53 Looks Phrases

I leave you 53 Phrases of looks Of great authors like Leo Tolstoi, Gustav Adolfo Bécquer, Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, Seneca and many more.

The looks can be seductive, they can reflect submission, power, joy or sadness. We can speak through looks without saying a word and still implying everything.

Human eye looking at you

1- Took a step down, avoiding any long glance at her as one avoids long glances towards the sun, to see it as the sun looks, without looking.- Leo Tolstoi

2- The soul can speak through the eyes, and you can also kiss with a look.- Gustav Adolfo Becquer

3- One looks back with gratitude to the brilliant masters, with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.- Carl Jung

4- I have never left you; I just forget that I love you. However, every time I look at you I remember how I can never stop loving you.- Hafsa Shah

5 - Would it be dangerous not to look at being looked at? - Helen Oyeyemi

6-Those who fight against monsters must ensure that in the process they do not become one. And if you look long enough into an abyss, the abyss will look back into you.- Friedrich Nietzsche

7 - Are we human because we look at the stars, or look at the stars because we are human? - Neil Gaiman

8- So much is the bearing of my beloved, so worthy of love when he greets, that every tongue remains mute and all his eyes glaze.-Dante Alighieri

9- To look in the mirror the face that immobilizes with its double look reveals a punishing secret.- Diane Ackerman

10- Every time I look at the moon, I feel like I'm in a time machine. I am again in that precious little point of time, standing in the foreboding, but beautiful sea of ​​tranquility. I could see our bright blue earth planet suspended in the darkness of space.- Buzz Aldrin

11-His look through my cheeks turned them into strawberry fields.- Sanober Khan

12- When you can not say things, the looks are loaded with words.

13- Here is a worthy spectacle, to which God, turning his attention to his own work, can direct his gaze. Here is an equal thing, worthy of a God, a brave man paired in conflict with the bad fortune.- Lucio Anneo Seneca

14-And the glow... of your look... is the only sweater I need.- Sanober Khan

15. In Sufi terms, there are two very interesting notions of transcendence. One of them is to contemplate the universe and to understand that what is seen there reflects what you are. The other is to look within yourself and recognize that the universe is present there.- Mohsin Hamid

16- I got lost in your green ocean eyes. And I drown in the sweetest desire of your warm gaze, wave after wave with no chance to survive.- Veronika Jensen

17- All who have achieved great things have had a great goal, have fixed their eyes on a goal that was high, one that sometimes seemed impossible.- Litany Swett Marden

18- I love to sit on the top of the mountain and look at it. I do not think of anything more than the people that matter to me and the sight.- Julian Lennon

19- In the street, the look of desire is furtive or threatening.- Mason Cooley

20- The look is possibly the most amazing human courting technique: the language of the eyes.-Helen Fisher

21- And then there was the way to cast his eyes, with a chilling coldness that could cause a fire.- Sreesha Divakaran

22- When the eyes had died in his eyes, the heart had died in its brilliance.- Anthony Liccione

23- Philosophy is written in this great book, the universe, which is continually open to our gaze.- Galileo Galilei

24 - Even if she had blinked, she would have gone; But he did not flinch, and he held it, as he had learned to keep the taps and chimeras immobile, staring."Peter S. Beagle

25- Loneliness: a sweet absence of looks.-Milan Kundera

26- A look back is worth more than one forward.- Archimedes

She looked at him and smiled seductively. No more words that were necessary.- Jason Medina

28- Do not pretend more, do not hide the excessive hunger of me that burns in your eyes.-Antonio Gala

29- The soul that can speak with the eyes, can also kiss with the look.-Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

30- To see clearly, simply change the direction of the gaze.-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

31- There is always shame in the creation of an object under the public eye.- Rachel brosmio

32- Every time he looked at her, he felt brighter inside, and she longed to keep his attention, to hold his gaze.- Jessica Khoury

33- Beauty does not look, it's just a look.-Albert Einstein

34- It was a look that was carried out in the comfort of familiarity.- Gina Marinello-Sweene

35- As we grow, we raise our gaze higher and higher, and then sometimes we bring it to our knees, but not everything is lost; What we find on the ground can be very valuable and precisely what we need.- Michael Leunig

36. There is no need for weapons, physical violence, or material limitations. Just one glance.- Michel Foucault

37. Words are full of falsehood or art; The look is the language of the heart.-William Shakespeare

38- Love begins with a look, continues with a kiss and ends with a tear.

39- Ultimately, we hear things because we can not see everything.- Slavoj Zizek

40- Aging is like climbing a great mountain: while it rises the forces diminish, but the look is freer, the view wider and more serene.-Ingmar Bergman

"She never answered. She could not. All she could do was stare, catching him with her gaze.- Kelly Creagh

42. Some looks are so strong that they can break down walls.

43- The look of an innocent child is the sweetest in the world.

44- When they grew up, they taught me that a woman should look down so that men can not know her thoughts. The so-called modesty of Arab women is, in fact, a tactic of war.- Fatima Mernissi

45- I've always looked to the future, and it was actually a little difficult to look back. - Scott McCloud

His resonant look fluttered in my memory, and I shuddered. He had not seen the goodness in his eyes. I only saw intensity and I hated to admit it, but he was beyond intimidating. He was overwhelming.- Shannon A. Thompson

47- When I was a young boy, I used to look through the microscope of my father at the insects in amber I kept in the house.- Hendrik Poinar

48. When we reach the limits of the things we have set, or even before we reach them, we can look towards the infinite.- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

49- No one refers to what is before our feet; We all look at the stars.-Quintus Ennio

50- You can not look into the crystal ball and see the future. But, what the Internet is going to be in the future is what society does now.- Bob Kahn

51. The medium of the gaze is brief, intense and promiscuous. The life of morality makes one's own brutally short.- Michael Ignatieff

"You have risen from my gaze like a beautiful dream, and I have sought you in vain for the meadow and the brook."- George Linley

53. The first kiss does not come with the mouth, but with the look.-Tristan Bernard.

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