7 Things to Do When Feeling Ignored (Psychology)

Feeling Ignored Is one of the worst feelings you can experience. However, that feeling depends on our perspective or thoughts and therefore we can change it.

Has any of this happened to you recently?

  • Your colleagues do not consider your ideas.
  • You spend time having a coffee / drink with someone and pay more attention to whatsapp than to you.
  • Your boss, friend or partner takes hours to respond to your messages, if at all.
  • You hurry to get to a meeting and the other person does not show up or arrive too late.
  • You send A CV Or apply to a job offer and no one responds.

Actually the opposite of love is not hate. Is the indifference . In fact, being ignored can cause a feeling even worse than being rejected as it may lead you to think that you do not care about others.

Feel ignored

When we are treated with indifference, we may tend to think that we do not deserve attention. However, this is a sign that we must Work on ourselves . Pay attention to your thoughts and behavior: are you asking too much? Are they really ignoring you?

First of all, you should consider these aspects, however sometimes the reality is that being ignored may also depend on the Lack of consideration of the other person . If you do not return your messages to a company, your partner laughs at the images that are sent to him by Whatsapp while you are together or someone does not show up for a meeting / appointment, it may be the responsibility of the other person.

Feeling Ignored Is something that may happen often in our life and to avoid feeling bad about it is better to change perspective than trying to change others:

1- We can not control others , However we have control over ourselves.

2- They do not ignore you : When they ignore or reject us at first is not by our person. Do you think that a person who does not know you can base your decision to ignore you in your personality?

3- Do not seek approval from others : One of the worst attitudes you can have if you want to be happy and independent is to seek the approval of others for everything you do. There will always be people who agree with what you do and others who do not.

4- Be independent : This is related to the no search for approval. To be happy you only need yourself. Then, of course, there are the other people with whom you share your happiness, even though they are a"complement", you must be happy for yourself.

5- That they ignore you does not mean that you have to ignore others . If you do that you would enter a cycle without return: you ignore, ignore and ignore. Also feed your thoughts that"I ignore people because they ignore me." So try to pay more attention to others and see what their reactions are.

It is not that if someone always ignores you, you pay attention.

It's about not making it a habit to ignore people and not ignore people who do not deserve it.

6- Communication : If you have stayed with a friend to have a coffee and pay more attention to your smartphone than what you say, tell him. If you feel uncomfortable transmitting it, use humor.

7- Learn to say no : In many cases is usually ignored to avoid having to say a"no"and face an uncomfortable situation. However, ignoring will make the other person even worse off than a no.

In short, it is a matter of not needing the attention of others and avail ourselves.

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