7 Amazing curious ways to use swabs in everyday life

With a little ingenuity, the things that we use daily can become our favorite tools to solve a range of situations, inside and outside the home, without having to spend on products that are sometimes expensive. The sticks are one of these magical items that will make your life easier once you know, then the wonders you can achieve with them are really multipurpose!

The most obvious uses are to clean excess wax from the ears -always very careful-, to remove makeup, to review the nails we paint or discard ... But the following ways to use sticks will attract attention because they are quite unexpected. They are very interesting!

Curious ways to use sticks on a day-to-day basis

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1. Improvise a beauty traveler kit

7 Amazing curious ways to use swabs in everyday life

If you need to travel lightly for luggage, but you do not want to do without your makeup, which is worth mentioning, it usually takes up a lot of space, you will love finding out about this trick. When applying it, you will save a lot of space in your suitcase , because with this you could leave all the shadow palettes at home and take just the right amount, wherever you go.

How is it done? You just have to impregnate sticks with the shadows that you will need during the trip so that you can slip on the eyelids whenever you want to beautify the look. This trick is so great that you can also apply it with lipsticks and perfumes to improvise a low cost beauty traveler kit.

2. Fix a stuck zipper

7 Amazing curious ways to use sticks in day to day 1

Throw away your favorite garment for a clogged zipper? Never again, with this trick. Yes, you've caught us! This is another situation in which swabs or cotton swabs will get you out of trouble. To fix a clogged zipper you only need to dip the stick with oil, petroleum jelly or other oily substance - watching it does not stain the fabric - apply it to the zipper and pull it gently until it loosens. Have you tried before? The swabs work perfectly for these cases and others that you will discover in this article.

3. For touch-ups on the wall

7 Amazing curious ways to use sticks in day to day 2

It is enough to see with some discomfort that small portion of chipped wall It takes months in your room, because with the use of sticks you can solve the problem without having to call a painter to do the work.

If you already have a paint of the same color as the wall, all you need is a cotton swab, soak it in the paint and spend wisely for the chipped area, and that simple you will have retouched the wall in a flash.

4. To eliminate scratches on your shoes

7 Amazing curious ways to use sticks in day to day 3

When the first scratches on your shoes They begin to appear, the common thing is that you think that soon you will have to get rid of them. But we recommend that before doing so try this simple trick that will return them to life for sure: Soak the end of a cotton swab with a nail polish remover and gently rub the damaged area . What follows is to cover the same area with baby powder or petroleum jelly, this will make your striped shoes look soft, shiny and ready to look like new.

5. To dye your hair with precision

7 Amazing curious ways to use sticks in day to day 4

Suppose you want cover a minimum area of ​​hair where a few have begun to appear white hair without the surrounding hair being dyed. This is a precision work that you can perform perfectly with something as economical as a cotton swab impregnated with the dye of your preference. They are also magical to paint in your hair reflections or strands with fantasy colors if what you are looking for is to change the appearance a bit from the comfort of your home.

6. Draw polka dots

7 Amazing curious ways to use sticks in day to day 5

Polka dots provide a classic and adorable touch on any surface, such as cups, the walls of your bedroom, birthday cards or even your wardrobe. If you like crafts, you will be fascinated to use sticks as brushes to draw small and uniform points on what you want, and thus customize spaces and objects with that vintage touch that we like so much.

7. Clean jewelry

7 Amazing curious ways to use sticks in day to day 6

Make all your jewelry shine like a diamond with the versatile cotton swabs , that besides all the uses that we have commented to you in the previous points, they are the suitable tool to polish valuable materials with the help of a cleaning liquid, since they have the perfect size to access even the most detailed areas.

AHA! An item that we thought was only used to remove wax from the ear but that turned out to be the secret weapon to solve a lot of common problems at home. How did you find the multiple purposes in which you can use? sticks? Do you know others more? Get us!

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