63 Phrases about Flamenco

I leave you over 60 Phrases about flamenco Of great artists like Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Pablo Alborán, Antonio Gades or Camarón de la Isla.

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Flamenco phrases

1-She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing in the moonlight with the flamenco guitar. Janet Fitch.

2-The flamenco of the gypsies has nothing to do with flamenco for tourists. Real flamenco is like sex. -Klaus Kinski.

3-I love dancing and music from Latin cultures. I went once to a flamenco show in Spain, and it completely took my breath away! -Torrey De Vitto.

4-There are certain songs that I like to hear at certain times of the day. For example, first thing in the morning I love listening to Miles Davis'"Bocetos de Flamenco"from the album 'A sort of sadness'. -Jon Foreman.

5-I would like to do something together of the flamenco style, like Handel, Bach, Muddy Waters. If I could get that sound, I would be happy. -Jimi Hendrix.

6-We are a typical Spanish family: bullfighter, actress, flamenco dancer and singer. -Paz Vega.

7-As for the current inspiration, I'm listening to a lot of flamenco, because the techniques used for flamenco can be adapted to play bass. Billy Sheehan.

8-I do not have many actors in my family, but I have a great uncle who is a filmmaker in Philadelphia, and my great-great-grandparents were flamenco dancers in the 30's in New York, they were Spanish dancers. -Aubrey Plaza.

9-What is a steak to Argentina, flamenco to Spain, cold reserve and self-control in all situations to an English?, what is vodka to a Russian and beer to a Bavarian, what is the money to A Swiss, what is the outdoor life to an Australian? It is a noble mania, better than vodka, better than cold reserve, better than money. George Mikes.

10-I do not like listening to flamenco singers because they break their voices and it hurts me. I like the other forms of flamenco, dance that is a very strong art, and guitar, like that of Niño Ricardo, for example as she sings. -Placido Domingo.

11-I did ballet, jazz and flamenco since I was five years old. And my professional career started dancing in musicals. -Jennifer Lopez.

12-Certain things physically, you can not dance, but look at tango or flamenco dancers or the classic Japanese theater. You can, if you are smart enough and you work with the correct choreographers; Really, you could dance at your age. -Mikhail Baryshnikov.

13-That is what it is, arrogance, listen in this flamenco music this same arrogance of suffering. The force of what is so overwhelming, the self-sufficiency that is so delicate and tender without an instant of sentimentality. With infinite compassion, but at the same time, rejecting compassion. It is a precise suffering. -Guillermo Gaddis.

14-It had a nice brown color in mind, but May hooked up to this sample called Caribbean Pink. He said it made him feel like dancing Spanish flamenco. I thought, 'Well, this is the most sticky color I've ever seen, and we'll have half the city talking about us, but if you can lift May's heart like that, I think I should live within it.' -It's Monk Kidd.

15-Lenny Bruce described flamenco as an art form in which a dancer applauds his own butt. "David Rakoff.

16-Words have a taste, sweet but subtle, like dark chocolate. The aroma of the old bookstores, a flamenco rhythm, the sensation of rain on your face on sunny days. Words are sometimes cruel and spiteful, and wise and loving in others. -Chloe Thurlow.

17-The flamenco dancer, shaking her fingers, mocked the noise of the castanets, in response to her gypsy cadence. He crouched awkwardly toward the flowers, twirled, kicked his foot and then kicked as if he wanted to lift the flyers. -Jane Glazer.

18-With flamenco I was transported to a world where everyone is beautiful, because beauty is in everything, in the glorious and the ugly; Because flamenco celebrates life, through the cries of pain and also in the shouts of joy, the symmetry of a young face and the character of an old face. -Nellie Bennett.

19-Our dances, tango and flamenco, inspire our nights, and at Island Café, we drank our afternoons, our black coffee. -Amany Al Hallaq.

20-When he returned to his apartment, the flamenco dancers were still zapping in the upstairs restaurant. Moriarity pushed a bottle of cheap Sauterne and cut salami on the kitchen table. "Lorena Cassady.

21-The child who sang flamenco does not have the face of a person, it has the face of a pet, a dirty beast, a perverted beast of the corral. -Camilo José Cela.

22-Gertrudis could knit five sweaters in three days, ride horses for hours, bake pies for all charity bazaars, take painting classes, dance flamenco, sing rancheras, feed 70 guests on a Sunday and fall in love with total Impunity of three different men every Monday. -Angeles Mastretta.

23-A flamenco dancer, looking from the shadows, prepares her dance for terror. Someone has hurt her with words, alluding to the fact that she has no fire, or"goblin." She knows that she has to dance beyond her limitations, and that this can destroy her forever. He has to fail, or he has to die. -Ben Okri.

24-Maria tramples her feet, skirt like ruffles of flamenco. -Beryl Dov.

25-I grew up with a strong Spanish influence. I tried to learn flamenco when I was younger. But it's like my teacher said: 'It takes a life to learn flamenco'. -José González.

26-Everyone comes from the street: tap, jazz and flamenco. And the streets are always changing. If it comes from the streets, change is the only thing that is consistent. -Savion Glover.

27-The connection of what I do with flamenco lies in all the lament, in all the tears, in the torrential return of energy to the earth. It is a cry and a celebration. That's what music, sound, vibration should do. It should generate sparks of energy in people. -Savion Glover.

28-I have to experience a lot more musically, travel and continue studying. I like to do different things, and you never know, because as the music is infinite and every day changes, I do not know if tomorrow will give me to study flamenco or do heavy. The good thing about music is to discover it. -Pablo Alboran.

29-Flamenco is the most important culture we have in Spain and I dare say in Europe. It is an incredible music, it has a great emotional force and a rhythm and an emotion that very few European folklores possess. -Paco De Lucía.

30-It is very important not to lose tradition because that is where the essence, the message, the basis. On it if you can go anywhere and escape, but never leave that root because, ultimately, the identity, smell and taste of flamenco are there. -Paco De Lucía.

31-The merger can work, although I do not believe in it. In my works with Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin or Al Di Meola the music was not flamenco or jazz, it was a fusion of musicians, not music. -Paco De Lucía.

32-Flamenco is always a pity, love is a pity too. Deep down, it's all a shame and a joy. -Island Shrimp.

33-For me flamenco is everything. It's my life, my profession, what I like. -Island Shrimp.

34-An extract of fire and poison, that is flamenco. -Antonio Gades.

35-Twenty years listening to old records and taking things my way, I have made a way for the youth of flamenco. -Island Shrimp.

36-From every place I visited I learned: the sardana of Catalonia, the charro dance of Salamanca, the flamenco of Andalusia... that is the culture of a people, a rite, a life, a history that I needed to learn. - Antonio Gades.

37-The great thing about flamenco is its containment. It does not explode, but there is tremendous energy, sensuality and eroticism that vibrates all the time, but there are also austerity, asceticism. -Antonio Gades.

38-Flamenco makes me crazy. I grew up listening to it, it's my mother music. -Hugo Silva.

39-One thing is to trample and the other to trample the earth. The earth is not trampled, sounds are caressed. -Antonio Gades.

40-Because in this story, especially in flamenco, it's all 'me, me and me', and if there's a little bit left in the poster, then I... You know what I'm saying. -Javier Latorre.

41-Flamenco dancers have to look for life to be effective because today lack personality. -Antonio 'The pipe'.

42-Flamenco is an art that can not be missed. -Antonio Canales.

43-Now it is a horterada to say that you do not like flamenco, and ten years ago it was a horterada to say that yes you liked. -Antonio Canales.

44-Flamenco is our highest and deepest culture of our land. -Antonio Canales.

45-Flamenco is a living thing and it is also a young art and has many years left. -Antonio Canales.

46-The mother of flamenco is the cante, although the most difficult task is the guitarist who makes the dancer and the cantaor feel satisfied. -Eva 'The peppermint.'

47-Flamenco is not a show of strength but of aesthetics, style, charisma and dance discipline. -Matilde Coral.

48-Party at party, waiting for a good soul who wants to remember that there is flamenco. Not even in the cafes, they love us already, when we have always been the queens of the world. -Juana Vargas.

49-The culture of flamenco is felt and carried inside and anyone can fall in love with it. -Joaquín Cortés.

50-Flamenco has only one school: to transmit or not to transmit. José Monge Cruz.

51-I am the convergent synthesis of the classic guitar of flamenco and the vertiginously evolved guitar of the modern era. "The boy Ricardo.

52-Pure flamenco is the vanguard. -Manuel Morao.

53-It has been improved in the technique, in the modulation, but lacking personality in the flamenco voice. -Paco de Lucia.

54. Flamenco is linked to feeling and emotion. -José Fernández Torres.

55-Flamenco is a philosophy, a way of thinking and feeling of an entire people and its historical tradition. -Manolo Sanlúcar.

56-Flemish art can change your life and hook you forever. -Vicente Friend.

57-Flamenco is a feeling of the soul that is danced, sung and played. -Anonymous.

58-Flamenco I always have it conceptualized as a way of life, where there are passions, pain, sobriety, joy, restlessness, coquetry. -Merche Esmeralda.

59-Flamenco is not only done to demonstrate power, strength, virtuosity, a single formation, but that flamenco has many formations. The body is a language in itself when it comes to dance because there is no word. From the eyes to the feet is a semblanza. Since I have use of reason in dance, this is how I like not only to give flamenco, but also to perceive it in another dancer. -Merche Esmeralda.

60-I sing flamenco I sing different I carry it inside because I have lived it. -The neighborhood.

61-Flamingos do not know why, but they do. And it's very simple. They seek to defend their voices in the face of the stress of singing flamenco, and one night, and another night, and another night, and come sending drinks of wine, or whatever, and smoking and I do not know what... Then, Are defended, how, through the technique. -Alfredo Kraus.

62-I feel very united, but very united, to all Andalusia. And, to make matters worse, I like flamenco too. And I say one thing, which nobody has ever said but is true, that the flamenco are the ones who sing with the best technique in the world. Better than the singers. -Alfredo Kraus.

63- Tell me what does a Galician in Cádiz dream of bulerías? April 10, I saw her dance to flamenco and changed my life. -Andrés Suarez.

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