57 Intermediate H Words: Definition and Examples

The Words with intermediate H Are those in which H is written when there is a gap or a diphthong. The compound words are also written with H where the beginning of the second word is with H.

When between two syllables of a word, the first of them ends in a consonant and the next one with a vowel, the letter H is inserted; For example: exhibition, inherent, inhalation, longing, exhorting.

Words with intermediate h

Another case is when the word has three consecutive vowels, where the second and third vowels form a diphthong. Some examples are: peacock, bay, avoid, hollow, exhausted, marijuana, peanut.

Also written with intermediate H are the words that carry the diphthong"eu"preceded by another vowel, such as hollow. It is also a rule used in the words to save and to drown.

There are words that have intermediate H for which there is no specific spelling rule, for example: craving, carrot, now, vehemence, pillow, adhesive.

Words with intermediate H

Words that start with the letters A and B

  1. Adhere: Bond or bond in a resistant form. It is also a pronominal verb.
  2. Delve: To make something deeper.
  3. Hang: Take one's life by hanging it by the neck.
  4. Hollow out: Make an object concave or hollow by removing material from its interior.
  5. Smoked: Dark colored object that looks like smoke.
  6. Basil: Plant used to flavor meals.
  7. Pimp: Person who praises exaggeratedly or interested another, in order to please her.
  8. Alcohol: Chemical compound used in medicine as an antiseptic; In its form of ethyl alcohol is used to prepare alcoholic beverages.
  9. Jewel: Object used as adornment. Made with metal like gold or silver.
  10. Drown: Cause suffocation or death by suffocation.
  11. Save money: Save a part of the money that is perceived.
  12. Ado: Somewhat exaggerated demonstration of some feeling.
  13. Pillow: Soft cloth bag stuffed with a soft material used to support the head.
  14. I long: Intense desire Vehemence.
  15. Orange blossom: White flower that has a lot of aroma.
  16. Bay: Entrance of the sea into a part of the earth forming a wide concavity.
  17. Attic: A window that protrudes vertically from a roof and serves to give light.
  18. Owl: Head night owl and big eyes. They are usually brown.
  19. Peddler: peddler.

C and d

  1. Peanut: fruit. In some countries it is known as peanuts.
  2. Cohabit: People living together in the same house.
  3. Coherent: Which has a logical relationship with something else.
  4. Cohesion: Close relationship between people and things.
  5. To curb: Prevent a person from behaving naturally.
  6. Cohort: Set of people who accompany or follow others.
  7. Harvest: Harvest the products of the field or the product of an effort or work.
  8. Relief: Free yourself from an overwhelming feeling.
  9. Evict: Forcing a person to evict a house or building. Evicted: Person who has no hope of life.
  10. Undo: Put a thing as it was at the beginning before it was done.
  11. Disinherit: Remove inheritance.
  12. Defoliate: Remove the leaves to flowers, notebooks, books, etc.

Words starting with E and F

  1. Exhausted: Tired, weak and without strength.
  2. Display: Which is shown to the public.
  3. Exhort: Inciting an authority or person to act in a certain way.
  4. Reliable: That proves or gives faith of something.

Words starting with I and M

  1. Inherent: Essential in a person or thing and unable to separate from it, since it is part of its nature.
  2. Inhalation: Inhale action. For example, when breathing in air, you are inhaling.
  3. Marijuana: Drug that is extracted from a herbaceous plant known as cannabis sativa.
  4. Moharracho: Person who disguises himself in a ridiculous way to make other people laugh.
  5. Mohín: Gesture performed with the lips that can show anger.
  6. Mold: Hairy coating that forms on the organic matter and produces its decomposition.

Words starting with P and R

  1. Prehistory: Period of history from the origin of man to the appearance of the first written testimonies.
  2. Ban: Not allowing any thing or activity to be done.
  3. Hostage: Person who is held against his will.
  4. Shun: Avoiding or avoiding a person or activity for having some fear or discomfort towards it.
  5. Retahíla: A long series of events or material things, which are mentioned one behind the other.

Words that start with S

  1. Wiseacre: Person who presumes to be wise without actually being wise.
  2. Sahara: Desert of Africa.
  3. Sahumar: Perfumar with aromatic smoke.
  4. Gambler: Person who is an expert in gambling, such as cards and dice.
  5. Rogue: Scoundrel

Intermediate H words beginning with the letters V and Z

  1. Vehemence: Which has impetuous force.
  2. Vehicle: Apparatus with or without motor that is used to transport people or things.
  3. Vahído: Brief loss of consciousness due to illness.
  4. Mist: Vapor that bodies shed in certain circumstances.
  5. Hurt: Say something to annoy, mistreat or humiliate another person.
  6. Carrot: Biannual plant and edible root.

It must be taken into account that H is mute and is not pronounced. The only form in which it is pronounced is where it is accompanied by the letter C, because it forms the digraph"ch".

As a result of ignorance of the use of the letter H, many spelling errors occur when writing, because it may not be written in the place that corresponds or be excluded from the word.

It is convenient to point out that in learning the rules of spelling, many students have weaknesses as they have flaws in reading and writing. So it takes a little more to take ownership of this knowledge.

It is convenient to promote the habit of reading in students, as this can improve their writing output. To be able to write well, you have to read.

Stimulating the search for intermediate words in books, stories, magazines and in the resources provided by the web is an easy and fun way to achieve a good learning of how to correctly spell words.


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