8 Rare Crafts | You can not imagine that they existed!

Do you know what kind of odd jobs they carried in ancient times? We already anticipate that there are many. And, in the end, everything goes back to the point of view: it may seem strange to you that someone is dedicated to disguise as a clown at a funeral, but, Have you thought what the ancient Romans of computer science would think? Or the mechanics? Or the hikers? If the office bores you and you want to learn a little while you're surprised, do not miss this article of Supercurious .

8 Rare crafts that you can not imagine existed

Rare lute crafts

1. Funeral clowns

Possibly one of the funniest trades (or tragic, depending on how you look at it) is that of a funeral clown in the old Rome . This curious job was not to make the dead laugh but that between their specifications had the clown was dressed in a clay mask of the deceased and dancing making bad jokes. The purpose was not to laugh at the deceased but to convert the angry spirits of the beyond into sympathetic entities that would have a great time at the party. This profession was so respected that even funerary clowns were hired to perform at the funerals of the emperors.

2. orgies glider

Today we have wedding planners and in ancient Rome they had orgies gliders. In fact, the two trades are not so different, since the two consist of planning a happy event with many people. The most successful orgies gliders organized both music and food, guests and other things that we will not specify but you can imagine. Now the question that needs to be asked is: Did they let him attend the party or did he have to worry about everything going well?

3. Alarm clock

No, we are not talking about the clock but about a much earlier time where there was no electricity. In those days there was this strange and funny trade, similar to the serene one that used to go through the streets of the neighborhood to open the door for you if you left the keys, the alarm was a man who was dedicated to call the window of the inhabitants of the houses that had hired their services to wake them up at the time they wanted . The cutting-edge technology of the time allowed the alarm clock to reach the highest windows with a long stick.

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4. Scribbler of curses

Formerly curses were the order of the day. As you can imagine, they were superstitions that consisted of more than consulting your horoscope in the newspaper. The curses were written on special tablets that were stuck in the walls of the temples. In addition to the tablet, clients needed someone to write the curse. You can imagine how nice it must be to write down your clients' complaints all day long.

5. Dog whipper

In the middle ages the church had a lot of power and, perhaps because of that, it was the queen of the rare trades. One of the official workplaces of the church was precisely to whip dogs. No, in the bible there is nothing about hitting innocent puppies (or so we suppose), but at that time the hordes of wild dogs that crowded into the doors of the churches in search of food were not uncommon. Since they could have some malice and bite the parishioner's backside, the church devised this "useful" trade.

6. Toads doctor

This job was not to be the doctor of the toads, as who is a veterinarian, but to use toads to heal people. As you can imagine they are related to witchcraft, but not in the most expected way, since it was believed that the toads could cure the curses of witches. Sometimes, the doctor used parts of the poor toads (like little legs) to cure supposed diseases. Poor bugs!

Rare crafts sir

7. Gym cleaner

One of the most requested positions in ancient Greece and reserved for the nobility was that of gym cleaner. We are not kidding. In Greece The athletes were held in high regard and, therefore, cleaning their muck was considered a work of the gods. It may not seem like much to you compared to the other odd jobs we've talked about, but you may change your mind when you know that before people did not wash with soap and water but with oil and a spatula.

8. Bath butler

Unfortunately, being a bathroom butler was not about cleaning your masters in the bathtub. No, it was something more unpleasant. The bathing butler may be the king of the rare trades, since his main function was to clean the king's bum after he had done his business. Although we may find it horrifying, in those days being a bathroom butler was a very precious and reserved position for the sons (males) of the nobles since it guaranteed the king's full attention while he was venting.

Surely you did not imagine that these rare trades came into existence, right? Tell us, what would you prefer, be a bathroom butler or gym cleaner? Do you think that today we have such strange and funny jobs as these? Remember that you can tell us what you want, to do it, you just have to leave us a comment!

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