6 Plans in Mérida (Mexico) to discover the city

In the state of Yucatan, in Mexico, there is a beautiful city called Mérida, where at least 800 thousand people live. From traveling to their hometown, they will open doors for you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in its corners. Next we will share a total of 6 plans in Mérida that will serve you both to discover the city and to entertain you the days you decide to spend in this Latin American area.

6 Plans in Mérida (Mexico) to discover the city

1. Visit the Canton Palace

Plans in Merida

This spectacular construction is the headquarters of the Regional Museum of Anthropology, where there are innumerable works of the Mayan culture that, if you want to learn about the ancient civilizations of the area, they will offer you valuable information throughout your trip. The Palacio Cantón is open from Tuesday to Sunday, being this last day of the weekend free admission, which will allow you to enjoy one of the plans in Mérida at no cost.

2. Participate in a marathon

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Even if you are heading to Mérida with tourist intentions, it is never a bad idea to participate in a marathon and give the best of yourself through the streets of this beautiful Mexican state. The marathons in this city are common , so you should only inform yourself about the date and registration form to run a few kilometers and stay active even during your vacation. To achieve optimal results, and prepare your body for the big day, we recommend you take a look at the gyms in Mérida that will help you stay in the best conditions.

3. Enjoy the typical cuisine of Mérida

Plans in Mérida 2

Cochinita pibil

Not everything has to be physical exercise when you arrive in Mérida, you will also have to prove almost obligatory the different typical dishes of this Mexican region , where the delicious Yucatecan dishes stand out, such as cochinita pibil, poc chuc or the poor gentleman. You will find these options in the numerous restaurants of Mérida where you can sit down to taste the typical food and experience different flavors.

4. Get to know the Cathedral of Yucatan

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The Cathedral of San Ildefonso de Yucatán , as it is also known, is one of the historical monuments that you will not want to miss when defining your plans in Mérida to discover the city, due to the great value it has for the meridanos. This cathedral began to be built in the year 1562, which makes it the oldest in Mexico . Without a doubt, whether or not you are a believer, entering the construction will be a great experience.

5. Rest in the Hidalgo Park

Plans in Mérida 4

If in the afternoon you are exhausted, but you want to continue enjoying plans in Merida, we recommend you visit the Hidalgo Park, one of the best known in this Mexican area , where you can enjoy numerous green areas and enough benches to rest while watching the tranquil views.

6. Take some souvenir of Lucas de Gálvez Market

Plans in Mérida 5

To finalize the plans in Merida you can go to the Mercado de Lucas de Gálvez, a popular place where you will find practically everything : from fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade souvenirs from the Mexican state. In addition, in this popular market you will find several establishments where you can taste the typical food of Mérida at very accessible prices.

Now that you know 6 plans in Mérida del curious Mexico to discover the city and take advantage of every day of your trip, What are you waiting to take the plane and live a unique experience in this area of ​​Yucatan? Without a doubt, it will be a trip with great cultural and historical content that will allow you and your companions to enjoy a place with gentle people and willing to make you return on your next vacation.

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