7th of Thrones Game

The Season 7 of Thrones Game Is the theme of the moment with respect to modern TV series, and is that since the launch of the saga Game of Thrones in 2010"winner of awards for best drama series"(www.makinggameofthrones.com, 2016), this series has Grabbed the attention of the audience almost in its entirety, ten fans of television series of the moment, seven are fans of game of thrones, along with some other series in third or fourth place.

In the same way Game of thrones has grabbed the attention of the media, especially those who focus their attention on topics of entertainment, film and TV of course"that is why Game of Thrones, more than a conventional TV series , Is considered a media phenomenon"(www.bbc.com, 2016).


You may think it's too early to get excited about the world premiere of Season 7 of Game of Thrones, but with the end of season six on HBO, what remains for us is to point our thoughts to what's coming next year in This matter, and that so much can extend us this epic fantasy. Will it be the end? Here we show you everything you need to know to be prepared, but who knows, with this series is never prepared.

When will the launch of the seventh season of Game of Thrones be released?

"HBO has taken the habit of releasing the new seasons of Game of Thrones in spring"(www.digitalspy.com, 2016). "In the first season the premiere was filmed in late July 2010"(www.wikipedia.com, 2010) even though the series began recording in 2009; Similar was the case of the second season, which had a launch date on the first day of April 2012.

In the case of the third installment of the most acclaimed saga of recent times, its release date was March 31, 2013, very close to its successor, the fourth season, which was presented on April 6, but Year 2014. The fifth season was released on April 12, 2015, and in the case of the sixth installment (and last so far) it was presented to viewers on April 24, 2016.

Thus we can conclude that normally the season releases of Game of thrones go around the months of April until July; This time the launch of the expected season will be in early April 2017, so we could start the countdown to zero time (the launch date). Of course, and as is customary, we will soon know for sure the exact date by the production of the series, our friends of HBO Dan Weiss and David Benioff.

What we do know are the reasons, our dear producers have confirmed that everything is due to scenography issues, by the end of the season the winter is already present, so the sunny weather no longer serves its purposes, so there is They move the walkers a little.

What characters will star in this season of Game of Thrones?

"Lena Headey will personify Cersei, Kit Harington to the controversial Jon Snow, Emilia Clarke of course in the role of Daenerys, Peter Dinklage the character of Tyrion, and of course, Nikolaj Coaster Waldau the Jaime"(www.telegraph.co.uk. 2016). All of them signed contracts for a seventh season in 2014, and the time has come to assert the same.

In the same way, during the year 2016, the same five actors optionally added the possible filming of an eighth season,"during which they would receive a total of US $ 1.1 million for each episode in which they participated"(www. Dailymail.co.uk, 2016), not bad at all, right?

Of course, this last contract does not guarantee that our beloved characters appear in an eighth season, nor does it guarantee that there is an eighth season; Is only an optional addition, which guarantees that, if there is an eighth season, and their characters remain in force, the actors who represent them are already called to interpret their roles.

In fact, Sophie Turner (Sansa) has already told us that not all the characters will reach the final stretch of the series, although we will not know if everything is part of a plan to generate the coveted surprise factor in viewers, until in truth Let's not get to that point.

A clear example was when The Hollywood Reporter"announced that the mentioned Sophie, along with Maisie Williams (Arya) signed contracts with Natalie Dormer (Margaery) in October of 2014 to appear in the seventh season"(www.vanityfair.com, 2016 ), But that did not stop the last from disappearing at the end of the sixth season.

But beyond signed contracts, of which its existence is known but not its true purpose, we have the relentless fans, who live attentive to any event that may occur in their surroundings; Of course the cinephile radar of the same captures to any actor in the perimeter.

In this case it was Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont) who did not run with luck being recognized by several fans on a flight to Nothern Ireland (where part of Game of Thrones is recorded), which practically confirms us the fact that Ser Jorah Returns to the scene just when we gave it for lost.

It was not enough to be seen, he was also reading a screenplay, so that there is no doubt that he follows the arena in the series. Of course, sometimes, only sometimes, we can"over-think"that everything is a tactic to confuse the viewers.

What we can be sure of is that our admired actors will have no financial problems for the rest of their lives, at least not while they maintain sanity before so much flow of money in their bank accounts.

Another character from House Mormont's is back, this is the little bad girl of the team, Lady Lyanna (Bella Ramsey) who after a spin steals scene in the sixth season, will be teaming with Kristofer Hivju too. Everything indicates a very interesting season.

On the other hand, we have Joe Dempsie's (Gendry), the disappeared, of whom no news until now; However, he is known to have told the Digital Spy portal that"he would love to be involved", we are sure that sooner or later he will return.

"There are a lot of unanswered questions about Gendry, and the more the series goes, the more obvious it becomes,"said the actor.

Anyway, as a clue we have he was recently seen arriving in Belfast (and Spain, where he apparently took part in a scene playing Davos and Tyrion), so he really seems to be on his way back to the series.

There are even rumors that Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) might be back as he was sighted in Ireland with the producers of Game of Thrones, and then with Kit Harington. The rumor is confirmed when he publishes in his Instagram the phrase"I prepare for the north"in our opinion, there is no doubt about his glorious return.

But not all are returns (although in our opinion these are the most shocking of the series, and the reason for opinions and conspiracy theories of the fans), we also have new characters. Among these we understand that comes to the game the Oscar winner Jim Broadbent, who will play a somewhat mysterious, but leading role.

Also we have among the new incomes to Joseph Quinn, the actor of Dickensian, but personifying a totally new paper called Koner (this one is not in Martin's novels). The mystery in this case is why use the same actor in two roles of the same series; But we'll find out later.

Actor Tom Hoper has also been sighted on location near the set of the new season of Game of Thrones, and rumored to represent Dickon Tarly, that brother Sam who was portrayed on one occasion by Freddie Stroma.

A very curious rumor revolves around the fact that there is the possibility that a UFC player has participation in the seventh installment of the epic series, in this case it is Conor Mc Gregor, who is not yet known what role will play In this series, but something we do know is that it will give much raiting to it, and possibly attract a new niche of viewers to the fanaticada de Juego de thrones.

And the castings continue, it is known that HBO is in castings to look for actors who interpret characters that for the moment are named in key; The names go with"Young Lord"and"Lovely Lady"and have caused much turmoil in the sea of ​​speculations that haunt the series in their pre-debut months, theories are many what is yours?

But when it comes to rumors the news is not always good, because sometimes we tell the truth ahead of time and break our hearts, as was the case of the rumor that the legend of She Wrote, Angela Lansbury, would appear in Westeros , Rumor totally discredited by the corresponding characters through all means of communication.

How many more seasons will you have Game of Thrones?

It is official that HBO has renewed its most recognized series for a seventh year, in April 2016, but then, then-president of programming of the exclusive channel, Michael Lombardo, indicated that Game of thrones would last until an eighth season when specifying"David And Dan feel they could go out two seasons after the sixth, that's what we're seeing right now,"the executive said in January.

Benioff and Weiss confirmed that the TV show would close with two short seasons"are two more seasons, which we are talking about"said Benioff"we are talking about 70 to 75 hours from the start, so we will end up, say 73 for the moment" .

It is so, taking out our own accounts we can deduce that the seventh season will have about seven episodes, which leaves the eighth season of Game of thrones with about six episodes to conclude the series.

Game of thrones how will the end?

Season 6's climax saw Jon Snow aiming to be King in the North while he learned that his brother is not a bastard of Ned Stark but is a descendant of Lyanna Stark with some other man, perhaps the dead brother Of Daenerys, Rhaegar Targaryen. However, we are all sure that the series will take an unexpected turn as always, at such a level that nothing can surprise us, luck with that producers! They have made us immune to surprises.

Meanwhile Dany finally sets out from Westeros, gathering the combined forces of the Immaculate, the Dothraki and the Ironborn; He goes with Tyrell, Missandei, Tyrion, Varys, Olenna, Dorne's women, and all his dragons by his side.

She goes straight to a confrontation with Cersei (who will have a leading role during this season) having just seized the iron throne after the death of her son Tommen. "What has given humanity to Cersei were his children"says Lena Headey"now they are gone. His father is gone. Tyrion is gone, there is no one who can tell her that she can not, that she is stupid, or that she is just a woman"

In short, many things are said of the end of Game of thrones; If we go to the street we can also find different theories as well as expectations of various kinds; We can talk about theories that say that everyone is going to die, there are those who expect Cersei and Daenerys to dialogue (since you always have to give the dialogue a chance, you know), some are only concerned to know if all the dragons survive in the end, Or they expect Cersei to kill them all with Valyrian fire, or even see Tyrion riding one of the dragons. In fact, there is a representative group of people who say that their expectations revolve around seeing Cersei die explicitly. And you do you think?

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