75 Autism Phrases

I leave you 75 Phrases about autism , Neurological disorder damages people's ability to communicate and relate to others.

It is common to confuse the symptoms of this condition with the development of a withdrawn, insecure and sometimes aggressive personality. In fact, currently 1 in 68 individuals is diagnosed with autism.

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1-Autistic, I am. I have my own idea about autism. It may not be the way everyone else sees autism, but it's still valid-Tina J. Richardson.

2-I'm fine as an autistic person, I value myself as I am. Do not look at me like a broken neurotypical-Tina J. Richardson.

3-I do not know anyone who is purely autistic, or purely neurotypical. Even God has some autistic moments, which explains why the planets revolve-Jerry Newport.

4-If I could break my fingers and stop being autistic, I would not do it. Autism is part of what I am-Temple Grandin.

5-Being autistic does not make me less human. It just makes me who I am. Just like you are-Tina J. Richardson.

6-As a child with autism, I experienced life my way. She could feel colors, sounds, and objects as intense sensations-Tina J. Richardson.

7-A disability is usually defined in terms of what is missing. However, autism is related to both what is left over and what is lacking, it is an overexpression of the traits that make our species unique - Paul Collins.

8-Autism is part of my child, is not all that he is. My son is much more than a diagnosis-S.L. Rabbit.

9-All my life I have felt different from most. This has caused me anxiety and depression over the years. I had to wait until I was diagnosed at age 36 to make my life finally make sense-Tina J. Richardson.

10-As an autistic, I have thoughts and ideas of my own. Not everyone in the spectrum thinks the same thing-Tina J. Richardson.

11-A person with autism lives in their own world, while a person with Asperger lives in our world, in a unique way that he chooses-Nicholas Sparks.

12-Autism: When the"randomness of life"confronts and clashes with an individual's need to achieve a condition of equality-Eileen Miller.

13-Autistic adults were autistic children. We grow and need acceptance and understanding as well-Tina J. Richardson.

14-Autism is what makes me who I am. You can not"cure"autism in me. It is intertwined in the way I perceive the world-Tina J. Richardson.

15-I myself am opaque, for some reason. His eyes can not see me. Yes, that's all: the world is autistic about me-Anne Nesbet.

16-My mother had a boyfriend who was crazy if she missed a minute of a football game. Would not that be what the doctors considered to be autistic behavior?""Tara Kelly.

17-Why do non-autistic people have interests and hobbies? And, why do autistic people only have obser- vations? -Tina J. Richardson.

18-It's Time to Heal Society, Not Autistic People-Tina J. Richardson.

19-Do not fear people with autism, open them. Do not annoy people with autism, do not deny people with autism acceptance. Then, your skills will shine-Paul Isaacs.

20-I think there is a reason why autism, severe manic depression and schizophrenia remain in our genetic information, even though there is so much suffering as a result - Temple Grandin.

21-Being autistic is not all about me. Try not to be defined by my diagnosis-Tina J. Richardson.

22-I wish people saw us as people. In truth, I do not like people to see an"autistic"sign on my forehead. I have that impression all the time. I'm autistic, yes. But think of me as a person forever, I am a human being like you-Tina J. Richardson.

23-Regarding Einstein's definition of madness, no, Mr. Einstein, that's not insane, that's autism-Eileen Miller.

24-Autism is not a death sentence but a rich sentence for life to be able to say everything you want-Janet Walmsley.

25-Autism can not be cured by discipline. Autism is not a disease. Autism is a way of being. Autism is a neurological difference. Autism is a unique way to see the world-Tina J. Richardson.

26-All autism is real, it's a spectrum-Tina J. Richardson.

27-You know that while one in two marriages ends in divorce, one in forty-two boys has autism-Steven Magee.

28-Imagine that your child is born with wings-Carolyn Parkhurst.

"I could be smiling inside." My facial expressions are not my thoughts- Tina J. Richardson.

30-Autistic people see the world in a different light, in ways that many could never imagine-Tina J. Richardson.

31-Autism can be cured by detoxifying the bellies of young children. People who think feelings come from the heart are wrong. The gut is where you feel the loss of a loved one. It's where you feel the pain and a lot of your emotions - Suzy Kassem.

32-The conclusion is that both emotional poverty and company aversion are not symptoms of autism, but consequences of autism-Naoki Higashida.

33-I am an actress of life, the world is my stage. I'm trained to fit in and yet I always fail-Tina J. Richardson.

34-I want you to understand that I'm not lost in my own world, I'm just hiding from yours-Tina J. Richardson.

35-Being autistic does not mean that I'm from another planet. It's me, just like you are. I am living here in your world. Make my life as quiet as you can and I'll be there-Tina J. Richardson.

36-The three characters used for the word"autism"in Japanese mean"I","closed"and"disease"-Naoki Higashida.

37-Autism is, and will be for a long time, a diagnosis that occurs from the eye of the observer-Caren Zucker.

38-I may be unable to speak with my mouth. But there are many other ways to communicate and all are valid-Tina J. Richardson.

39-Half the time seems autistic, the rest of the time is like a lizard full of lithium and speed. These things do not promote love in most of us-Warren Ellis.

40-There are many things involved in autism to simply call it a disability-Tina J. Richardson.

41-They had gone through hell when their child was born, and now they were suffering again. Knowing something is one thing, but having it confirmed by an expert is something very different. Your life with autism has begun-Michael Braccia.

42-I'm not a neurotypical person with an added autism. I'm autistic-Tina J. Richardson.

43-Part of the torture of autism is that the future is so incredibly insecure. Your child could become a fully functional member of society and not look different to anyone-Jennifer Noonan.

"Sometimes I can not talk." The words will not come out, my mind will not process the thoughts to turn them into words. I do not have the energy to open my mouth. My throat and my tongue feel twisted into a knot-Tina J. Richardson.

45-I could sum up my youth in one word: misunderstanding-Tina J. Richardson.

I'm not a hero because I live with autism. I am a person like you. I'm just living my life-Tina J. Richardson.

47-We live in truly incredible times. Autism is an epidemic in most Western governments-Steven Magee.

48-Autism is just the surface. What is inside each of us is what matters, autistic or not-Liz Becker.

49-Being autistic does not mean that you do not have empathy. Stereotypes are harmful. If anything, I feel everything with great force and try to put off that excess of sensation to be able to deal with things-Tina J. Richardson.

50-To dream is to escape. Daydreaming is a form of self-protection. Dissociation is survival-Tina J. Richardson.

51-Part of me wants to run away and be free. I feel trapped in the life I've created to protect myself-Tina J. Richardson.

52-Then come the dreaded words, your son has autism. These words are reflected in their heads like a freight train that shattered all their hopes and dreams-Dra. Linda Barboa.

53-Today, with tears in my eyes, I phoned the mother of one of our thirteen-year-old sons who had spoken for the first time since the age of three-Michael Braccia.

54-I love meeting other people like me. It makes me feel like I'm okay as I am-Tina J. Richardson.

55-Do not bother trying to get into my world, I'm already here in yours-Tina J. Richardson.

"I like to know what's going on, to get ready. I invented scenarios in my mind about what might happen. This helps me deal with things-Tina J. Richardson.

"I'm all alone, all the time, even when I'm surrounded by people. Sometimes I get tired of the walls and I wish I had the strength to knock them down with a hammer-Karole Cozzo.

58-Try to understand how they feel, put yourself in their place. Imagine that you are in a foreign country without money, possessions, or friends. You can not speak the language; The culture is completely different from your normal environment; You are isolated and helpless. You would depend on someone to support you. Think about it when you meet someone who is autistic-Michael Braccia.

59. Your mind interprets the world differently. You feel and see things with a unique perspective. This is what makes it so magnificent-Tina J. Richardson.

"You'd be surprised if you knew how many people are autistic." Stop stereotyping-Tina J. Richardson.

61-A small decision can shape a whole life. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the greatest difficulty can lead to your greatest blessing. It just takes time to see that God works in mysterious ways-Penelope Ward.

"Sometimes, in busy places, I may need to escape. I am not being rude. I'm just giving myself a little help-Tina J. Richardson.

63-The emergence of electromagnetic hypersensitivity is where the treatment of autism was in the 1970s, so very few children had this condition. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity should not be allowed to explode as the new epidemic in which autism has become-Steven Magee.

"I will always be there for you, I promise to protect you and nurture you." I hope one day, soon, the true acceptance of autism will come-Tina J. Richardson.

"I'm an autistic girl. I have many years to grow. I'm going to rock my life. Just watch me shine-Tina J. Richardson.

66-When you see an object, it seems that you see it as a whole thing first. Only then will the details begin to appear. But for people with autism, the details jump straight at us first. Then, only gradually, detail by detail, the whole image sprouts before our eyes-Naoki Higashida.

67-The distant nature of autism leads to many misconceptions about the minds of individuals who have this condition-Liz Becker.

68-Do not be sad because I'm autistic. Love me for what I am. All of Me. Some things are difficult for me, but I'm fine as I am-Tina J. Richardson.

69-Autism is not something that"I have", it is not an addition. That's why I'm called autistic. Not person"with"autism-Tina J. Richardson.

70. Labeling someone as being"in a world of their own"is one of the worst mistakes. Difficulties with communication and social interaction do not mean that one is from another planet. Lack of eye contact does not mean they can not see. Wandering does not mean they're lost-Liz Becker.

71-There's a sad sinking feeling that comes when you do not fit even with other autistic-Tina J. Richardson.

"I think I have some things that I'm good at." Is it from autism? Being autistic does not make me a bright fairy. It's just me and that's a good thing to be-Tina J. Richardson.

"Stop assuming I have no emotions." My thoughts may not be easily seen in my face. But I think and feel-Tina J. Richardson.

"They're not obsessions. These are predictable and comforting interests-Tina J. Richardson.

75-When I look at the world I am in, I hope someday all people will be accepted and valued as they are-Tina J. Richardson.

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