81 Phrases of the Most Valuable Brands

These Advertising phrases Have shown that they sell, since they belong to many of the most valued brands in the world and that they are more successful today.

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Advertising phrases

1-Nothing is impossible (Impossible is nothing).- Adidas.

2-We do what we do best (Doing what we do best) -American Airlines.

3-Your potential, our passion.-Microsoft.

4-Where do you want to go today? -Microsoft.

5-Think different (Think different).- Apple.

6-Leap forward.-Intel.

7-At the forefront of the technique.-Audi.

8-American birth certificates. Rebels by choice.-Harley Davidson.

9-The United Colors of Benetton.-Benetton.

10-Do you like to drive? BMW.

11-Save money. Live better.-Walmart.

12-I am what I am.-Reebok.

13-Do not let a call interrupt your photo.-Canon.

14-The world's favorite airline.-British airways.

15-"THINK"(thinks).- IBM.

16-It's taken like no.-Budweiser.

17-The flavor that unites us.-Burger King.

18-Make Believe.-Sony.

19-No substitute.-Porsche.

20-"Originals Never Fit"(the originals do not fit).- Levis.

21-Power, beauty and soul.-Aston Martin.

22-Think big (Think big).- IMAX.

23-Share moments, share life.-Kodak.

24-The happiest place on earth.-Disneyland.

25-There are things that money can not buy.-Mastercard.

26-Nestlé does well.-Nestlé.

27-Panasonic, ideas for life.-Panasonic.

28-Probably the best beer in the world.-Carlsberg.

29-The most versatile vehicle in the world.-Land Rover.

30-And last, and last.-Duracell.

31-Where dreams come true.-Disney.

32-The power to surprise.-KIA.

33-Follow the music.-MTV.

34-For love of the automobile.-Volkswagen.

35-Can others raise the quality? -Kellog's.

36-The best coffee in the world.-Starbucks.

37-Things as they are.-Sprite.

38-New thoughts. New possibilities.-Hyundai.

39-Inspire yourself.-Siemens.

40-When there is no tomorrow.-FedEx.

41-I'm loving it. (I love him).- McDonalds.

42-The computer now is personal.-HP.

43-Feeding smiles.-Danone.

44-Fashion and quality at the best price.-H & M.

45-Just do it.-Nike.

46-In the heart of the image.-Nikon.

47-Joy of Pepsi. (The joy of Pepsi).- Pepsi.

"The best for the man.""Gillette.

49-If you want to impress someone, put it on your blacklist.-Johnnie Walker.

50-Hello Moto.-Motorola.

51-Success. It's a mental game.-Tag Heuer.

52-Don't be evil.-Google.

53-Go on and on and on.-Energizer.

54-Greatness awaits.-PlayStation 4.

55-Do not miss the south.-Cruzcampo.

56-Welcome to the independent republic of my house.-Ikea.

57-Challenge everything.-AEA.

58-Any place you want to be.-Visa.

59-The secret is in the mass.-Telepizza.

60-Take a breath, take a Kit-Kat.-Kit-Kat.

61-Open your world. (Open your world).- Heineken.

62-Your vision - Our future.-Olympus.

"The best or nothing."Mercedes.

"Get further.""Ford.

65-Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.-Mazda.

66-The power of dreams.-Honda.

67-Life's Good. (Life is good).- LG.

68-Ideas for life. (Ideas for life).- Panasonic.-Today. Morning. Toyota.-Toyota.

69-I like it better.-Pizza Hut.

70-Wake up life with Nescafe.-Nescafe.

71-Number 1 recommended by dentists.-Colgate Total.

"Because I'm worth it."

73-Together we make your life better.-Philips.

74. Share the fantasy.-Chanel.

75-Red Bull gives you wings.-Red Bull.

76-Connecting people.-Nokia.

77-With Carrefour is possible.-Carrefour.

78-Always Coca-Cola.-Coca-Cola.

79-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.-Wikipedia.

80-If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.-El Corte Inglés.

81-If you drink, do not drive.-DGT.

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