60 Curious Gifts | To surprise and leave a mark

We all love receiving details from the people around us. Let those present do us, for our birthday, because we have achieved some success or simply because they have remembered us to see a certain object, be special. Of course, typical and common objects are appreciated, but it is the curious gifts that always leave the most traces.

If you also want to surprise those people you are going to make a present of and want to make it memorable, the following list will interest you a lot. We have made a selection of curious gifts , unique and extraordinary, for different people: men, women and children, who will give you many ideas for when you have to make that gift that stands out above the rest and enchant its recipient. You are ready? Keep reading!

60 Curious gifts that will surprise everyone

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To make it easier to distinguish between all the ideas of curious gifts, we have organized this list according to the age and gender of the person to whom you want to make a present. That does not mean that you can not find the perfect gift for a man in the list of curious gifts for women, but in this way it will be easier for you to scroll through our selection of original presents. Surely these objects will surprise you as much as we do!

Curious gifts for men

1. Bluetooth gloves that allow you to talk on the phone by making the gesture with your hand

Bluetooth gloves Man
  • D-Mail

Do you have a friend who in his childhood always played to be a secret agent, with thousands of strange devices that facilitated his missions? These gloves of our curious gifts are what any would-be inspector Gadget would wish for. Thanks to the bluetooth to a headset and a small microphone, you can connect them to a smartphone and use them to answer calls with just the manual gesture of talking on the phone. Great!

2. Arcade Classic portable video game machine

Arcade video game machine
  • NOTE: two colors randomly distributed.220 built-in nostalgic games return the fun to a ...
  • Joystick and button controls for a realistic game of recreational machines.
  • The 2.8-inch LCD screen makes all games come alive, sounds authentic games to improve the ...

Nostalgic and fans of Stranger Things you will find in this classic arcade video game machine the object of your wishes. It will transport you directly to previous times, without having to occupy your entire room with one of these machines. Practical and very fun!

3. Apron / bib for when you shave your beard

Apron to shave or trim the beard
  • Its practical design will make your shaving easier, keep the bathroom clean and tidy!
  • Its advanced waterproof, breathable and transparent silk material makes it easy to clean and you will not ...
  • The suckers on the bottom of this beard apron allow you to fix it to the mirror and create a kind of tent that ...

Glamorous? Maybe not. Useful? 100% This object is an apron for that hipster friend who spends hours cutting his beard or for one who is a fan of the beard of several days and should review it often. It will save a lot of time and effort dedicated to picking hairs from the pike and the ground, thanks to this apron or bib, which sticks to the mirror. It is an extremely original gift and one that, once used, will be greatly appreciated.

4. Bath mat that is ... a piano!

Piano bath mat
  • BigMouth Inc. Potty Piano - Hilarious Toilet fun!
  • Toy
  • Big Mouth Toys

On average, a person throughout his life spends a total of 3 years sitting on the toilet. You can read shampoos, the newspaper, look at the phone until you spend Instagram ... Or use one of the funniest gifts on this list. It is a mat that fits the toilet and makes sounds, so that one can play the piano and entertain, while waiting for the "inspiration" to arrive. Fun!

5. Shower gel that looks like a bag of blood

Shower gel like blood
  • Shower gel in a blood plasma bag
  • The bag contains no blood but cherry-scented shower gel
  • Capacity: 400 ml

Maybe you have the typical fan of horror movies and, why not, the gore. In case that is so, this object of our list of curious gifts is perfect for him. Make this present and suggest that you put it in your bathroom when you have guests. The scare is assured and the best thing is that they can use the contents of the bloody bag as a shower gel. Useful and terrifying.

6. Desk vacuum cleaner in the shape of R2-D2

Desk vacuum R2-D2
  • Star Wars R2D2 Desktop Vacuum Cleaner - Powered by USB
  • From the extreme vacuum of space comes the useful R2D2 android to suck your mess
  • Use the Star Wars trilogy to clean your desk

The desk has become the center of our activities. In it we use the computer to work, play video games, consult social networks ... That's why, sometimes it's really dirty. The next gift is perfect for those Star Wars lovers who are a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning. The desk vacuum cleaner in the shape of R2-D2 will make the tasks of table hygiene much more pleasant and "cool". We already want to try it!

7. Bag of dirty clothes in the shape of a punching bag

Bag of dirty clothes and punching bag
  • - Punching Bag Dirty Clothing Bag this one designed to look like a classic boxing bag
  • - Large bag to carry the weight of many clothes. Durable and durable, perfect for punching, lacing ...

Again, one of the curious gifts that mix fun and hygiene. Tired of finding pieces of used clothing from that roommate or boyfriend, on the floor of the house or room? Maybe if the bag of dirty clothes had the shape of a punching bag and the more full it was, the more fun it was, the situation would be solved. Give away the bag of dirty clothes in the shape of a boxing bag! It's fantastic and sure will surprise the honoree!

8. Cap / headset music player, wireless

Cap that serves as a headset
  • 1. Keep your head warm, while staying connected with the moving phone \ n2.Integrate a small ...
  • Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the image may not reflect the actual color of the element ....
  • shoes polo ralph lauren man polo ralph lauren man red polo ralph lauren man white caps polo ralph lauren ...

This gift is ideal for that whopping person, but who loves to listen to music. Instead of wearing the cap open to the ears to keep the headphones in place, this accessory serves as a wireless headset and allows you to go warm while you enjoy your favorite songs. Comfortable, useful ... what more can you ask for from the original gifts?

9. A portable ping pong table

Portable ping pong
  • It contains a net, 2 paddles, 2 balls and a drawstring bag to store the game.
  • Portable ping pong. It can be placed on tables of almost all sizes.
  • The handles of the pallets are retractable so that they can be stored more easily. The balls are transported in ...

Not everyone has that mansion with enough space to get lost in it or have an open ping pong table, ready to burn off stress after work. This portable table tennis "table" allows you to play on any surface, adding a solid and foldable network, perfect for spending the afternoon with friends and being the king of the track. A gift that is always a success!

10. Superhero bookends

Bookends in the shape of a superhero
  • √ A UNIQUE GIFT: our bookend is unique and surprising, which will give your favorite reader's house a ...
  • √ A TOUCH OF ART FOR YOUR SHELVING: our book top is a perfect complement to any shelf and ...
  • √ ROBUST AND RESISTANT: our bookrest is made of metal and has a black finish, which ensures ...

This one of those original gifts that have a magic point. It is a bookend shaped like a superhero that seems to fly while holding one's library. Super strength and the ability to fly mixed with literature. A great decoration element and a gift that will delight.

11. A pizza box that actually contains socks

Pizza box with socks
  • ORIGINAL socks: Pizza Socks Box is a proposal for lovers of colorful, crazy and daring socks, ...
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE EU: We manufacture the Pizza Socks Box socks in a small family factory, where quality is ...
  • OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE: For the manufacture of socks we use certified cotton of the highest quality. In...

A gift tramapantojo. Deceive a little the honoree, laugh with him, while discovering that the pizza box does not contain this delight, but great socks. A very curious present that, in addition, will help the birthday boy not wander around the world with tomatoes in his socks. Fantastic!

12. Portable piano keyboard, roll-up

Rollable piano keyboard
  • 61 keys (C3-C8) portable roller up to the piano, convenient storage and easy transportation. Keyboard of ...
  • It has 45 demo songs, 128 rhythm classes, 128 types of tones. Supports recording, the ...
  • Compatible with a finger and chord cord several fingers. With LED display that shows the information of the parameters ...

Do you have a friend with the soul of a musician? This is one of the curious gifts that is ideal for music lovers. With this portable and rolling piano keyboard you can compose and play, wherever you are, when the muses whisper in your ear.

13. Swiss Army knife with cutlery, for travelers

Swiss Army knife with cutlery
  • Camping Tool Switzerland 6 in 1 multi tool multi Tool.
  • The ideal companion camping trips.
  • Contains: Spoon, fork, knife, corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener

Travel lover, backpacker, great driver, has a caravan ... Maybe you have a friend who shares these characteristics. If this is the case, this super complete tool will enchant you. It is a Swiss Army knife with different uses: it can be spoon, fork, knife ... So you do not need to carry the cutlery up and down. Surely that traveling soul will appreciate this present.

14. Bata de estar por casa de caballero jedi

Jedi Knight's Robe
  • Star Wars Bathrobe Jedi for Unisex
  • brown-beige
  • 100% polyester

It's hard to be presentable, even to keep your dignity intact in the mornings. Dark circles, ruffled hair, a bit of drool at the corners ... but there is an accessory that will not only allow you to warm up, it will also make you feel a little closer to being a Jedi gentleman tomorrow. Give this robe to be at home, which can also make the robe, that friend who has a hard time waking up. Maybe this is how he feels "The Force" and he looks more prepared to face the day.

15. Washable and flexible computer keyboard

Flexible and washable computer keyboard
  • PORTABLE: The keyboard is light, ultra-thin and very compact. It would be a perfect companion for lavel, school, and ...
  • WATERPROOT: With its waterproof silicone material, you do not have to worry about damaging the keyboard because it does not ...
  • DIRT & DUSTPROOF: The keyboard can be used safely in very dusty environments, perfect for factories, ...

Do you know someone who lives in front of the computer, who eats and drinks in front of the screen, and leaves the keyboard a mess? The next gift is perfect for this person. It is a keyboard that can be washed that is flexible and that will allow the hygiene of the working environment of the present receiver to be better. It will use it for sure!

16. Camera-shaped smartphone image projector

Smartphone image projector
  • Turn your phone into a home theater with the Polaroid Smartphone projector!
  • Works with all types of smartphones up to 14 cm x 8 cm
  • 8 x zoom, telescopic adjustment and fine focus adjustment of the lens

More fantastic curious gifts. This camera is not only aesthetically great, but it is also an image projector for your smartphone. You can project what you see in it on a white wall and see everything a little bigger than on your screen. A great idea if you want to see a quiet series in the room without needing to take out the laptop, turn on the television, etc.! Surely this present will fascinate whoever receives it!

17. Fair hook to catch candy in your house

Hook to catch candies
  • Bring your favorite arcade game to your home with La Clara / Carnival! The electronic candy grabber machine allows you ...
  • Use The Controls Mechanism To Move The Hoarding One Way, Right And Left, Up And Down. Use...
  • As soon as you drop a coin into the machine it will start playing music. As of now, he has 60 ...

Everyone, however much we grow up, we still have the soul of children when it comes to objects and fair machines. Allow the honoree to unleash his most childish side and challenge him to catch more candy than you! We are looking forward to receiving this hook to hunt sweets!

18. Volkswaggen toaster

Volkswaggen toaster
  • Retro style VW multifunction 2 slice toaster with bagel function and slide crumb tray
  • It also includes reheating, defrosting, browning function and cancellation button. Made a high standard of steel ...
  • Toaster measures approx. 25cm (W) 19cm (H) x 15cm (D)

There are people who can not start the day without a couple of toasts. For your mornings to have a vintage touch, do not you think that this Volskwaggen toaster is great? One of those curious gifts that fan a very aesthetic touch to the kitchen and increase the style of the person who owns it. Give it away!

19. Basket for the trash can with sound

Basket for the trash can with sound
  • - This original article consists of a set of basketball so you can place it in the bin and play from your table, ...
  • - The fun set is presented in a cardboard box according to the reason represented. THE PAPERWORK IS NOT INCLUDED.
  • - Behind each product there is always a nice surprise, ideal to give to those lovers of objects ...

You do not know what to give, but you are aware that your friend spends many hours at home. Maybe it's a freelance, a cartoonist or just an introvert who loves to spend time watching movies on the couch. This accessory for the basket, shaped like a basket that emits sounds, will epic every time you have to throw something away. Be careful, you may like it so much that you start to throw away more things than you should! Then nobody says we did not notice it.

20. Game of shots 3 in a row

Set of shots 3 in a row

    Composed of a transparent board and 9 glasses ...

  • Game of Shots 3 in Stripe
  • Original and Fun Game!

If you have been invited to a party, this is a gift that can even be used immediately after opening. This game of 3-in-a-row shots is the perfect excuse to play and laugh, having a good time, while you try the tequila or the drink that the host has prepared. We recommend that you accompany it with a bottle of liquor that you yourself have purchased. The perfect pack for an unforgettable night (which some may not remember the next morning)!

Curious gifts for women

21. Ear-shaped elf headphones

Ear-shaped headphones elf
  • New design with Elf Ear shaped headphones, beautiful, perfect sound quality ideal as a Christmas gift.
  • Ultra soft ergonomic ear headphones adjust instantly to your ears; with three sets (S, M, L) of ...
  • Wide frequency response to enjoy hearing; Inspiring Full Range sound with rich performance ...

Romantic, dreamy, eager to star in a fantasy novel magical medieval ... If the person you want to make one of these curious gifts fits with this description, the elf ear-shaped headphones will fascinate you.

22. Classic pocket video game console

Classic pocket video game console
  • Built in 508 super classic games and a 130 in 1 super card game
  • 3.0 "color screen, built-in speaker, headphone jack, volume regulator, bass indicator ...
  • Type of games: sports, sports, adventure, racing, puzzles, card games and more

You can accompany you on your trips by subway, train, bus, in conversations that interest you very little ... This classic pocket video game console is ideal for nostalgic and gamers. A resounding success not only with the birthday girl, but also among her relatives. Everyone will want to play!

23. Transparent cup with cat whiskers to make it look like you are, while having a coffee

Transparent cup with drawing
  • Heat resistant: quality glass makes the cup can withstand high temperatures, maximizing the ...
  • Design: the coffee cup is designed with a creative handle to avoid getting hurt when the drink is ...
  • Dimensions: Top width: 10 cm (3.94 inches), Height: 8 cm (3.15 inches). Except an empty glass cup, ...

The curious gifts that animate the mornings are always a success. Drinking coffee may sound a bit boring, but if you do it with the lips of a cartoon character, with kitten mustaches ... Everything becomes more enjoyable! There is no more fun way to have breakfast, have a snack or just have a tea. Take a picture of yourself drinking from this mug and hang it on Instagram! Surely it attracts many likes!

24. Nail dryer in the shape of a unicorn

Nail dryer in the shape of a unicorn
  • Close Up
  • Kitchen

Some of us are in a hurry almost all the time and waiting for our nails to dry does not practically ever enter our plans. To avoid drying them in an unattractive machine that occupies half a shelf, what do you think of this tiny, unicorn-shaped hairdryer? It will decorate the room and it will be useful. Can you ask for more than one gift?

25. Pot that plays music and lights

Flowerpot that plays music and light games
  • Sow your favorite plant in this magical musical pot. The plant will play a song every time you touch it, ...
  • Touch: is a creative pot full of vitality with exclusive touch technology. Through the sensors ...
  • It is not just a plant pot to purify the air of the home or office, but also a night light. The light...

As we can not all have a Groot of Guardians of the Galaxy at home, but we are still lovers of plants, this pot will give a more lively touch to those vegetable companions with which the honoree shares her home. Play music and make light games. With so much encouragement, just talk and sing a little to the plants, they will become like sequoias!

26. A wristwatch in the shape of a Game Boy

Wristwatch with Game Boy shape
  • Remember Mario, Donkey Kong and all your favorite Nintendo characters every time you tell them the time with this Super ...
  • Accurate recreation of the iconic portable gaming console in the form of a miniature clock
  • Play the melody of the official theme of Super Mario Land when the alarm sounds

Another of the curious gifts that will transport the birthday girl to her childhood. If it was of those girls who were only known by the crown of the head, from watching the screen of your Game Boy, this wristwatch with the shape of this console will make you fall in love. Insurance!

27. Electric brush Straightener, for ironing hair, and curling iron, 3 in 1!

Electric straightening brush and curling iron
  • 【3 in 1 Smoothing brush and curling iron】 This electric brush is a multifunctional moulder - efficient combination ...
  • 【Tourmalina Ceramic Ionic Technology】 This electric comb is considered part of the most ...
  • 【Adjustable temperature】 This hair brush is easy to use, adjustable 12 degrees of temperature between ...

Hair straightener, curling iron, brush ... If you think that this girl you want to make curious gifts does not have more room in her house for hair shaping devices, maybe this is a solution for her. This electric brush smoothes, curls and combs it only. There are 3 functions in a single brush. Fantastic! Do not you even want to have it? To us yes!

28. Facial mask of cats

Facial mask with drawings of cats
  • Fleece mask with crystallized accent
  • With hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, rose oil from the Rose damask, allantoin
  • Reduces desquamation depth

Do you also know the typical girl who always hangs a story on the weekends with her face covered by a facial mask? This with the face of a cat will enchant you. Sure you get a thousand comments asking for her, when you post your image on social networks!

29. Footrest in the form of a hammock for the desk

Hammock footrest for your desk
  • This unique hammock design replaces the extra chair that is used to support the feet up.
  • A hammock desk designed specifically to rest your feet.
  • The hooks on either side of any desk with two metal clips.

When you spend a lot of time working in front of the computer screen, sometimes you do not know very well how to place your feet. Too low, too high, you are uncomfortable ... A gift that solves this situation is a hammock to rest the feet, which is hooked to the legs of the desk. A highly recommended gift for those women who live close to your office table!

30. Piggy bank of a mechanical cat that steals coins

Mechanical jack piggy bank
  • See the pop Cat Crafty out of his box and meow every time he has a coin
  • Authentic sounds
  • Save your money in a fun way

It is very possible that you have a friend who can not save. Whenever they have a little money accumulated, go out to dinner, to buy clothes, furniture ... Whatever it is that ends with that little economic corner that I had gotten. Maybe if you give this piggy bank with a kitten that keeps the coins, feel more desire to save to see the little cat in action. Test it! It is a very cute and useful gift.

31. Suhi box that actually contains socks

Sushi box with socks
  • UNIQUE SOCKS - There are no other socks in the world like sushi socks box. The idea for socks is packaged as ...
  • IDEAL FOR GIFT - Sushi Socks Box is a fantastic idea for a fun gift in which there is always a lot of laughter ....
  • COLOR SOCKS ARE "COOL - Food socks is a motif in fashion like Japanese style, and we have combined these ...

Do you know someone who is crazy about sushi? This box of socks that looks like a direct exit from a Japanese take-away restaurant will surprise and delight this person. We promise! In addition, some extra socks always come in handy, especially if you are going to visit Japan soon and you will have to barefoot often.

32. Blanket with mermaid tail shape

Blanket with mermaid tail shape
  • Adult size blanket: 180x90cm. (Elasticity, having a small measurement error). You can freely inside and ...
  • The four seasons are suitable: blanket to sleep in the heat in winter, spring, summer and autumn.
  • Comfortable tail, warm and elegant knitted mermaid blanket, unique design wave pattern, medium protection ...

The same woman who would be happy with the ear-shaped headphones of elf, could receive with a big smile this blanket shaped like a mermaid tail. It is warm and will stimulate the imagination of those who embrace it. Cool!

33. Tape with headphones to sleep

Tape with headphones
  • FOR A PERFECT REST - With its soft materials, the tape is modeled perfectly, the anatomical headphones ultra ...
  • IMPROVES THE QUALITY OF SLEEP - Sleeping and resting well improves the quality of life, which guarantees greater energy and ...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY - Not only during sleep, but also for walking or running outdoors, ...

Maybe you know some girl who likes to fall asleep listening to music or a podcast. These headphones allow you to sleep in any position, without being stuck in the ear. They are inside a tape and they are very comfortable. We add them to our list for our birthday!

34. Tray of lip balms in the shape of desserts

Lip balms in the shape of desserts
  • Height 3 cm; diameter: 3 cm; gloss weight: 2 g.
  • - -
  • -

We never have enough lip balms. Between the cold, the air conditioners and other factors, our lips suffer. Instead of carrying a sad cocoa bar for nothing aesthetic, this present among our curious gifts will allow the birthday girl to take care of her lips with balsams in the shape of desserts. Adorable!

35. Light for the bag

Light for bag interior
  • STOP LOOKING AND BEGIN FINDING - Throughout her life a woman spends an average of 76 days looking for things in her ...
  • INTELLIGENT SENSOR ACTIVATED BY MOTION - The Wasserstein handbag flashlight contains an intelligent sensor that ...
  • SAVE TIME AND DISCOMFORT - Never again will you have to spend several minutes searching desperately in your purse ...

Do you know that friend who always carries huge bags, reminiscent of Mary Poppins? Surely you've ever discovered it using your mobile's flashlight to find something in that sidereal black hole that has as a bag. This light bag with automatic movement sensor will make things much easier! Make him this gift and you will see how he thanks you!

36. Coasters to personalize with photographs

Coasters to personalize with photographs
  • Set of glass coasters for photos
  • Measures: 11 x 9.4 x 0.5 cm
  • For your photos size 8.2 x 8.2 cm

There are people who love to be the hosts of dinners and parties, if this is the case this is one of the curious gifts that will reach your heart. They are coasters in which you can put polaroid photographs. They will be useful, while everyone remembers shared moments and laughs recalling anecdotes. Ideal for sociable people!

37. Adhesive, roll-up and reusable blackboard

Adhesive blackboard, reusable and roll-up
  • 【Multifunction】 This black slate is not just a perfect product for children to develop their ...
  • 【Easy to Erase and Remove】 Only erase you want to clean the stain with a soft and damp cloth. Easy to...
  • 【Easy to Cut】 The back of the board has a square grid for easy cutting at sizes ...

The clueless and creative, which are sometimes the same, often need to point a thousand things. This adhesive board, which can be rolled up and reused, is perfect for them. They can place it where they want and write down all those ideas and tasks that are pending.

38. Microphone for mobile, for those who use karaoke apps

Microphone for mobile
  • GOOD SOUND - The professional condenser microphone can receive well and record voice / sound from all ...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Plug & play, with 3.5mm audio jack, connect the microphone to the phone and it works ...
  • LONG CABLE - Extra length, 1.5 meters, has 30cm more than normal microphones.

Do you have a friend who is hooked on the reality shows and music contests? I'm sure he also has a tendency to sing at all hours and secretly wish he could go to a karaoke every day. This microphone for the mobile will enchant you. Encourage him to download a mobile app to sing and watch how he enjoys it.

39. Clips with led lights to hang and illuminate your photographs

Luminous clips for your photographs
  • 20 clear Photo-Clips, each clip has an LED that emits warm white light. The total chain length of led lights is ...
  • Photo clips is super bright, energy saving and waterproof, could install and use anywhere in the ...
  • Luminous garlands has a transparent battery box with ON / OFF button that requires 3 AA batteries (not included) ....

Another of those curious gifts that are so aesthetic that only seeing them makes you want to get one for yourself. This string of LED lights with clips to hang your photos is perfect to decorate the bedroom and be always accompanied by your loved ones. A present that enchants.

40. Cotton candy machine

Cotton Candy Home Machine
  • Technical details: Size: 28cm high x 23cm wide x 29cm deep. Materials: Metal / Plastic. Color / Finish: Pink ....

She always asks for dessert and is an unconditional fan of sweets. Is there a woman in your life that fits this description? This cotton candy machine will make you enjoy it a lot and go back to your childhood. All the guests will want to try it immediately! Keep that in mind!

Curious gifts for children

41. Nose flute

Funny nose flute
  • Slightly smaller nose flute for children nose
  • This exclusive ecblue is played with the nose and open mouth that serves as a resonance body
  • From classic melodies to the gezwitscher bird everything is possible

In the following video you can see how it works and its benefits. He will love the birthday boy, although he will like his parents a little less ...

42. Sheet with measurements to see how much a baby grows

Sheet with measurements for baby
  • donkey
  • Product for baby

This is a gift that will surely adore the dads of the baby honored. This sheet will allow to see how the little one grows every day, when putting him to sleep. Fabulous!

43. Key Covers

Coverage of keys
  • 100% new and high quality
  • Material: PVC
  • The four color stopper key styles can easily help you to follow, that, when it's time to open the traces of ...

For that child or almost adolescent who starts to go home alone, these coverages of keys are perfect. Besides being very beautiful, they will allow you to easily recognize the key to the portal of the building, the home, the home of grandparents ...

44. Cartoon projecting torch

Story projector lantern
  • Safe And Dd High Quality: slideshow Presentation of high quality slides, environmental protection materials ...
  • Not Just A Toy: Educational significance, the innovations of children sprout in every moment of life, ...
  • Experiment with the mixture of colors, create incredible gelatinous crystals and create a rainbow in a tube ...

There are little ones who always want a story before sleeping or that are impressed with the operating system of the cinema, this flashlight that projects stories is a joy for them. One of those curious gifts that children will remember fondly when they reach adults.

45. Cup with basket of basketball to play with cereals

Basketball bowl for a fun breakfast
  • Product categories: cup
  • Style: Cartoons
  • Function: high temperature resistance

Do you have in the family one of those children who have trouble having breakfast because they are too sleepy? Surely this cup with a small basket of basketball stimulates you and makes you start the mornings with illusion. It will be the first of its kind to have such a great cup!

46. ​​Bubble machine for the bathtub

Bubble machine for the bathtub
  • Funny Bubble Machine for Kids: Bright Crab shape will delight kids of all ages as they watch loads of emociting bubbles ...
  • Upper material: made of non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic, bubble machine friendly for children and ...
  • Bubble Odes: Incorporates a high performance motor to produce more than 800 bubbles per minute. Almost without noise, ...

Another of those curious gifts that parents will appreciate, as it will make the time of bathing much more fun. Bubbles, music ...! Hygiene had never been so fun!

47. Harry Potter Butter Beer

Thinking about what to give to that child or girl that is a unconditional Harry Potter fan ? You may already have the Hogwarts tunic, the scarf with the colors of your favorite House, a personalized wand, a cauldron for your potions, the complete movie and book collection ... but what you have not tried is beer. The butter beer! That brew that appears in this magical universe and that all its readers have wanted to try. Share a drink of this special drink!

Butter Beer from the world of Harry Potter
  • Caramel soda without alcohol.
  • The real butter beer of the Harry Potter movie saga, straight from the Leaky Cauldron ...
  • Giving drink to the students of Hogwarts since time immemorial.

48. Remote control tarantula

Remote control tarantula
  • Grow up men's shake in terror with this R / C tarantula
  • You can move forward, reverse, left and right
  • Set in auto-demo mode and observe the internal moving spider it's own

If the young birthday boy enjoys surprising the adults with small scares and loves nature, the remote-controlled tarantula will make him a crazy illusion. Even dads and older relatives will want to try it! A very funny and original gift.

49. Batman sign for the room

Batman signal for the room
  • Vv.Aa
  • Publisher: Perseus Books USA
  • Edition no. 1 (05/22/2012)

This is the curious gifts that will reach the hearts of those children who are fans of superheroes, especially Batman. You can use this luminous Batman signal to play, as a light guard ... Whatever it is, it is a very special and unique present.

50. Robotic arm with remote control

Robot arm with remote control
  • Build your arm
  • Science Fiction Design
  • learn about technology and control systems

The birthday boy or birthday boy is always building things, investigating how the machines that surround him work? Then, he has the soul of an engineer or engineer. This robotic arm with remote control, which comes in pieces for you to build, will leave you stunned. He would hallucinate us!

51. Virtual arc to connect to a smartphone

Virtual arc to connect to smartphone
  • 【Bluetooth connection】 - Scan the AR code or search for the AR Cher application and download it from the APP store or ...
  • 【Wide compatibility】 - Compatible with all IOS and Andriod smartphones. The arrow of reality ...
  • 【Portable folding design】 - In accordance with its own arc and regulation arrow, in 360 ° to move the bow or ...

Among all the curious gifts for children, we believe that this would be a success also for adults. People of all ages will be amazed with this virtual arc to connect to a smartphone. Playing and practicing archery has never been so safe! Cool!

52. Wall-mounted remote-controlled car

Remote control car climbing walls
  • 【4 Movement functions】 You can change the mode from walls to floor, ceiling and even glass surfaces like ...
  • 【3 Channels to Use Three Cars】 Remote Control Car to remote simultaneously, incorporates three channels (A, B, C) ...
  • 【360 ° rotation & Brilliant lights】 The climbing car can be rotated 360 degrees on the floor and windows ...

This is not a current remote control car: Rotate 360 ​​Degrees and scale walls. With that we have told you everything. 100% successful gift.

53. Apparatus with flashlight to see underwater

Flashlight to see under the water. GeoSafari SeaScope
  • Encourage early exploration.
  • For use on land and underwater.
  • 4 increases.

There are children who spend hours diving and watching the sea, the rivers and their creatures. If it is the case of the birthday boy and birthday girl, this original gift will delight you. It is a device that works like a telescope and allows you to see with a flashlight what is under water. Useful, educational and tremendously fun!

54. 3D night light

Night light 3D effect
  • Illuminate your 3D life When you look at these beautiful 3D lights from the front, they seem to have a very good 3D illusion that ...
  • Material: Acrylic, Power supply: USB cable, Power: 0.5 - 3 W, ...
  • Bedroom, children's room, living room, bar, shop, cafeteria, restaurant etc. as decorative light. Also can...

If you think that all the guests are going to give away toys, you may want to get away with a very unique gift. This shark-shaped 3D lamp has up to 7 colors and looks like a direct departure from a futuristic civilization. A gift from the elderly that will make the little or little proud each time he enters his room.

By the way, there are more ways of this type of lamp. Do not hesitate to see the different options, they are very striking.

55. Electronic pet dinosaur

Electronic pet dinosaur - Zoomer
  • Two game modes
  • Your eyes change color depending on your mood
  • Maintains balance on two wheels

We all want to make curious gifts that surprise and, sometimes, we are tempted to give a pet to the honoree, but the parents of the child do not always agree with this idea. To be sure, this electronic dinosaur-shaped mascot, called Zoomer, is a very good option. He changes his mood and interacts with the child, making playing with him even more entertaining.

56. Piece to add chalks to bicycles

Piece to paint with chalk with the bicycle
  • Make fascinating designs
  • Play with a group of jockeys
  • Create cool patterns

Did the honoree or the honoree just learn to ride a bicycle? This device may increase your desire to walk with it. It hooks to the vehicle and leaves a trail of chalk where it goes, creating very curious drawings. Sure you are surprised!

57. Pillow that can be colored

Pillow that you can color
  • Color: Mix
  • Size: 45cm x 45cm
  • Material: Polyester

We all like to have unique and personalized objects and children too. This pillow can be colored as the little one wants, so you can show it to the guests that are going to play at your house. A very personal and special gift!

58. Kit to create magnets

Kit to create your magnets
  • Mold and paint
  • Create your own design
  • Painted in bright colors.

This is another of the curious gifts that, like the previous one, will enchant the most artists boys and girls. This kit allows you to create magnets, using plaster, molds and paint, which will then decorate the refrigerator. Surely the birthday boy spends great afternoons creating.

59. Illuminated building blocks

Luminous building blocks
  • geben You your model embed, for sicherzustellen, DASS Dieser Item Suitable
  • led-bausteine
  • Compatible

A robot, a flower, a car ... With these luminous blocks you can create the lamp of your dreams and transform it if you change tastes or opinions. What does that fan of skyscrapers visit you? You build a building lamp. Do you visit that friend who is a mistake? You create a questionable lamp. Adapt it to whatever you decide!

60. Teepee for children, wood and fabric

Teepee or children's tent
  • This tipi game store is ideal to use indoors and outdoors. To his small children, and to one another ...
  • Recommended for children from 3 years of age.
  • As also white curtains to the front, which can be tied.

Many children dream of having a cabin or a tree house. Sometimes there is not so much space for that, but for a teepee like this. It is made of wood and cotton cloth. It even has windows! Being within this structure will greatly develop the imagination. It's one of those gifts that you wish you had received as a child, right?

What do you think about this list of curious gifts? Can you think of more ideas that we can add to the different sections? We will gladly read your suggestions, as there is always room to think about what we can give to the people around us, to whom we value so much. Remember, sometimes an original gift can become an anecdote and something that the person receiving it can remember forever. The more you think about what to do, the more you will feel that person you care about.

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