70 Egocentric Phrases for Men and Women

I leave you 70 Egocentric phrases For men and women that will serve you to reflect on this negative attitude.

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Egocentric phrases

1-Not being able to see things from another point of view is another form of egocentrismo.-Pedro A. P. Raymond.

2-All living things are alive by self-centeredness.

3-Egocentrism is the recognition that every living thing sees the world from a single perspective.

4-Egocentric people not only destroy relationships, they destroy themselves.

5-The only good thing about being egocentric is that you take more care of yourself, although there is a point where you forget to take care of yourself.

6-An egocentric is not someone who does not care about others, is someone who does not directly think of others.

7-An egocentric thinks that all people and events revolve around him, just as before Galileo was thought that all the planets revolved around the sun. The problem is that in both cases they are very wrong.

8-Walking with an egocentric is walking with a person that you can see but who can not see you.

9-When a person pronounces the word"I"more than 5 times in less than a minute, it is very likely to be a great egocentric.

10-It is not only egocentric that does not look for others, but also the one who looks for others to take advantage of them.

11-When you see an egocentric, run as if you have seen a lion come out of a cage.

12-All immature people have a degree of egocentrism and a mature person, by definition, can not be egocentric.

13-Sometimes a person is so egocentric that he thinks that the pain he produces has no consequences that will turn against him.

14-Self-centeredness is one of the worst traits, because sooner or later it will be so far away from people that it will not have time to return.

15-A blind and kind person has more eyes than an egocentric person who does not look for others.

16-Egocentric is not equal to selfish. The egocentric can give things to later benefit at the expense of others, the selfish gives nothing directly.

17-Someone self-centered sails alone into the darkness of eternal solitude.

18-I prefer an egocentric to a rude. Not all self-centered people do harm, but a person without moral and rude, can destroy someone weak in a matter of seconds.

19-Grow like an egocentric and you will soon find yourself in an endless desert.

20-If someone looks at you with a bad face for having stepped on by mistake shows self-centeredness. Could not it have been his fault?

21-The egocentric is often complained when they do not pay attention, after having spent years without paying attention to others.

22-The egocentric only has a way of seeing the world, so that everything happens to him and everything has to benefit him.

23-I prefer to live with the dirtiest person in the world than with an egocentric. The first one is dirty but it comes to understand that it is annoying, the second one can be clean but it can only bother her.

24-When you speak with an egocentric person prepare to act as a psychologist; 90% of the time you will talk about your life and problems.

25-Even if it was the most important day of your life, with an egocentric will be the most common of all, because what you have had breakfast that day will be the main topic in the conversation.

26-No matter how great a person, egocentrism kills that greatness.

27- Egocentrism short circuits interpersonal communication, weakens sentimental capacity and limits intellectual evolution.

28- The dialogue is deceased! Egocentrism has killed him to replace him with a sterile and self-fulfilling sequence of monologues.

29- Pessimism is the basis of egocentrism.

30- In art as in life is preferable the satisfaction to egocentrism.

31- The egocentric is the one who writes inside a"I and I"heart and yet their relationship is ruined by jealousy.

The only reason an egocentric would go to the moon would be to see what the earth looks like without him.

33- There are people so egocentric that they think that God exists in His image and likeness.

No matter how much esteem he claims to have, an egocentric person will never really hear what you say.

35- Talking with a person who does not know about self criticism is like wanting to save money by depositing coins in a broken bag.

36- Never confuse self-centeredness with self-love, the former enslaves, the latter releases you.

37. An egocentric person will only look into your eyes to see your reflection.

"You sure know an egocentric, smart, confident, well-articulated. Sure at first you loved his pants, you loved his perfume, you loved his way of walking. Also for sure that enchantment Did not last long

39- Charming, liar, charismatic, insensitive, selfish, promiscuous flee, you are in front of an egocentric that will only hurt you!

40- The self-centered are those people who are willing to give their private life, their most intimate photos, all for an instant of fame.

41 - An egocentric will always assume that everything you do or say is a consequence of your actions.

42- An egocentric does not admit his mistakes... he thinks he does not commit them.

43- The egocentric are those people who have not understood that the earth revolves around the sun... not of them.

44- The ego of some people is so great, that they believe to be the only extraordinary beings.

45- An egocentric is one who will try to turn off your light so that others will see you shine.

46- Only the self-centered are drowned in the pain they feel for themselves without knowing that there is no one who can comfort them.

47- The egocentrism and the obsession of people for wanting to reach the highest, make them fall on the lowest.

48. Between being self-assured and self-centered, there is a thin line separating them. It's called: humility.

49- Self-centeredness is nothing more than a facade to hide low self-esteem.

fifty- "Tell me what you conceive and I will tell you what you lack" The phrase that all self-centered people hate.

51- Egocentrism is a disease that develops at the moment that a poor-minded person encounters a miserable share of power and popularity.

52- To deceive others is a relatively vain defect, to deceive yourself is self-centeredness in its purest state.

53- Being egocentric is only a consequence of overcompensation of the inferiority complex, in a wedding, the egocentric has to be the bride! At a funeral, the egocentric must be the dead! Everything revolves around him.

54- Social notoriety generates and enhances egocentrism, sadly, social networks are sometimes accelerators.

55. The self-centered person is the only one who transcends vanity to perfection. For them to rectify or humility are never options.

56- The egocentric is one who sees a work of art in each mirror that crosses its path.

57- The worst friends are those who always approve everything, do not contribute to the egocentrism of that person who is already sick.

58- Egocentric is not equal to narcissistic, although it seems unlikely, the egocentric still has salvation. The narcissist too, but the reality shock will destroy him in the process.

59 -Egocentrism is a subtle way of naming capital sin: Pride.

60. There is no one who suffers more the self-centeredness of a person, than that same person when he sees himself in the mirror in intimacy.

61. Egocentrism is a disease so serious that, if for a moment it took physical form, it would kill the person from which it was born imperfectly even at the cost of its own life.

62- Hear It is not an option for the egocentric.

63. There is no easier and sicker love than the one who says he feels self-centered by himself.

64- the ego is only an illusion, but a very influential in the heart of people.

65. Your ego can be the biggest killer of your profession, if you start believing only in your greatness It will be the death of your creativity.

66- There is nothing wrong with boasting a little once in a while, the problem begins when you seek to minimize the achievements of others.

67- The self-centeredness of a person, once developed enough, whispers to the ear whenever he can: You do not need them, you are better.

68- I think in all social networks, whether Facebook or Twitter or whatever, there is an ecosystem that exists there. But there is also an ego system there. -Ashton Kutcher.

69- The worst thing that the ego does to the egocentric people, is to take away their ability to say"I'm sorry".

70. Everyone gets to the point where he can choose to be guided by his heart or guided by his ego. It is in you to learn to differentiate the voices.

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