7 Exercises and Techniques for Working with Self-Esteem

In this article I will explain 7 Self-esteem exercises For adults, teenage children, with whom you can Work your self-esteem and get to have a very good one if you work with constancy and dedication.

You may feel worried that your low self-esteem does not make you feel good and prevents you from interacting properly with others. You often find yourself In toxic relationships And you do not know how to get out of the situation.

You probably look in the mirror and you do not like what you see, you do not feel good at work, or you think you're not good enough to overcome certain problems.

Self-esteem exercises

While it is during childhood that the pillars on which good self-esteem , Even in adult life there are many things you can do to improve in this aspect.

Some of the benefits of having good self-esteem are:

  • Preventing mental disorders.
  • Have better personal relationships.
  • Improve in the work area.
  • Achieve your goals.

The exercises that I will show you next can do them at any time of the day and as many times as you wish.

They can help you a lot especially in those times when insecurity or fear of failure invades you.

Exercises to increase self-esteem

  1. Write and read

Something as simple as making a list with certain things, and reading it from time to time, will help you a lot. What things to list? Make the following two columns:

1-On the one hand write what your goals are. It includes the simplest objectives, such as, for example, passing the driving test.

If you can try to set a date to accomplish this goal. You can also list"deeper"or longer-term goals, such as buying your home.

You already have the first column whose title is"objectives".

2-Now comes the second column:"my qualities". No need to exaggerate, the idea in this case is to identify all your virtues, qualities and those characteristics that have allowed you to achieve important things.

The list you have made is personal and no one, if you do not want it, have to read it. So feel free to write down what you really think and feel.

To begin, try reading this list every day for three weeks. Then see the frequency decreasing.

As for the list of goals, place it in a visible place to remember it. Every 2-3 months you can review and renew it depending on your situation and changes.

Reading your goals will help you focus on them. Reviewing each day your qualities, will allow you not to"punish"you when something goes wrong or you just made mistakes.

If you want to learn how to set goals correctly Visit this article .

  1. Anchor in the good experiences

Think of an outstanding fact of your life, which has been very gratifying.

It does not matter if it's about that special test you went through, an upgrade you made or when you declared your love for someone and you were reciprocated.

Once you've identified that situation think about the details. How was the way you prepared that exam, which was in your opinion the key to having passed.

If you get feelings, such as aromas or colors to your mind also think a lot about it.

Write in detail the sequence of how everything happened. And every time you have to live a difficult situation, try to feel the same way.

It will help you realize that if in the past you were able to overcome what at that time was also a difficult situation, now you will also go ahead.

It is about recreating the positive state that you had in past situations in the present.

  1. Remove nasty words

People with low self-esteem often make very hard judgments against themselves.

"What an idiot I am,"is a clear example of how you can insult yourself without any real need to do so.

If you have made a mistake or an awkwardness and that gives you a lot of anger, try to substitute words like"idiot"for other"softer".

To begin, make a simple test: take notes every time you miss an insult against yourself.

As you practice this simple exercise, you will notice that the number of times you utter unpleasant words about yourself decreases.

  1. Make a brief description

Try to think about what the perfect person would look like for you. Or how you should be yourself to feel fully compliant.

As you think, go write everything you demand of that person. If you do not want to write, use the fingers of your hand to count those virtues you should have.

Would you reach the fingers of the hand to count all the qualities that you think you should have? Probably not, right?

With this simple exercise you can realize that many times you demand and pretend too much of yourself.

Ask yourself if you know someone who fulfills everything you would want for yourself.

  1. Give away phrases and receive perks

What is it about? You do not have to buy anything to give away. What you will give will be just a few pleasant phrases.

Think of the first three people you see at the beginning of your day.

Suppose the first can be the doorman of the building where you live, the second is the employee of the cafe where you buy your breakfast. The third is the lady who cleans the office in which you work.

Try to do the following: After you greet the building's doorman, tell him that you wanted to express his agreement to his work some time ago, because he has always been very kind to warn you about your correspondence (just an example).

Then do the same with the person who serves you in the cafeteria. If you go there frequently it's because you like what they sell, tell the same thing to the girl that attends, that you enjoy that coffee so much that she prepares you to start your day.

Finally when you see the lady who cleans, thank her for keeping her place clean. Tell him that his work is very dignified, even though other people devalue him.

The only thing you have to do with this exercise is to observe with gratification the effect your words have had with those people.

You will directly contribute to raising their self-esteem, and probably also encourage you to tell them what they think of you. It is likely that your self-esteem is also greatly improved.

  1. Discover your talent

Like all people, you have talents that allow you to develop certain skills with great skill and dexterity.

Also, like everyone, there are things you do not get on so well, or you just do not like to do them.

When a person have low self-esteem , Finds very easily that which is not good. For example you say:"I am lousy for the kitchen"or"the dance is not my thing".

You may not be quite brilliant in the kitchen or at the dance, but you're sure to be good for something else. And that other thing is not less important.

Sometimes society makes certain trades or tasks fashionable, so that whoever can do them well, are considered talented people, and by defect, those who can not do it, are the"failures."

You would be surprised to discover, for example, that decades ago in Europe people who washed dishes and cutlery quickly and correctly earned more money than those who cooked. A simple way to realize that any talent can be valuable.

So, whenever you think you are bad for a certain task, think of another for which you are good.

  1. Do more of what you like to do

Think freely about all the things you like to do. From the most simple and everyday to the most"ambitious", for example that trip to unknown lands.

Then write each of these thoughts or ideas. Next to every thing you enjoy doing, write the reason why you chose it.

You can use the emotions or feelings you experience when you do them.

In a third column, write down the last time you did it. How much time has passed since then?

Surely you are surprised to discover that you have not been dining for a long time at this restaurant that you like so much. Ask yourself why you did not. Are there many"no"answers?

Enjoy the things you enjoy doing contribute Sensibly improve your self-esteem.

Practice these exercises frequently and your self-esteem will surely improve a lot. If you do not feel better after a while, the psychological therapy can help you.

Finally, remember that self-esteem is the same as another skill; The more you practice it the more you will improve it.

And what exercises do you do to work on self-esteem?


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