75 Phrases of Egoism

I leave you 75 Selfish phrases From great authors such as Helen Keller, Ayn Rand, Erich Fromm, Paulo Coelho, Martin Luther King and many more.

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Selfish phrases

1- In an individual, selfishness leaves the soul empty. For the human species, selfishness is extinction.- David Mitchell

2- One of the greatest diseases in the world is selfishness.- Mother Mary Teresa of Calcutta

3 - Nothing seems more closely to selfishness than respect for self.- George Sand

4. As selfishness and complaining pervade the mind, love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision.- Helen Keller

5 - Selfishness comes from poverty in the heart, from the belief that love is not abundant.- Don Miguel Ruiz

6 - If all the people in this world were selfish we would not have a world to live. - WL Orme

7- Selfishness is not living as one wants to live, is to ask others to live as one wants to live.-Oscar Wilde

8- No man will work for interests other than his own.- David Seabury

9 - Selfishness is detestable vice, no one forgives in others, but that everyone has.- Henry Ward Beecher

10- If we were not all so overly interested in ourselves, life would be so uninteresting that none of us would be able to bear it.- Arthur Schopenhauer

11- I swear, for my life and my love for her, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor do I ask that another man live for my good.- Ayn Rand

12 - Selfish people are unable to fall in love.- F. Scott Fitzgerald

13- They, the selfish, are like the spiritual lame that use other beings like crutches to walk the way of life. And they are the blind of spirit who never find love, because they do not know how to love and they do not know how to let themselves be loved.- Ivan Figueroa Otero

14- The true sage is never selfish.- Ralph Waldo Trine

15- We can not judge the lives of others, since each person knows their own pain. It is one thing to feel that you are on the right path and another very different is to think that yours is the only way.- Paulo Coelho

16 - Our world is drowning in a sea of ​​self-centeredness. You can become unique immediately by leaving this ocean of selfishness and choosing to be curious about other people.- John Bytheway

17- Selfish people are unable to love others, but are not capable of loving themselves.- Erich Fromm

18- The glory, built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt.- William Cowper

19- Man is a selfishness mitigated by an indolence.-Fernando Pessoa

20- That man who lives by himself, lives for the most evil mortal known.- Joaquin Miller

21- What are leisure and indolence, but the plastic forms of selfishness? -Nicolás Avellaneda

22. Every man must decide whether to walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive egoism.-Martin Luther King son.

"I have freedom." But freedom means total selfishness. It means that no one cares much what you do.- Lynn Barber

24- It seems to me that certain cruel revelations are a form of selfishness, of being simply at peace with oneself.-Eduardo Mignogna

25- Good character is to recognize the selfishness that is inherent in each one of us and to try to balance it against the altruism to which we all should aspire.- Alan Dershowitz

26. Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen with care.- Richard Bach

27- If you want to take a long trip, travel light. Take off envy, jealousy, loneliness, selfishness and fear.- Cesare Pavese

28- The sun can dispel the darkness of night, but it can not banish the darkness of malice, hatred, intolerance and selfishness of the hearts of mankind.- David O. McKay

29- The twin sister of religion is selfishness.- Percy Bysshe Shelley

30- I have to look for the basis of selfishness: everything I am not can not interest me, it is impossible to be something that is not.- Clarice Lispector

31-Selfishness has deep roots.-Arthur Schopenhauer

32- Courtesy is only a thin layer of varnish on egoism in general.- Honore de Balzac

33- We are all basically made of the same material: generosity and selfishness, kindness and greed.- Madeleine M. Kunin

34- In truth, the first human being is still to be born, devoid of that second skin that we call selfishness.-José Saramago

35- We only feel public evils when they affect our particular interests.-Livy

Generally, selfish people are always very determined about what they want. They do not lose their energies in the consideration of the good of the others.- Ouida

37. Selfishness, a sentence easily surpassed by those who have never tasted their own sacrificial power.- George Eliot

38- Love is the most selfish of all passions.- Alejandro Dumas

39- It seems that there are two options: give up trying to love someone, to stop being selfish or learn to love a person while being selfish.- Lydia Davis

40- Your own interest serves you best not letting yourself be carried by him.-Lao-Tzu

41- Most people are too busy with themselves to be malicious.- Friedrich Nietzsche

42. Each of us is selfish, including myself.- Santosh Kalwar

43- No man is more deceived than the selfish man.- Henry Ward Beecher

44- All war in the world has its origin in the selfish people.- Fulton J. Sheen

45. Selfishness is blind.- Mahatma Gandhi

46- A man is nothing more than the things he does to get what he wants.- Hal Ackerman

47 - Selfishness and greed cause most of our problems.- Harry Truman

Self-pity is pure selfishness. After all, it is egocentrism in its purest form. - Rick Yancey

To be self-sufficient is not to be selfish; it is a necessity. Hurting others or yourself is not selfish because you will never benefit from it; It's stupid.- Elizabeth Cartwright

50. I respect all innocent souls, for they are kind enough to forgive the selfish people around them.- Saurabh Sharma

51- The one who wants in this life all the things to his taste, will have many dislikes in his life.-Francisco de Quevedo

52. I have been a selfish being my whole life, not in theory, but in practice.-Jane Austen

53- A rich life is lived from a kind heart not a selfish mind.- Rasheed Ogunlaru

54. Selfishness is not self-love, but a disordered passion for self.-Aristotle

55. Love at the service of self is covetousness in disguise.- Craig D. Lounsbrough

56- Being jealous is the height of selfishness, it is self-love in default, it is the irritation of a false vanity.-Honoré de Balzac

57. The egoism of humanity has its roots in the self-destructive nature of man by sin.- Felix Wantang

58. Man is an extremely complex creature: he usually acts disinterestedly for selfish reasons.- Mokokoma Mokhonoana

59. The things you do to live a happy life, you should not ruin others.- Mohith Agadi

60- The love for love. Do not wait for anyone to give you a reason to love. That is selfishness. - Debasish Mridha

Sometimes you have to be selfish to be disinterested.- Edward Albert

62. Selfish people are not incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either.- Erich Fromm

63. We are selfish when it concerns us exclusively or predominantly the good for ourselves. We are altruistic when we are concerned exclusively or predominantly with the good of others.-Mortimer Adler

64. Interest has no temples. But it is worshiped by many devotees. »Voltaire

"I believe in aliens. I think it would be too selfish of us as humanity to believe that we are the only life forms in the universe.- Demi Lovato

66- Let's try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish.-Richard Dawkins

"Of course, I have friends, a lot of friends, and they all come to borrow money. I have always been generous with my friends and family, with money, but selfish with important things like love.- Richard Pryor

68- A business is a very nice mechanism to solve problems, but never use it for this purpose. We only use it to make money. It satisfies our selfish interest, but not our collective interest.- Muhammad Yunus

69- I think if we want to find happiness by finding a life partner, then it is a little selfish.- Shahid Kapoor

"I think we're living in selfish times. I am the first to say that I am the most selfish.- Javier Bardem

71- I'm selfish, but that's an attribute that all artists have.- Robert Mapplethorpe

72- One of the misfortunes of our country is, as has often been said, that individual interest ignores the collective interest.-Santiago Ramón and Caja

73- All that is done in self-interest is justified.-Oscar Wilde

74- Manifest simplicity, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness and have few desires.- Lao Tzu.

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