the rest of your days, therefore, smile every moment in which you remember and thank the good moments passed because they happened.

72-Losing someone who is important to you hurts. It is an uncomfortable feeling when you know that you are slowly withdrawing from it. You miss her and you have the hope that she will think of you as much as you.

When you miss someone, do not worry if he or she misses you too. Because you are the one who is winning; You are the one that you have left winning with nice experiences and memories that not everyone can have.-Author unknown.

74-Sometimes you miss someone so much that you forget that you're better off without them.-Unknown author.

75-Knowing that you're gone is not as painful as not knowing if you'll ever return.-Author unknown.

76-I miss the days when you simply wanted to spend the rest of your days with me.-Unknown author.

77-We all have a person that we would like to have back in a second, no matter the damage we did in the past.-Unknown author.

"If you miss someone, it means you're lucky. It means that you had someone special in your life, someone who is worth wondering. -Author unknown.

79-I miss your smile, but I miss even more mine.-Author unknown.

80-Missing is when people who gave you the best memories, become a memory.-Unknown author.

"For both of us, home is not a place. Is a person. And at last we're home.-Stephanie Perkins.

"You can love a person very much, but you can never love her as you can miss her."-John Green.

"Where you used to be there's a hole in the world, where I find myself constantly walking by day and falling at night. I miss you so much.-Edna St. Vincent Millay.

"I guess I should know enough to realize that one never misses someone, only one learns to live around the huge pit that left his absence.""Alyson Noel.

85-You miss a single person and the whole world seems empty.-Joan Didion.

-The most frightening thing to distance yourself is that you do not know if they will miss you or forget you.-Nicholas Sparks,

"Of all the things I've lost, the strangest thing is my mind."-Mark Twain.

"I do not miss my childhood, but I miss the way in which I found satisfaction in small things, even when great things went wrong. I could not control the world I lived in, but I was glad of the things that made me happy.-Neil Gaiman.

89-How many things I lost, simply because I feared to lose them or to miss them.-Paulo Coelho.

90-It stinks that we miss people like that. You think you accept that a person is out of your life, that you have overcome it and PUM. Something small happens and everything comes back.-Rachel Hawkins.

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