55 Typical Mexican Words and Phrases

I leave 55 Mexican words and phrases Typical that are often heard in the beautiful towns and cities of this beautiful country.

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People in Mexico City

  • Chingaquedito : It is a person who shows good, passive and calm of very low profile that behaves in an annoying way, speaking badly, doing harm, more because of the frequency with which it discretely damages, than by the forcefulness of their actions. Example: Do not walk chingaquedito.
  • We already dropped the Chahuistle : It is a typical expression of the center of Mexico that refers to the fact of doing something improper and to be discovered"in fraganti". You can also refer to the unwanted person who joins our plans. Sometimes it is used to call something unpleasant that happens to us unexpectedly. According to the Mexican Academy of Language the Chahuistle or Chahuizlte is a"fungus that attacks certain grasses, such as wheat or corn; Appears as black or reddish dust on the leaves and stems." The word is of pre-Hispanic origin and was pronounced"chahuitztli"originally and meant"disease of the corn".
  • Chingon : Word that applies for multiple purposes. Usually refers to something good, nice, nice, incredible or if the word is used to qualify a person, refers to their intelligence, skills, excellent abilities.
  • I love mother : Phrase that is used in Mexico to express that there is no interest, we do not care, or it is not worth it.
  • Kid : It is a word to contemptuously refer to a child. The origin of this word comes from the Nahuatl language"iztcuíntli"and it did not refer to the children but to a hairy dog ​​that existed in Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards. A synonym for this word is"brat."
  • No : It is an expression of disbelief that means, do not invent, do not bother, do not do or say nonsense or bad things. Many times Mexicans use"no manches"which means the same but is considered less common.
  • Cool : It is a word used to refer to something great, excellent, interesting.
  • To make goats the tamales : It is a phrase that means betraying, being unfaithful. Example: My husband's ingrate made me goat's tamales.
  • Cool : Someone nice or nice. It is synonymous with chido. Example: What a good wave your friend!, I'm going to travel today, what a good wave!
  • To roast : Refers to being lazy, doing nothing, having a leisure time.
  • Cantinflear : According to the Spanish Royal Academy, cantinflear means"to speak or act in an absurd and incongruous way and without saying anything with substance". This concept is based on the character of a Mexican comedian named Mario Moreno who played the character of"Cantinflas", who with a confused way of talking, emulates the way of talking about politicians who, although using many words, end up saying nothing. It is said that this personage is a satire that according to the poet and writer Vicente Quirarte"is a homage to this way of speaking of the town, and the people recognize it and it recognizes in him".
  • To throw a coyotito : Go take a nap, sleep for a while during the day. There are similar phrases in Mexico that mean the same thing:"I'm going to throw a little wink"or"I'm going to peek".
  • It was worth mothers : It is an expression that is used to express that something did not go as we wanted, a situation that is already a lost case. Example: My car was already worth a mother! (It means that the car has no arrangement).
  • Most awesome : It's a phrase to express that something is great, great, spectacular, wonderful. Example: Your smart watch is great.
  • They cheated on me : Cheating means flattering or complimenting something. Examples: I polished my new dress. My eyes burned.
  • When the owl sings, the Indian dies : The owl in Mexico is the way owls are called in the Nahuatl indigenous language, the root of this word"tekol"means"evil." The natives believed that when the owl sang, it meant that something bad was going to happen. So with the song of the Tecolote, bad luck surrounds a person.
  • What a fart : It is a friendly way of greeting to ask ¿Qué tal?, ¿Qué paso?, What was?, equivalent to"what wave". Although fart means flatulence, it is a word that has many uses.
  • I'm goodbye already. : It is an expression used to say that one is well drunk. Peda is drunk, an act of excessive alcohol.
  • A chela : A chela is a beer. Example: Let's throw chelas!
  • Be urged : It is a phrase that refers to being desperate to have a partner, to be in need of sex or physical contact.
  • I got the fuck : When something does not go well, this phrase is used to express discontent, annoyance, irritation.
  • Nice damn : According to the Chingonario (Dictionary of use, reuse and abuse of fucking and its derivatives) this is an expression that applies to disappointment, abuse or deception. Example: What a nice fuck! You took so long and you could not bring the books I asked for.
  • To get bored : It means bothering, getting angry. It is a Mexican word with the same meaning.
  • Dunce : Although it is a word of affectionate connotation, it is used to define someone rough, slow, silly or awkward to learn.
  • Waters : It is a word to alert to be careful because there is an imminent danger. This word comes from colonial times where the water from the urinals was thrown out of the windows and shouted or warned: Water!
  • Achicopalarse : According to the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, it means to humiliate oneself. It is a way of expressing that you are afflicted, cowed. It is a word coming from the Nahuatl language that means"to feel inferior". Example: A phrase widely used in Mexico is"do not get pissed off"(do not be sad).
  • Apapachar : It is a word that has its origin in the Nahuatl language and meant for them to"amasar, massajear". Apapachar means in Mexico to show affection by means of a hug, to pamper.
  • Go to chambear : Go to work. The word"chamba"in Mexico and many Latin American countries means work. To search chamba, is to look for work.
  • Guay : It has several meanings, for example, to say: What a güey I am"means What a fool I am!,"to make the güey", is to make the fool to him, or if it is used in the greeting, means friend, companion.
  • Güero / guëra : Means blonde, white person with clear eyes.
  • Ruco : Older person, belonging to the elderly, old.
  • Strawberry : A strawberry person is a person who belongs to the upper class, with an attitude and a specific way of expressing himself.
  • Go suck : Go out to drink alcohol, go out to get drunk.
  • All mine : He is a gallant man, capable of conquering any girl.
  • Get him out of eggs : It is a way to ask an exalted person to calm down. Example: Or you pendejo bail him of eggs (Control, calm)
  • Poor third : Chaperón, someone who accompanies a couple in love and usually, is over.
  • There is no varus : It means that there is no money, no coins, no bills.
  • To give him that he is soft of pot! : It means not waste time, seize the moment, do something without delay. The mole de pot is a traditional Mexican dish that is tasted much better when it is freshly made.
  • It's a song : A person is a malicious person, despicable, abusive. It is the phrase equivalent to"being a bastard".
  • Not even going to dance to Chalma : Chalma is a small town in the State of Mexico, where many pilgrims go to ask the Lord of Chalma, who is asked to grant something by dancing and playing a drum under a very large tree of the species of ahuehuete. This expression is used to say that it is something impossible to be fulfilled, although it is peregrine to Chalma and the request of a miracle is made.
  • Chacharear : Talk or talk a lot about a topic but without substance. Chacharear can also mean trading or trading things that are not of great value.
  • It is the net : It is a phrase used by people of low resources to say that"is the truth". Neta means absolute truth.
  • Tompiates : Word used to refer to the testicles. It is also an indigenous basket made of palm to store tortillas.
  • There in the glasses : It is a phrase very used by the young people used between friends and relatives that means until later, we see, it is time to leave.
  • Give me the challenge : It is a phrase used to ask you to pass something that you do not remember the name.
  • Be up to the flip-flops : Or"being to the mother"means being really drunk or drunk. It is also used to express that one is very busy or immersed in some activity.
  • It's an old green tail : It is used to refer to a mature, elderly man who flirts or courts young girls. Previously the green color was associated with freshness and youth, so an old green was one who had reached old age in good condition, vigorous and in good health, so that it had no pejorative meaning. From the thirteenth century it is given a twist and begins to be used to refer to older men who have lustful behavior
  • Give the cat : It is to refer to something that is acceptable, something that keeps appearances. Example: My shoes are not new but they give the cat (my shoes are not new, they appear to be).
  • A little, not a little : A little is not used figuratively to express that it is something impossible to believe, something unusual that you can not understand. Example: Do not you think global warming really exists? Little if it refers to something unheard of, is used to challenge another person. Example: Shortly if you find a job? The two sentences are used in an ironic sense, expressing surprise.
  • Botellita de Jerez : The complete sentence is"botellita de sherry, everything you tell me, it will be the other way around,"is a way to give back to someone that you are wanted. Usually a way to return insults or insults.
  • I want you : It is a way to greet, to say hi, it comes from the phrase"What was there?.
  • Salevale or salivale : It is a word that is used to express enthusiasm, to be in agreement with something that is considered excellent. This expression is widely used by"El Chavo"very popular character of Mexican comedy.
  • I do what the wind to Juárez : This phrase is based on a Benito Juárez, who, as a child, could only endure a great gust in the middle of a storm. Saying"I do what the wind to Juarez,"is a way of expressing that something does not affect us, does us nothing, we can endure.
  • What a bunch : It is a somewhat vulgar expression that refers to something bad or horrible. Example: Do not be a bitch, lend me money. You can also refer to the opposite, for example, if we say"What the fuck that phone"means, well, cool.
  • Do not pancho : When someone becomes dramatic or violent, he is told to"do not pancho", which means, let the tantrum, the tantrum, do not protest.


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