9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights

The Organizations that defend human rights , Are organisms, institutions and in general entities that are dedicated to promote, to procure the defense and, to govern the rights Inherent to each individual.

His work is aimed at promoting and protecting the legalities written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Established in 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Aid organizations to defend human rights

The rights that they defend are those inherent to each individual for the sole reason of belonging to the human race. Being these of inalienable character and independent with respect to any particular or singular element. Like race, nationality, religion or sex, among others.

At the same time, Human Rights are irrevocable, non-transferable and inalienable. Having a moral and ethical basis which must be respected by all.

Human Rights have gained a great importance over the years, being a matter of concern in many societies of the world.

The main organizations and institutions that defend Human Rights

1- Amnesty International

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights

It consists of a worldwide movement, with more than two million members from 152 countries, who are in charge of investigating situations of abuse or violation of Human Rights.

This organization Aims to make the corresponding complaints, claiming justice for the people who have suffered such abuses. At the same time, they are taking action to prevent them.

2- Center for Human Rights Action

9 Organizations that Defend Featured Human Rights 1 Is a organization Established in the city of Washington, United States. Directed by an activist and pioneer of Human Rights, Jack Healy, recognized worldwide.

This organization deals with all matters related to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Its aim is to end the abuses of these jurisprudence, using a technological and innovative method to promote new strategies aimed to that end.

In addition, the Center for Human Rights Action seeks to support other human rights groups in different parts of the world.

3- Simon Wiesenthal Center

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 2 Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005) survivor of Nazi extermination camps, known as the Holocaust, was the founder of this organization in 1977.

East center Corresponds to an international Jewish organization which, in its solidarity with Israel, is dedicated to dealing with anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination and terrorism.

His work is designed, among others, to promote dignity and human rights, to defend the safety of Jewish people worldwide; And to promote the lessons of the Holocaust for generations to come.

4- The Fund for the Defense of Children (CDF)

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 3 It is a private organization whose work began in 1973. Through donations from various sources such as foundations, government organizations, and individuals themselves. Its job is to ensure a level playing field for all children.

Childrens Defense Or the Fund for the Defense of Children, carries out different intervention programs aimed at removing children from poverty and guaranteeing their right to education And health.

At the same time, it seeks to protect them from abuse and abandonment. Being their main objective, guarantee the rights of the most defenseless: children.

5- United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 4

UNICEF Is a global non-profit organization operating in more than 190 countries with the aim of protecting the human rights of all children.

This organization is an agency of the United Nations, created in the year 1946, period after World War II. Today, their first objective was to provide help in emergency situations.

Since 1953, it has become a permanent body of the United Nations and since then has as its mission to protect and ensure the rights of all children in the world.

Among his other works are: to carry out child protection missions, to promote the education of minors, to intervene in emergency situations such as natural or man-made disasters, etc.

6- Human Rights Watch

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 5 Is a organization International non-profit organization, founded in 1978. Its objective is to defend human dignity and guarantee the fulfillment of human rights for all.

In turn, this organization carries out investigations related to abuses and violations of human rights, which expose so that those guilty of such faults are tried.

Human Rights Watch is involved in different areas, such as politics, justice, and the different governments of the countries that are part of the world, in order to press for the care and protection of Human Rights; Demanding justice for their violations.

7- The Organization of the United Nations (UN)

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 6

This organization Had its origins in the year 1945. It was born with the aim of providing help to find solutions to the conflicts between countries.

It works on the adoption of measures in relation to all matters of interest and inherent to humanity.

At present, the UN is composed of 193 countries, being one of the main international organizations dedicated to the protection and defense of Human Rights.

8- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 7

The UNESCO Has as its primary objective to build and promote peace. Its job is to coordinate international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication.

This organization seeks to strengthen awareness among men, at regional, national and international level.

It defends rights such as education, the right to live, to develop in a culturally rich environment, the capacity to receive the benefits obtained by advances and scientific achievements, freedom of expression, among others.

9- World Health Organization (WHO)

9 Organizations Defending Outstanding Human Rights 8

The WHO Is a worldwide organization dedicated to health, born in 1948 with the goal of building a healthier future for all the world's people.

More than 150 countries are members of WHO, working to prevent, promote, care for and guarantee the fundamental right of all human beings: the right to health.

Promoting and ensuring that all people have access to different health services and can enjoy their maximum degree.

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