57 Nostalgia Phrases

I leave you more than 50 Nostalgia phrases , A feeling related to sadness and love, yearning for something, someone or a situation. We all know this emotion in some way or another.

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1-A feeling of sadness and nostalgia... which is not similar to sorrow and which resembles sadness just as the fog resembles rain. "Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

2-Sharp nostalgia, infinite and terrible, for what I already have. -Juan Ramón Jiménez.

3-The time passed like a hand saluting from a train I wanted to be in.

I hope you never have to think of anything as much as I do in you. -Jonathan Safran Foer.

4-It's strange how we cling to the pieces of the past while we wait for our future. -Ally Condie.

5-The past is a candle at a great distance: too close to let you go, too far to comfort you. -Amy Bloom.

6-There is no greater sadness than remembering a happy time in misery. -Dante Alighieri.

7-How many times have I been in the rain on a strange roof, thinking about my home. "William Faulkner.

8-I am suddenly consumed by the nostalgia of the little girl who was me, who loved the fields and believed in God, who spent the winter days in the sick home of the school reading Nancy Drew and eating menthol candies for the cough, that could Keep a secret. -Audrey Niffenegger.

9-Sometimes loneliness makes the noise louder. -Aaron Ben Ze 'ev.

10-We sat there in silence for a minute and then Gus said, 'I wish we had that swing sometimes.'""The one in my backyard?" 'Yes. My nostalgia is so extreme that I can crave a swing that my butt never touched."-John Green.

"Nostalgia is a side effect of cancer,"I said. "Nostalgia is a side effect of dying,"he said. Above us, the wind blew and the shadows branched into our skin. Gus squeezed my hand. "It's a good life, Hazel Grace. -John Green.

12-The sad and the bad and how crazy it was, but then how sweet it was. -Robert Browning.

13-These fragments that I have settled against my remains. -T.S. Eliot.

14-I would change all my mornings for a single yesterday. -Kris Kristofferson.

15-Some days at the end of August at home are like that, the light air and longing like this, with something sad and nostalgic and familiar in it... -William Faulkner.

16-How could he feel nostalgia when he was right in front of her? How can you suffer the absence of a person who is present? You can suffer nostalgia in the presence of the beloved if you glimpse a future where the beloved is no longer. -Milan Kundera.

17 The voice so full of nostalgia that I could almost see the memories floating through the blue smoke, memories not only of music and joy and youth, but perhaps of dreams. They listened to music, each listening to it in their own way, feeling relaxed and part of the music, with each other, and almost a part of the world. -Hubert Selby Jr.

18-There are some moments in your life when you are truly and completely happy, and you remember to thank. Even as it happens you feel nostalgic for the moment, you're keeping it in your scrapbook. "David Benioff.

19-Ten long journeys were spent around the sun since the last time I saw that smile, and yet the joy and gratitude in a small world in the vastness, for a couple of moments in the immensity of time, we were one . -Ann Druyan.

20-It's a strange pity... to die of nostalgia for something you'll never live. -Alessandro Baricco.

21-I'm surprised what I want... what is lost and can not return. -It's Monk Kidd.

"Which does not mean, of course, that I had ceased to love her, that I had forgotten her, or that her image had faded; On the contrary, in the form of silent nostalgia, she remained constantly within me, I longed for her as we yearn for something definitely lost. -Milan Kundera.

23-One is always at home in his own past... -Vladimir Nabokov.

24 - On rainy afternoons, embroidering with a group of friends on the porch of the begonia, he lost the thread of the conversation and a tear of nostalgia pierced his palate when he saw the strips of damp earth and the piles of mud that Worms had been pushed into the garden. -Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Those secret flavors, defeated in the past by oranges and rhubarb, burst into irrepressible impulse when she began to cry. He ate ground again. The first time he did it out of curiosity, sure that bad taste would be the best cure for temptation. And, in fact, he could not bear the earth in his mouth. -Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

"I know what it feels like, and it really sucks, when you're in the middle of the night thinking about the things you suddenly realize. The things that you are missing at the moment and all the people that are no longer near you, and all the good times that will never happen again, and all the people who have meant the world to you and who have forgotten you Forever, and you have this terrible feeling that is like a mixture between loneliness and nostalgia. -Abraham M. Alghanem.

27-How fast and hurried life can seem, when at the same time it is so slow, sweet and eternal. - Graham Swift.

28-The wind sings our nostalgia, and the starry sky ignores our dreams. Every snowflake is a tear that can not trickle down. Silence is full of the tacit, of unrealized works, of confessions of secret love, and of unexpressed wonders. Our truth is hidden in our silence, yours and mine. -Margot Bickel.

"Your face is the vanguard, perhaps it comes first, because I paint it on the walls with invisible and sure strokes. Do not forget that your face, it looks at me as a people, it smiles and rages and it sings like a town, and that gives you an unappealing fire, now I have no doubts, you will arrive different and with signs, with new, with depth, with candor. -Mario Benedetti.

30-I love the fall, and yet I can not say, all the thoughts and things that make me feel this way. I love walking on the threatening shore, watching the raging sea... Where there were people in the summer, now it's just me. -Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

31-It is in these moments of tender and ridiculous nostalgia that I know that something inside me is still broken. -Steve Almond.

32-All you have are your memories. Beautiful memories. The kind that make you smile and laugh like you're living again, while a nostalgic tear falls. And then another. And then another, until you want to forget everything to stop the painfully happy memories because at the end of the day, those (not the sad ones) are the memories that hurt us the most. -Caitlyn Paige.

"I would never see her again, except in my memory." She was here, and now she's gone. There is no middle ground. Probably a word you can find south of the border. But never, never west of the sun. -Haruki Murakami.

34-The years passed, my dear Manuel Valadares. I am forty-eight years old today, and sometimes in my nostalgia, I feel that I am still a child. That at any moment you are going to appear bringing me photos of movie artists or more balls. -José Mauro de Vasconcelos.

35-You were the one who taught me the tenderness of life, my beloved Portuga. Today I have to distribute the little balls and figurines, because life without tenderness is not worth much. Sometimes I am happy in my tenderness, sometimes I am deceived, which is more common. -José Mauro de Vasconcelos.

36-Who of us has never felt, walking in the twilight or writing a date of his past, that has lost something infinite? -Jorge Luis Borges.

37-Have you ever felt nostalgic for a place that does not really exist anymore? A place that only exists in your mind? -Jenny Lawson.

"He looked at me that first day, as if he had just found something he had lost a thousand years ago. -Jennifer Elisabeth.

39-Driven by nostalgia, he had downloaded the song on his phone, to listen to it only once, to caress the memories of a better time. -Fernando Trujillo Sanz.

40-In his later years he would still remember the journey that, with the perverse lucidity of nostalgia, became more and more recent in his memory. -Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

41-I can not throw the cologne because it's the nostalgia in a bottle, the smell of yesterday, and reminds me of it more clearly than its image. -Jarod Kintz.

"I was right when I said I'd never look back. It hurts too much, drag your heart until you can do nothing but look back. -Margaret Mitchell.

43-The day I met her under that tree, it's as if she breathed part of it in my lungs. We keep coming back to each other. -Tarryn Fisher.

44-The distance between our bodies grew with the years trying to live apart. But that part of her grabbed roots and grew. And beyond the distance or circumstances, Olivia is something that grows inside me. -Tarryn Fisher.

45-It marked the beginning and, of course, an end. At that time, a chapter, no, a whole closed stage. If I had known, and if there had been a second or two leftovers, I might have allowed myself a little nostalgia. -Ian McEwan.

46-How can the days and events and the moments so good become so ugly, and without any reason, for no real reason? They just change. Without anything that causes it. -Philip K. Dick.

47-Someone once said that nostalgia longs for a place you would never go back to and think about it... that's more or less what I feel for my ex-husband: the longing for someone I would never return to. -Dermot Davis.

48. Through this feeling of helplessness suddenly a heartbreaking nostalgia for the lost world of childhood. -Denis Johnson.

Let us not talk in the preambles of past wounds with regrets. Do not let autumnal nostalgia blind you to the sounds and scents of this spring. You are a native of the translucent moment, make it infinite beyond the twisting curve of the passage of time and space. Learn to die in the infinitely elusive moment. -Jalaluddin Rumi.

50-Sad, so sad, those nights smoky pink, smoky mallow, late autumn, sad enough to pierce the heart. -Angela Carter.

51-The sun rises from the sky in leaves of flashy clouds, the anguish enters the city, the feeling of bitter regret, nostalgia for things we never knew, the anguish of the return of the year, the time of impotent yearning, The inconsolable season. -Angela Carter.

52-Nostalgia, the vice of the old. We watch so many old movies that our memories come in monochrome. -Angela Carter.

53-We are divided between the nostalgia for the familiar and an impulse for the foreign and the strange. Often, we're more nostalgic about places we've never met. -Carson McCullers.

54-Those who wanted to sleep, not because of fatigue, but because of the nostalgia of dreams... -Gabriel García Márquez.

"It's strange how we barely notice the best moments of our lives, except when we look back. -Joe Abercrombie.

"I looked at those same stars that night, but I did not want any of those things. He did not want Egypt, or France, or distant destinations. I just wanted to come back to my life from my childhood, just to visit and touch it, and to convince myself that it had been real. -Jenny Lawson.

"The day I met her under that tree, it's as if she breathed part of it in my lungs. We keep coming back to each other. -Tarryn Fisher.

58-Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia. (...) You spend all your life trapped in the labyrinth, thinking about how you will escape it one day and how incredible that will be, and imagining that the future keeps you going, but you never do. You only use the future to escape the present. -John Green.

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